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Chinese scientific research team found a new way to improve the performance of all-perovskite laminated solar cells

  Xinhua News Agency, Wuhan, November 12 (Reporter Hou Wenkun) After long-term research, Professor Ke Weijun and Professor Fang Guo from the School of Physical Science and Technology of Wuhan University have made new progress in exploring the performance improvement of all-perovskite laminated solar cells, and creatively put forward the integrated doping strategy of aspartic acid hydrochloride, which effectively improved the efficiency and stability of narrow-band gap perovskite subcells and found new ways to further improve the battery performance. Related research results were recently published in the journal Nature.

  According to reports, the new metal halide perovskite has the advantages of simple preparation process, high defect tolerance, high absorption coefficient and long carrier diffusion length, which has attracted much attention in the field of optoelectronic devices and is considered as one of the next generation photovoltaic materials with great prospects in the industry.

  Ke Weijun, one of the authors of the paper and a professor at the School of Physical Science and Technology of Wuhan University, said that in practical application, the all-perovskite laminated solar cell is composed of a broad-band gap perovskite subcell at the top and a narrow-band gap perovskite subcell at the bottom, and the narrow-band gap perovskite subcell that is not excellent enough is one of the stumbling blocks for its commercial application in the future.

  To this end, the research team introduced aspartic acid hydrochloride into the hole transport layer, perovskite light absorption layer and upper interface layer at the bottom of all perovskite laminated solar cells, and developed an integrated doping strategy with the same molecular treatment, which greatly improved the quality of perovskite thin films. In addition to coordinating with perovskite precursors, aspartic acid hydrochloride molecules also have strong intermolecular hydrogen bonds, so aspartic acid hydrochloride enriched at the upper and lower interfaces of perovskite acts as a molecular lock between the interface of perovskite layer and transport layer, further improving the performance and stability of perovskite materials.

  In addition, how to inhibit the spontaneous oxidation of unstable divalent tin metal ions in narrow-gap perovskite subcells is also one of the pain points in the industry. The results show that aspartic acid hydrochloride can effectively inhibit the oxidation of divalent tin ions and reduce harmful tetravalent tin impurities. Moreover, the introduction of aspartic acid hydrochloride can also passivate the defects of perovskite materials, adjust Fermi level and inhibit harmful ion migration, thus enhancing the performance and stability of devices.

  Ke Weijun said that the research shows that this simple integrated doping strategy can achieve multiple functions at one stroke and improve the steady-state efficiency of narrow-band perovskite subcells to 27.62%, which provides a new way to improve the performance of all-perovskite stacked solar cells.

Deng Xiaoping’s football feelings: I have a soft spot and have asked China football many times.

Data Map: Deng Xiaoping at the age of 84. China News Agency issued Zheng Ruide photo

  Deng Xiaoping has a special liking for football all his life. As early as his teenage years in France, he would rather be hungry than save money to watch football matches. In 1924, the 8th Olympic Games was held in Paris. In order to watch the football match, Deng Xiaoping spared no expense to buy tickets. He later recalled: "Five francs is a day’s meal, and when you watch the ball, you sit in the highest position, so you can’t even see the ball clearly." Until his later years, he clearly remembered that the winner of that competition was Uruguay.

  In the summer of 1974, shortly after Deng Xiaoping’s second comeback, he watched the documentary "The World is at Your Feet" reflecting the 10th World Cup. Chen Jialiang, who was in charge of football in the former State Sports Commission, recalled the situation at that time and said, "He never had a rest during the three-hour screening! He rarely asks me questions, and he doesn’t talk much. Sometimes he makes a brief comment when he sees the fun. " "The world at your feet" seems to be finished in 70 or 80 minutes! However, Xiaoping was obviously not satisfied, and immediately asked:’ What else? Play it again! Play it again!’ So we didn’t rest at all, and immediately showed him the documentaries such as the World Cup Final. "

  Deng Xiaoping retired at home in his later years, so he had more leisure to watch football matches. Zhang Baozhong, his guard, recalled: "He is famous for his love of football, and he has always loved it. He likes football and other sports. In the 13th World Cup, I can’t remember whether there were 52 or 53 games. He lost every game and watched them all. He watches the games he can watch during the day, and he asks me to record the games he can’t watch at night. And after recording it, he still won’t let me tell him the result. " Deng Xiaoping has always maintained a detached and calm attitude towards the result of the football match. He said: "Look at the ball, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a good level if you score more goals, and it looks good if you don’t score goals." Although we lost, our players worked hard and played well, but the level was not on the same ladder as others, and they played well! "

  Deng Xiaoping is very concerned about the development of football in China. In 1952, he said, "I hope the national football team will train strictly, lay a good foundation and train a group of excellent coaches and players as soon as possible." On the evening of July 30, 1977, while watching the match between Hongkong Football Team and China Youth Football Team, Deng Xiaoping pointed out to the head of the State Sports Commission at half time: "You can send several referees to study in Germany, and you should train international referees and improve their level." When meeting the athletes after the game, he said: In the future, we should go abroad, learn advanced skills and accumulate experience by playing games, so as to improve the football level in China as soon as possible. In August 1985, he pointed out: "I watched several live broadcasts of the FIFA Koda Cup World Championships under the age of 16, and saw that each team performed very well in terms of technology and sports ethics. They play with great vigor and are the hope of the world football. China also played well. If we want to develop Chinese football, we must start from dolls and teenagers. " After the reform and opening-up, China’s sports went all-round to the world with brilliant achievements, but the development of Chinese football was very slow, and it was too late to rush out of Asia. Faced with this situation, Deng Xiaoping once instructed the central responsible comrades in charge of sports: "We should establish a football special zone." Soon, China’s first "Football Special Zone" was listed in Dalian. Under his impetus, China Football Association sent China Youth Team, "Jianlibao" Youth Team and China Youth Team to study in Brazil to learn the advanced football consciousness and football skills and tactics of Brazil and Germany, the world football powers.This has also objectively promoted the development of Chinese football.

Editor: Liu Haifeng

Chengdu auto show

(Observer News) The 2019 Chengdu Auto Show kicked off on September 5. Mercedes-Benz brought its first and listed models to the auto show, and introduced new products covering almost all segments of luxury cars, especially the growing SUV family.

"This year is the year of SUV for Mercedes-Benz, and the SUV family is also the well-deserved backbone of the Mercedes-Benz sales system. Whether it is a new EQC pure electric SUV that embraces the era of electric travel or a new generation of long-wheelbase GLC SUV that once again sets a new benchmark for market segments. " Zhang Yan, senior executive vice president of Beijing Mercedes-Benz Sales & Service Co., Ltd., said at the Chengdu Auto Show, "As an inventor of automobiles, Mercedes-Benz has always been impressed with the initial intention of building cars and keeping pace with the times, and is committed to bringing consumers quality products that meet higher travel needs."

The new GLS SUV welcomes China’s first show

At this auto show, the new Mercedes-Benz GLS was officially unveiled and completed its first show in China. The new car is built on the modular platform of Mercedes-Benz MHA, with a 3,135-mm wheelbase, large-area leather interior, 5-zone automatic air conditioning and exclusive rear configuration with a 7-inch tablet computer. The three-bar headlight group owned by the flagship model is extremely conspicuous, and the taillights on both sides are similar to the new GLE; The body size has also been fully upgraded, and the wheelbase has been fully increased by 60mm;; After the second/third discharge, the storage space can reach an amazing 2400L L.

In the power part, the new GLS580 4Matic will be equipped with EQ Boost composed of 4.0T V8 engine and +48V light mixing, in which the maximum power of a single engine is 489PS and the peak torque is 700N m.. GLS450 uses 3.0T inline six-cylinder engine +48V light mixing, which can generate 367 PS maximum power and 500 N·m peak torque.

EQC pure electric SUV Chuangdai 1886 limited edition and long wheelbase GLC SUV have appeared one after another.

As the first mass-produced model under EQ brand, the new EQC pure electric SUV is the first domestic pure electric luxury model in the medium-sized SUV market segment. The brand-new EQC 400 4MATIC pure electric SUV unveiled at this auto show created a limited edition of 1886, which is of great significance to Mercedes-Benz: "1886" not only represents the invention of the first car by Mercedes-Benz in 1886, but also turns the dream of changing the way of human travel into reality, which also marks that Mercedes-Benz respects the new era of human electric travel with the pioneering spirit of continuous breakthrough and innovation.

EQC pure electric SUV has a cruising range of 415 kilometers under the rigorous test of NEDC comprehensive working condition standard. At the same time, more than 200 prototypes have been comprehensively tested with a total mileage of more than 4.5 million kilometers around the world, including more than 250,000 kilometers of harsh road tests in China.

In addition, a new generation of long-wheelbase GLC SUV, which just went on the market not long ago, also appeared at the auto show. The new car was specially made for China customers, and it was "made in China" of "exclusive China".

Brand-new B-class sports wagon goes on sale.

At this auto show, the brand-new B-class sports station wagon comes on the market with the brand-new B 200 dynamic model and B 200 fashion model. The suggested retail prices of the manufacturers are RMB 259,800 yuan and 276, respectively, in 800 yuan.

In terms of appearance, the new generation of Mercedes-Benz B-Class adopts the latest family design language, and the air intake grille is composed of upper and lower parts, with a significantly larger area. The side and tail lines of the car are softer.

In addition, the tail of the new car adopts a brand-new LED taillight and a double-sided chrome-plated exhaust layout. The interior uses two 10.25-inch high-definition displays and is equipped with the latest MBUX human-computer interaction system.

In terms of power, the new generation of Mercedes-Benz B-Class adopts the same 1.3T engine as the new Mercedes-Benz A-Class, with cylinder-closing technology. The low-power version has a maximum power of 136 HP and a peak torque of 200 Nm. The high-power version has a maximum power of 163 HP and a peak torque of 250 Nm. In the transmission part, the new car will match the 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox.

This article is an exclusive manuscript of Observer. It cannot be reproduced without authorization.

What is the significance of allowing foreign investors to set up entertainment venues in China according to law?

  Recently, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism issued the Notice on Adjusting the Examination and Approval of Entertainment Places and Internet Service Business Places.

  According to the Notice, according to the Decision of the State Council on Amending and Abolishing Some Administrative Regulations,Foreign investors are allowed to set up entertainment venues in China according to law, and restrictions on the proportion of foreign investment are abolished.Foreign investors applying to engage in business activities of entertainment places shall apply to the provincial administrative department of culture and tourism, and the application materials, establishment conditions and procedures are consistent with those of domestic capital.

  In addition, according to Article 58 of the Law of People’s Republic of China (PRC) on the Protection of Minors,Schools and kindergartens shall not set up entertainment places or business places for Internet service. The distance and measurement method between kindergartens and entertainment places and Internet service business places shall be specified by the provincial administrative department of culture and tourism in combination with the actual situation.

  Before the implementation of the Law on the Protection of Minors in People’s Republic of China (PRC), entertainment places and Internet service places have been set up around kindergartens. When the examination and approval authorities handle the renewal or change of business licenses, they should strictly follow the relevant laws and regulations, and earnestly implement the legal requirements that entertainment places and Internet service places should not be set up around kindergartens.

  Expert interpretation

  Yong Yang, a researcher at the Institute of Intellectual Property Law and Policy, East China University of Political Science and Law:The country has also further reformed and opened up to the outside world, giving enterprises more independent rights.At the same time, it is also considered that creating a better business environment and giving foreign investors a national investment treatment will still play a role in promoting and promoting the entire entertainment market. Through the opening up of foreign capital, the market activity will be further improved, which will enrich the spiritual and cultural life of ordinary people and bring a good impetus and prosperity.

  In the adjustment that entertainment places and Internet service business places are not allowed around schools and kindergartens, the Notice points out that the distance and measurement method between schools, kindergartens and business places shall be made by the provincial cultural and tourism administrative departments in light of the actual situation. Researcher Yong Yang also gave a related explanation.

  Researcher, Institute of Intellectual Property Law and Policy, East China University of Political Science and Law, ShanghaiYong Yang:Every city has a different volume, including Xuhui District in Shanghai, where there are 99 schools in more than 50 square kilometers. I think the interpretation of "periphery" should be given to the local cultural and tourism bureau according to the actual situation, which should not only ensure the prosperity of the market, but also maintain the legitimate rights and interests of the original enterprises, and at the same time effectively protect the rights and interests related to minors. (CCTV reporter Zhao Jizhe Shi Yilong)

More than 7.6 million vehicles are rare! The largest recall of your car in domestic automobile history may also be included.

  CCTV News:In September, several major auto companies, such as Volkswagen and General Motors, successively announced the recall of some products.Within half a month, the total number of cars recalled by several major car companies reached more than 7.6 million, which is considered to be the largest number of car recalls in a short period of time.

  On September 14, AQSIQ announced that Volkswagen includesImported Volkswagen, FAW-Volkswagen, SAIC Volkswagen recall partImported Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, SkodaBrand and domestic Volkswagen and Audi brands, totaling more than 4.86 million vehicles.

  On September 15, GM included imports.Saab and OpelBrand, as well as domesticChevrolet and BuickBrand, announced a total recall of nearly 2.53 million cars.

  On September 25th, Guangqi Honda recalled some domestic products.Accord, Fit, FengfanWaiting for cars, totaling more than 245,000.

  The airbags produced by Takada Corporation of Japan are unsafe.

  It is understood that such a huge number of recalls point to a Japanese supplier — — Takada company, because the airbag it is equipped with for the automobile factory is not safe.

  It is understood that the reasons for the recall of Volkswagen, GM and Guangqi Honda include: the front airbag of the driver’s seat or the co-driver’s seat of some vehicles is equipped with an ammonium nitrate gas generator without desiccant produced by Takada Company. When the airbag is deployed, these gas generators may be abnormally damaged, causing debris to fly out, hurting people in the car, which poses a safety hazard. Several major car companies have said that they will replace airbags for vehicles within the recall range free of charge to eliminate potential safety hazards.

  Changan Ford, BMW Brilliance and many other car companies have previously announced the recall of some vehicles. The Takada airbag incident was in China.It involves more than 30 vehicle companies, involving about 20 million vehicles..

  Expert: the problem airbag is like a "throat cutter"

  Problem airbags have potential safety hazards, which may hurt people inside the car. What is going on? The authoritative third-party automobile safety inspection agency in China — — The chief expert of China Automotive Technology Research Center made an interpretation.

  In the test, the broken metal is ejected from the inferior airbag, just like a throat cutter, which directly stabs the dummy’s face and neck. The expert brought an airbag installed at the steering wheel to demonstrate on the spot: "The airbag is folded in the steering wheel. When the vehicle collides, the ignition device quickly ignites the combustion improver in the gas generator, and the energy released by the combustion improver quickly passes through the dense exhaust holes on the gas generator, so that the airbag expands and expands immediately."

  Experts pointed out that the gas generator of Takada airbag is filled with unstable ammonium nitrate combustion improver. Under the condition of high temperature and high humidity, the medium of ammonium nitrate has changed from flake to powder. Therefore, in the process of explosion, a larger explosion equivalent is produced, which causes the shell of the gas generator to rupture.

  Experts pointed out that when a vehicle collides, the airbag must be filled and deployed quickly in a short time, and its deployment speed is about 300 kilometers per hour. With such a fast speed, we must strictly ensure the safety of personnel.

  First, the airbag must be matched with the seat belt.

  Second, it is forbidden to put some ornaments, perfume bottles and so on in the area where the airbag is deployed.

  The airbags produced by Takada Corporation of Japan have caused many casualties around the world. Takada Corporation paid huge fines and compensation for this, and the company also filed for bankruptcy protection in June this year.

  Since 2008, after the first fatal accident occurred in airbags produced by Takada Company of Japan, by the end of February 2017, nearly 200 people had been killed or injured.

  In 2014, Takada Airbag began to launch a global large-scale recall.

  In January, 2017, Takada admitted that the hidden airbag would be fatal for 15 years, and agreed to pay a fine of $25 million, plus $125 million in compensation for the victims’ families and $850 million to pay the recall cost of the automobile manufacturer.

  As of May 2017, 19 automobile manufacturers, including Honda, Toyota, Nissan, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Tesla, have recalled up to 120 million vehicles in the global market due to safety hazards of Takada airbags.

  In June 2017, Takada filed for bankruptcy protection.

  Expert: more attention should be paid to safety in parts concentration.

  China Automobile Industry Association pointed out that globalization has accelerated the monopoly trend of large-scale parts enterprises, which has both advantages and disadvantages. Large-scale parts enterprises will strengthen research and development, and drive or assist vehicle enterprises to promote technological progress. The disadvantage is that once the parts are too concentrated and there is a safety problem, it will have an impact on the global automobile industry.

[China Today] Marathon is not easy. What are the hidden worries behind the "war of words"

— — Issue 30 & mdash; —

On November 18th, He Yinli of China missed the championship in the Suzhou Marathon.

Because netizens questioned the setting of competition links, it triggered a network "war of words".

Why use it"You"?

Because in recent years, the marathon "war of words" has happened every year!

What are the "war of words" triggered by these marathons that you still remember?

Marathon was originally a place name in Greece. Because of a war, it has become a very popular long-distance running event in the modern world. Let’s take a look at the marathon that was played "bad" in those years.

Event: A marathon paralyzed a city.

Time: 2015 Location: Haikou City

The 2015 Haikou R&F Marathon attracted more than 7,000 participants (photo by Huang Yibing)

The 2015 R&F Haikou Marathon was held in Wanlv Park, Haikou City from 8: 00 to 14: 00 on Sunday, January 11th.

The race was not over yet. At about 12 o’clock that day, a report on Hainan Daily’s official WeChat "Haikou Today, A Marathon Paralyzes a City" pushed the marathon to the forefront.

The article quoted various "fancy spits" of Haikou citizens, which were reprinted by People’s Daily and China Youth Daily.

Can an enterprise buy a city’s transportation if it has money?

The question thrown by the article aroused great enthusiasm of netizens, and there was a wide-ranging debate on whether the city needed to hold a marathon and whether the citizens needed a marathon.

According to Xinhua News Agency, the Haikou Municipal Government finally admitted that there was a shortage of work, and the incident gradually subsided.

The reporter found that 2015 is not simple, and it can be called the "first year" of China Marathon.

Because in this year, the marathon officially began to be commercialized: since 2015, the Chinese Athletics Association has completely cancelled the approval of marathon events in accordance with the requirements of decentralization.

According to the statistics of China Athletics Association, in 2010, there were 13 marathon events registered nationwide, and in 2015, it reached 134.

On October 18, 2015, on this day alone, 27 marathon road races were held simultaneously in the country.

This year, the marathon has covered four municipalities directly under the central government and 79 cities in 23 provinces and autonomous regions. For the first time, the total number of people participating in the event exceeded one million, reaching 1.5 million.

Event: Sudden death of "substitute runner"

Time: 2016 Location: Xiamen

18,000 contestants from 28 countries and regions participated in the competition. (Image from Xiamen Net)

At 8: 00 am on December 10, 2016, the 2016 Xiamen (Haicang) International Half Marathon started.

A scene that shocked the audience appeared near the finish line: two players fell to the ground nearby and died after being rescued.

Four days later, netizens were shocked again: one of the victims was "resurrected"!

Because the organizing Committee issued a notice saying that one of the contestants who died suddenly was a "runner". On the same day, Wu Ming, the head of the office of the Organizing Committee of Xiamen International Marathon, announced in an interview with the media that there were still 30 contestants cheating, 28 of whom were "runners".

The sudden death has just triggered netizens’ doubts about the enthusiasm of the whole people for horse racing in that year, but there is a more outrageous scene in the "runner": in the 2016 Shenzhen Marathon, two of the top ten women’s team winners actually had Adam’s apple and were verified as men.

According to statistics, between 2015 and 2017, 14 people died unexpectedly while participating in domestic marathon events, and sudden death near the finish line accounted for 80%.

The physical quality, moral quality, fairness and openness of the participants have aroused the enduring concern of netizens about the marathon: the marathon is not what you want to run, you can run if you want to run!

Event: The organizer owes the bonus.

Time: 2017 Location: Jilin

In October 2017, Jilin Marathon participants Kong Jie and Mou Zhenhua voiced through the media that their bonuses were unpaid for four months.

According to the official website of Jilin Marathon, Kong Jie, a full-time female athlete, was ranked fifth in China at that time, ranking eighth in total; Mou Zhenhua, who was selected by the men in the whole process, was ranked third among domestic players and eighth in total. The results of the competition are true and effective.

In fact, the arrears of marathon runners’ bonuses have long existed.

The 2015 Linyi Marathon caused social concern due to the arrears of bonuses for African athletes. It was not until April 30, 2016 that all of them were distributed, and the half-year-old Linyi Marathon "unpaid wages" storm came to an end.

(Network screenshot)

At the 2017 China Marathon Annual Meeting, documents such as "2017 China Marathon Annual Work Report" and "2017 China Marathon Big Data Analysis Report" issued by China Athletics Association showed that:

China hosted 1102 events in 2017.

The number of marathons increased to 4.98 million, and the number of marathons per 10,000 people was 4.27.

The marathon covers 234 cities in 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, including Tibet, with an industrial scale of 70 billion.

With the intervention of relevant departments in Jiangsu Province, the controversy caused by the Suzhou Marathon in 2018 gradually cooled down.

Overseas network published a commentator’s article saying that the marathon with tens of thousands of people participating at every turn is not just a long-distance running, it is the "touchstone" of the city’s comprehensive governance capacity. For the China Marathon, which has just started, it is especially necessary for practitioners and event organizers to take care of its growth with professional management and operation.

So, what kind of image will the marathon appear in the public eye next time?

(Wen He Chuan)

Run, China! National fitness is on the road

  Create a "15-minute fitness circle" around the people and promote the free or low-cost opening of public sports facilities … … Not long ago, the Healthy China Action (2019— "2030)" has put forward a series of bright and hard indicators for the national fitness action, and has become a "construction drawing" for promoting the construction of a healthy China.

  On the occasion of "National Fitness Day" on August 8, this heavy action plan provides guidance and suggestions for people’s scientific fitness. From the guidance of government planning to the extensive participation of the whole people, the diversified fitness craze has risen everywhere, and the enthusiasm and creativity of hundreds of millions of people are pushing the health concept from "treating diseases as the center" to "people’s health as the center".

  Let "where to keep fit" become "keep fit around"

  "Where is the fitness going?" It used to be a problem for many people.

  Ma Mingyu, a citizen of Changchun, Jilin Province, is an aerobics enthusiast. However, the Yitong River, which is covered with black water and overgrown with weeds, has kept him away from the gym for a long time.

  In recent years, after water treatment and the construction of leisure fitness venues, riverside parks have sprung up and fitness trails along the river have gradually spread. Every evening, many citizens walk briskly along the Yitong River trail. The river is cool, the breeze is blowing gently, and the willow branches are swaying, which makes people feel carefree.

  "Thanks to the government for creating ‘ 15-minute fitness circle ’ We can exercise in the scenery now when we leave home. " Ma Mingyu said.

  The rise of national fitness is inseparable from the popularity of the "15-minute fitness circle".

  In the Healthy China Action Document, a set of data clearly describes the goal of a healthy China — — By 2022 and 2030, the opening rate of school sports venues and facilities will exceed 70% and 90%; The per capita sports ground area is 1.9 square meters and above and 2.3 square meters and above respectively.

  Nowadays, "fitness is around" has become a hot word in the circle of friends. "People’s awareness of fitness has increased, from the past ‘ Want me to practice ’ Up to now ‘ I want to practice ’ People’s physical health has generally improved, and the national fitness facilities and morning and evening training sites all over urban and rural areas, as well as the surging fitness boom everywhere, have become a beautiful landscape. " Zhang Ruilin, director of Jilin Provincial Sports Bureau, said.

  Exercise prescription makes health data "beautiful"

  Knocking on the keyboard with your shoulders, crossing your legs to see the materials, hunching over and eating takeout, unconsciously changed the cubicle office workers; Brush Tik Tok, play "mobile games" and see friends circle. Electronic products have made many people "low-headed".

  The data of the survey results of national fitness activities are not very good-looking: the proportion of urban and rural residents who regularly participate in physical exercise in China is 33.9%, of which the regular exercise rate of residents aged 20 to 69 is only 14.7%, and the regular exercise rate of adults is at a low level. Lack of physical activity has become an important reason for the occurrence of various chronic diseases.

  At present, although there are more and more "fitness coffee" dressed in short clothes, the damage caused by improper exercise is quietly eroding people’s fitness enthusiasm.

  Health China Action Document points out that individuals should master sports skills and exercise scientifically to avoid sports risks.

  Zheng Jiang, director of the Sports Medicine Clinic of the Red Cross Hospital in Xi ‘an, Shaanxi Province, said that the key to upgrading the concept of "to exercise" is to improve the public’s scientific exercise literacy, establish the concept of "exercise is a good doctor", and formulate individualized exercise prescriptions according to different ages, lifestyles and exercise abilities. By guiding people to exercise scientifically and reasonably and appropriately, we can bridge the key bridge between fitness and health.

  How to make people’s health data "beautiful"? Zheng Jiang suggested that in order to promote the formation of a "combination of sports and medicine" disease management and health service model, we should first strengthen the establishment of sports medical professional institutions and establish a number of sports prescription clinics through existing medical resources. Train sports medical professionals, improve their ability to evaluate sports risk and sports ability, and formulate individualized sports prescriptions.

  It is understood that the State Sports General Administration, the Chinese Sports Science Society and Beijing Sport University have done a lot of work in the construction and promotion of sports prescriptions. According to Wang Zhengzhen, a professor at Beijing Sport University, there have been 12 sessions of training for sports prescribers, and good results have been achieved.

  Billions of new fitness kinetic energy release more health dividends.

  Yoga, dance, boxing, barbell … … With the change of health concept and the upgrading of fitness consumption, the fitness market is developing rapidly, and "internet plus Fitness" is becoming more and more popular. What are the new "ways to play" and what shortcomings need to be made up for the national fitness that runs towards a better life?

  Focusing on the goals to be achieved by 2022 and 2030 proposed by the Healthy China Action, Wang Zhengzhen pointed out that the Healthy China Action defined the roles and main targets to be achieved by the government, society, families and individuals respectively, which not only clarified the responsibilities and division of labor, but also helped to form a "combination boxing".

  — — Personally, the Healthy China Initiative proposes to encourage moderate-intensity exercise for more than 30 minutes three times a week, or to accumulate 150 minutes of moderate-intensity or 75 minutes of high-intensity physical activity. Try to move as much as possible in your daily life, and achieve 6000 to 10000 steps of physical activity every day.

  — — Socially, the Healthy China Action proposes that fitness organizations around the masses should be established and improved, sports associations should achieve full coverage in cities, counties and townships, and individual sports associations should be extended to the masses, so that people who want to exercise can join the sports organizations.

  — — At the government level, the Healthy China Action proposes to promote the construction of basic public sports service system, coordinate the construction of national fitness venues and facilities, and build a number of national fitness venues and facilities such as sports parks and community fitness centers.

  Promote national fitness into families and encourage the development of national fitness volunteer service … … Lang Wei, director of the Group Department of the State Sports General Administration, said that the Healthy China Action hopes to make the people "move" towards health and exercise, so that hundreds of millions of people can work and live better and in the sunshine, and constantly release the new kinetic energy of healthy China. According to Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, August 7 th

Chun Wu, Chen Bailin, Practice, Tang Yixin, Lin Chi-ling, Watch the Holiday Mode of Entertainment Circle.

Many stars will choose to travel in their spare time, go to various places, travel around the world, feel different customs and customs, and increase their experience, so that they can add more true feelings when filming at work, which is probably a big reason why stars like to travel. The following people pay special attention to traveling, and are willing to share it with fans and friends to see where they have been.

 Chun Wu Caribbean Celestial Beach

 Chun Wu, an actor and singer who has participated in "Daddy’s Back" and "Where’s Daddy Going", spends most of his time with his children except filming and singing, and often takes them out to travel. Last year, he took NeiNei and Max to the celestial beach in the Caribbean. In order to broaden children’s horizons, Wu Zun often took the children to experience all kinds of customs around the world.

 Iceland, Chen Bailin

  In the first issue of Flowers and Teenagers Season 3, Chen Bailin, a warm man, was exiled and traveled alone. Through the previous exile trips, we can see that he is a frequent traveler, and he has been to Iceland, which is known as the "cold wonderland".

 Practice the Arctic Circle

Besides filming, traveling is her greatest hobby. She had previously updated a set of aurora photos taken by herself in the Arctic Circle on Weibo, which was absolutely beautiful. She reached the North Pole at 66.33 north latitude along the most beautiful and dangerous Dalton Highway, which few tourists would take, and challenged the limit of danger all the way, which was very adventurous. She also shared a lot of feelings and knowledge, and the practice of loving travel has always been a fine and dedicated actress.

 Zhao Wei and Summer Xu travel together in Egypt.

  The photos of Zhao Wei and Summer Xu visiting Egypt together in their early years were exposed. In the photos, they were very close and took photos in front of the pyramids, the Sphinx and other landmark buildings. Both of them are dressed simply and casually with bright smiles, which shows that this trip is very comfortable and leisurely.

 Jiang Yiyan African Prairie

  Speaking of Jiang Yiyan, many people know that besides filming, she is a young literary woman who is enthusiastic about public welfare and loves photography in her daily life. In 2013, she traveled to the Ethiopian plateau with friends, where she used helicopter aerial photography to capture the vibrant life unique to Africa.

 Lake Baikal, Ruoyun Zhang, Tang Yixin

  Ruoyun Zhang Tang Yixin, a model couple in the entertainment circle, can see fancy sprinkles of sugar everywhere. Ruoyun Zhang in Flowers and Teenagers Season 3 was rated as "the best traveling companion", and she did not forget fancy dog abuse in a foreign country. They went to see Lake Baikal full of love together.

 Lin Chi-ling Antarctic

  Lin Chi-ling, known as "the first beauty in Taiwan Province", also participated in the travel variety show "Sister Flower 2". In the last stop, the "Flower Troupe" chose the South Pole as a farewell stop. Although this is a program arrangement, it can be seen that she loves traveling in the program.

 Whether it’s spring or winter, ordinary people or stars are willing to enrich their lives, expand their horizons and go out to see the scenery outside.

Princess fish fashion cycle season opens! Create ESG Sustainable Development Theme Exhibition with Xingye taikoo hui.

Pick up the old and welcome the new, turn waste into treasure, give the old infinite life, and idle also have infinite energy. From January 29th to March 31st, Shanghai Xingye taikoo hui Green Tour started. As one of the participants, Princess Fish worked with the organizers to create a flash event, aiming to spread the concept of sustainable development through vivid and diverse display methods, and advocate public attention and participation in the practice of green living and sustainable consumption.

Taikoo hui joined hands with many cross-border partners to "play around" sustainable fashion, and gathered wonderful contents such as exhibitions, pop-up shop, new product previews, community activities, etc., and invited Shanghai residents to come together to light up the latest fashion map and personally experience the diversified interpretation of the concept of sustainable development.

In the theme exhibition of ESG sustainable development, Princess Fish designed an interactive link of punching cards that is educational and entertaining, and set up a fashion resource circulation exhibition area. Through graphic display boards and multimedia interactive devices, all participants who completed the green cycle punching cards can get a free luxury maintenance coupon or a customized gift from Princess Fish, so that visitors can gain a deeper understanding of circular fashion and a real green cycle experience.

As the leading comprehensive retail brand of idle high-value consumer goods in China, Fayu has long advocated consumers to flow their idle high-value consumer goods. At present, more than one-third of princess fish consumers will make a second consignment, realizing a two-way cycle of buying and selling.

Since 2023, Princess Fish has organized and participated in a number of carbon reduction publicity activities, such as the "Recycling Symbiosis" desert post office activity jointly organized with China Post, the live broadcast of the national energy conservation publicity week "Sustainable Fashion" cultural special event jointly sponsored by more than 30 live broadcast rooms, and the moving of the circular classroom into the green carbon reduction market of Shanghai Citizens’ Greening Festival in the park, all of which are positive communication of Princess Fish brand on sustainable consumption and zero-waste life.

In the future, Princess Fish will cooperate with more brands and media to undertake the responsibility of environmental protection and carbon reduction, advocate green consumption and build a more responsible lifestyle.


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Investigation on MOMO Death Game: Beware of excessive entertainment and prevent being used.

   Legal Daily News (Reporter Zhao Li Intern Lin Jingyu Ma Jia) Following the horrible "Blue Whale Game", another game aimed at guiding suicide has entered people’s field of vision — — MOMO challenge(MOMO challenge)

  It is reported that overseas MOMO games led to the suicide of a 12-year-old Argentine girl, but MOMO in China was "played badly" by netizens. Open Weibo and enter "MOMO Death Game", and QQ chat records between netizens and MOMO are overwhelming. It is understood that MOMO games will find the target audience online, and then release the death task. If the target fails to complete the task, it will use hacking technology to find out the private phone number and home address of the target and harass it. In order to find out, the reporter launched an investigation on this game called MOMO.

  The spoofed "death game"

  According to the description of the network police article, MOMO is a suicide game similar to the "blue whale" that once caused a great sensation. It will suddenly jump out of the screen and provoke you to take part in a challenge. At present, a 12-year-old girl in Argentina has died, which the police believe is related to this game.

  It sounds very scary.

  And everyone did say that they would not participate, because their first reaction to this game called MOMO was nothing but that the horrible image in MOMO’s game looked so scary that they had no courage to participate after reading it.

  According to the existing statement, this kind of game is to let others actively add it through the number on WhatsApp, and then it will send back some violent threats, instigate players to do some terrible challenges, and even disclose personal information.

  Now on the video website, you can see a lot of videos made by video bloggers to contact MOMO. Some people say that MOMO is just a spoof urban legend, while others say that MOMO is a way for dark hackers to retaliate against society. But at present, in the eyes of more and more netizens and even minors, MOMO has become a spoof game or a joke.

  It’s not hard to find that the chat records thrown out on the Internet are almost teasing and mocking MOMO, and teasing information like "I’ll wait for you at three in the morning" is exposed to the Internet.

  The reporter privately wrote a few "flirting" netizens about MOMO through Weibo and some Q&A platforms. A netizen said that the chat was a fake MOMO, and the screenshot was stolen from a friend, just for fun. A netizen showed that many MOMO in QQ are now pretended by netizens. MOMO games have been interpreted by many netizens for entertainment, and even made into expression packs to spread.

  However, in the interview, some netizens reported that they were really targeted by MOMO, saying that they received an application from a QQ friend in the middle of the night. "There are not many words from the other party, and they keep asking me if I accept the death challenge. I just asked the other person what MOMO was, and talked about it, and finally the other person blacked me out. I am an optimistic person in my life, and I have never made suicidal remarks on social media. " According to the contact information of MOMO provided by this netizen, the reporter contacted the person with MOMO as the avatar on QQ, but the other party just sent a "suicide" expression pack, and then asked any information without getting a reply.

  When looking at related topics, the reporter found that netizens did not take it seriously, nor did they show too much concern about the game. Instead, they spoofed MOMO in various ways.

  One of the most striking features of MOMO is that it misappropriates a Japanese bird named Link Factory as its avatar on social networks. Its prominent eyeballs and strange expressions make people feel very strange at first glance. However, the reporter noticed that the unrestrained netizens did not seem to be scared by this image, and they used their creativity to beautify the bird with Cosmetic Contact Lenses, lipstick, bow and cat ears, saying that "in fact, she dressed up well, not bad". These netizens joked, "In foreign countries, MOMO forces you to commit suicide. In China, netizens forced MOMO to commit suicide. In foreign countries, someone has called the police to arrest MOMO. In China, MOMO called the police to catch sand sculpture netizens who cheated money.

  But there are still people who are worried about MOMO.

  "Minors are immature, MOMO is just a sculpture, and there is no curse. I hope that the majority of teenagers will not try to prevent being fooled." A netizen said in Weibo. The netizen told reporters, "You can pay more attention to your child’s psychological status, whether there are behaviors that hurt yourself, such as self-harm, and whether the mobile phone address book frequently communicates with a strange number, but most of the MOMO that appears on the Internet now is pretended by netizens."

  Another netizen said that his younger brother had communicated with MOMO in a game group, but because his younger brother’s English was very poor and he couldn’t understand it, he replied while translating, and the other party deleted him because he was too slow. After discovering it, he also asked his younger brother to quit from the group. There are also some netizens who say to people who pretend to be MOMO and flirt with MOMO by being smart, "If you don’t die, you won’t die."

  Or used by people with ulterior motives.

  So, is MOMO really scary?

  The reporter contacted Zhang Kai (a pseudonym) who works in a game media, and he described the ins and outs of MOMO games in detail.

  "To tell you the truth, I feel very surprised that MOMO can have such a big movement. Previous ‘ Blue whale incident ’ It is a real bad game that really happened, but MOMO is different. " Zhang Kai said that he noticed that MOMO was played on August 2nd this year. At that time, he saw many domestic media and news from the media, but the basic content was the same. He characterized MOMO as a death challenge game similar to "Blue Whale". My intuition made me feel strange, and then we started an analysis.

  The prototype of MOMO is the "catching bird" in China and Japanese ancient legends. This kind of ghost is the incarnation of a dead pregnant woman, who takes off her feathers to become an adult and puts on her feathers to become a bird, especially to harm children. This is really commensurate with the background of instigating children to commit suicide.

  Zhang Kai and others compared the game forms of Blue Whale and MOMO, and found that Blue Whale played 50 things in 50 days, while MOMO only called MOMO at 3: 00 in the morning. "Then what? The scariest thing that will happen next is whether the phone bill will be spent. Obviously, this lacks a lot of things. We think it is very strange and we will continue to push forward step by step. " Zhang Kai and others called MOMO at three o’clock in the morning and found that "nothing happened, basically it was not connected". The whole incident was in distress, probably because there was some information gap between China and foreign countries. "According to our investigation, MOMO games got angry on YouTube on July 11th, but we got really angry here without warning until August 15th. The information gap mainly comes from the content on the external network and the self-media in China, and there is some gap, or lag. In fact, MOMO is not terrible at all, because it is just a statue. If it is to be said that it is terrible, it must be that netizens have terrible ability to spread rumors, and it is very bad to listen to the wind and rain. "

  "Later, a few bloggers on YouTube used special effects to make some scary videos, which were misrepresented and turned into horror games." Zhang Kai gave an example to the reporter, "The video that is widely circulated on the Internet, the content producer made the virtual image of MOMO by using special effects, so he could get through the phone, MOMO would even chat with him, and even instigate him to commit suicide, but it was a prank he directed and acted, because it was the video column ‘ Call at three in the morning ’ A video of the series, he himself also commented under the video that ‘ How many people think this is true, wake up ’ " .

  Regarding the fact that some netizens said that MOMO on QQ can get the real information of the other party, Zhang Kai sent a screenshot of QQ chat records with similar situation to the reporter, and said to the reporter: "Except for some hackers, it is not excluded that some people in China are bored to pretend to be MOMO, directing and playing pranks for everyone to have fun."

  "I can only say that MOMO itself does not exist. If, I mean, if, under the guise of MOMO, criminals try to trick children into doing dangerous things, it has nothing to do with MOMO. In fact, MOMO has been completely entertained in China now, and everyone has not taken it seriously. Perhaps after experiencing the blue whale game, everyone really became rational, but they should also be rational, not too entertaining, so that some lawless elements can take advantage of it. " Zhang Kai said.

  For MOMO games, Liu Min, who is engaged in psychological counseling and rehabilitation in Beijing, told reporters that she also noticed the spoof about related games on the Internet. "MOMO is deified to some extent. We should care more about those who play this game with the idea of killing themselves. However, it is not difficult to imagine that those who have been found out a lot of personal information and committed suicide by self-mutilation may be people who can only live in the internet but are not gregarious in reality. They may have lost hope for life and may have poor mental health. They will kill themselves, just looking for a reason. This is what needs to be vigilant. "

  In Liu Min’s view, MOMO game and Blue Whale game are not far apart in essence. In fact, the objects of these games are those who have lost hope in life, give them a dose of catalyst, and at the same time threaten their privacy and the safety of their loved ones, pushing them to death. "A person who really doesn’t want to die will call the police immediately when he hears someone say that he wants to hurt himself and his loved ones. There are also some fancy pictures insulting MOMO on the Internet, which is the simplest example, but those negative thoughts are still worthy of vigilance and should not be over-entertained. In particular, it is necessary to determine whether the game is very popular among minors, because the minds of minors are still immature and fragile. "

  Finally, Liu Min gave four words of advice: Don’t spread it.