Fresh e-commerce has made new moves, live broadcast "bringing goods" and creating "explosions"

Fresh e-commerce has made new moves, live broadcast "bringing goods" and creating "explosions"

  Recently, fresh e-commerce has entered Xundian Hui and Yi Autonomous County, Kunming, Yunnan Province every day, and launched a mobile phone live broadcast in the fields through its social platform "Daily Good Goods", which not only allows consumers to see the whole process of farmers’ labor with their own eyes, but also helps farmers "bring goods" to promote income and prosperity and help rural revitalization. Statistics show that through live broadcast, 520,000 Jin of Yunnan Plateau Yacon was sold in three days on the daily good goods platform. Up to now, 2 million Jin of Yunnan Plateau Yacon has been sold, radiating 172 farmers.

  Since its inception, short videos and live broadcasts have become powerful weapons to help the sales of agricultural products every day. Webcasts of Internet experts on major videos and social platforms not only promoted poverty alleviation products, but also excavated rich content resources behind the products, which quickly enhanced the visibility of poverty alleviation products.

  The unique communication advantage of short video can realize decentralized communication, break the communication barrier between urban and rural areas, bridge the gap between urban and rural areas and reach more users. Especially in the 5G era, rational use of the resources and advantages of short videos and social e-commerce platforms can tap the digital productivity and creativity of rural users and bring new kinetic energy to the countryside.

  At the beginning of 2019, the new retail field of video socialization was laid out every day, which successfully hatched the daily good goods of fresh e-commerce service providers all over the world, and the daily good goods were jointly broadcast with the video platform, providing professional e-commerce service system and valuable content for the live broadcast people. According to reports, the daily good goods adopt a discovery supply chain to reverse customize products according to users’ needs.

  Up to now, Daily Good Goods has signed cooperation agreements with 2,000 talents of seven video platforms, including Tik Tok, Aauto Quicker and Volcano, to train talents and provide professional e-commerce service system; At the same time, we will establish a live broadcast base in the country’s fruit origin, and take online celebrity to "live broadcast" in the fields.

  Short videos and live broadcasts have achieved remarkable results. In less than a year, Daily Good Goods has become the head brand of fresh products suppliers in Tik Tok and Kuaishou. Up to now, the daily turnover of good goods in Tik Tok has increased by 40% to 50% month-on-month, showing an explosive growth trend. For example, mango in Panzhihua, Sichuan, yacon and ginseng fruit in Yunnan are all cases of "explosion" of good goods every day. "Among the explosions of agricultural products in Tik Tok today, the top three are our products." Wang Zhe, the person in charge of Daily Good Goods, said that the growth and production scenes of many agricultural products are very strange to urban people, and this freshness and novelty is also an important reason why fresh products are sold on short video and live broadcast platforms.

  In practice, Wang Zhe summed up a set of rules for doing fresh e-commerce with short video live broadcast. For example, "sales ability" is the core competitiveness of the platform’s live broadcast experts. Therefore, Daily Good Goods has discovered a group of sales talents and cultivated them into "fruit bloggers". "We either go to the country of origin or cooperate with big suppliers to ensure the scale of agricultural products, as well as the best quality and lowest price." Wang Zhe introduced. Daily Good Goods set up a small shop with the prefix "Daily Good Goods" on seven short video platforms, and bloggers with the ability to bring goods can choose products from the small shops with daily good goods for sale. If users open a shopping cart in Tik Tok, they can choose products from the "select alliance" when adding goods, in which the daily good goods play the role of goods provider. In the mode of cooperation, almost all good goods every day are delivered by one button, and bloggers only need to be responsible for "bringing goods" instead of worrying about logistics and after-sales.

  "Bloggers don’t have to worry about contacting farmers or sellers to choose good products, logistics and after-sales, as well as accommodation and time arrangement at the place of origin, and even don’t have to worry about infrastructure such as local networks and shooting venues, because we have all built it." Wang Zhe said that this standardized service capability is also the advantage of the platform that Good Goods is building every day.

  At present, there is still great potential in the fields of agricultural products and fresh food. On the one hand, compared with offline supermarkets or online timely distributors, the price of live e-commerce is lower; On the other hand, because users’ purchasing habits have not been fully cultivated, objectively, there is still an opportunity to switch from offline to online. Wang Zhe’s goal is very ambitious. He wants to build the daily good goods into a global fresh e-commerce service provider, and establish a national fresh e-commerce service network with people without me, people with me and people with me. (Reporter Zhou Mingyang)


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