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Chinese scientific research team found a new way to improve the performance of all-perovskite laminated solar cells

  Xinhua News Agency, Wuhan, November 12 (Reporter Hou Wenkun) After long-term research, Professor Ke Weijun and Professor Fang Guo from the School of Physical Science and Technology of Wuhan University have made new progress in exploring the performance improvement of all-perovskite laminated solar cells, and creatively put forward the integrated doping strategy of aspartic acid hydrochloride, which effectively improved the efficiency and stability of narrow-band gap perovskite subcells and found new ways to further improve the battery performance. Related research results were recently published in the journal Nature.

  According to reports, the new metal halide perovskite has the advantages of simple preparation process, high defect tolerance, high absorption coefficient and long carrier diffusion length, which has attracted much attention in the field of optoelectronic devices and is considered as one of the next generation photovoltaic materials with great prospects in the industry.

  Ke Weijun, one of the authors of the paper and a professor at the School of Physical Science and Technology of Wuhan University, said that in practical application, the all-perovskite laminated solar cell is composed of a broad-band gap perovskite subcell at the top and a narrow-band gap perovskite subcell at the bottom, and the narrow-band gap perovskite subcell that is not excellent enough is one of the stumbling blocks for its commercial application in the future.

  To this end, the research team introduced aspartic acid hydrochloride into the hole transport layer, perovskite light absorption layer and upper interface layer at the bottom of all perovskite laminated solar cells, and developed an integrated doping strategy with the same molecular treatment, which greatly improved the quality of perovskite thin films. In addition to coordinating with perovskite precursors, aspartic acid hydrochloride molecules also have strong intermolecular hydrogen bonds, so aspartic acid hydrochloride enriched at the upper and lower interfaces of perovskite acts as a molecular lock between the interface of perovskite layer and transport layer, further improving the performance and stability of perovskite materials.

  In addition, how to inhibit the spontaneous oxidation of unstable divalent tin metal ions in narrow-gap perovskite subcells is also one of the pain points in the industry. The results show that aspartic acid hydrochloride can effectively inhibit the oxidation of divalent tin ions and reduce harmful tetravalent tin impurities. Moreover, the introduction of aspartic acid hydrochloride can also passivate the defects of perovskite materials, adjust Fermi level and inhibit harmful ion migration, thus enhancing the performance and stability of devices.

  Ke Weijun said that the research shows that this simple integrated doping strategy can achieve multiple functions at one stroke and improve the steady-state efficiency of narrow-band perovskite subcells to 27.62%, which provides a new way to improve the performance of all-perovskite stacked solar cells.

Mermaid sadism! What’s the story of Stephen Chow’s The Mermaid?

    Special feature of 1905 film network On January 31st, The Mermaid, which will be released on the first day of the New Year’s Day, held a conference of "Fish, Water and Acacia" in Beijing. Director Stephen Chow made a collective appearance with the mighty "Mermaid Family" and released a trailer of the final version for 1 minute and 40 seconds.

    This highly anticipated film has maintained a mystery so far, and has always adopted the hunger marketing route, without any screening and media watching activities in advance. It is really hard to say whether Master Xing is too confident or too unsure about the quality of this film.

    We can only get a glimpse of several groups of film materials exposed at present.

1. This movie is very Stephen Chow.

Stephen Chow is not only the king of comedy of the performing world, but also the film he directed is unique. Starting from "Demon Journey to the West", he no longer arranged a place for himself in the film, but hid behind the monitor as a director.

Inner OS: What the hell is it? …

    The first time we heard that there was no Stephen Chow in a Stephen Chow movie, we felt a little sorry in our hearts. However, when we saw The Demon on a Journey to the West, we were surprised to see the familiar shadow of cynicism in the article, Bo Huang, Show Lo and even Shu Qi’s role.

    After a lapse of three years, there will be no guest appearance of Master Xing in The Mermaid, but through the director’s special feature exposed by the film, it can be found that his director’s way is to completely instill his performance into the actors, even at the expense of repeatedly demonstrating in person, in order to accurately meet his requirements.

Demonstrate and guide the actors to perform in person.

    So, even if Master Xing doesn’t appear in the movie, we don’t have to worry. "Mermaid" is definitely a film that inherits Stephen Chow’s strong personal style. There are all kinds of nonsense, cold humor, man show and madness in it, and every one is guaranteed.

2, the character has a big bottom and an N angle, which is related to mermaid sadism

    There are quite a few familiar faces in this movie. From the trailer currently exposed, we see Deng Chao, Show Lo, Yuqi Zhang, Jelly Lin, Li Shangzheng, Lu Zhengyu, Yang Neng, Ke Bai, Kong Lianshun, Wu Yifan, Wen Jian, Zhang Mei ‘e, etc., and all the immortals show their magical powers — — Of course, most of them are "dead walk-on".

For example, this:

Yang Neng, the "Pork Guy" in shaolin soccer, turned into the curator of the World Museum of Rare Animals in The Mermaid, and personally performed it for a group of tourists — — "Our ancestors were all fish."

There are also two police comrades who were exposed in the first preview, whose painting is "super good" and their understanding ability is "first-class", which were played by Tang Priest’s article and Friar Sand Li Shangzheng in "Demon Journey to the West" respectively.

Even Wu Yifan, a guest star, got a glimpse in the final trailer — — Look at the dress, you should be a rich second generation.

However, there is a role that has not been revealed so far, and that is "Master" Tsui Hark! At the press conference held yesterday, not only the "Mermaid Family" was all out, but also an old friend of Xingye, Tsui Hark, was invited, and he was revealed to have a guest performance in The Mermaid. "There are more than one line."

Master Xing also said with a smile: "Tsui Hark’s acting skills are very good. In fact, the director who can act best, I think one is Director Xu and the other is me. There is nothing to say about acting skills."

Two "old urchins" were funny at the press conference.

Of course, the most important roles in the film are the four donkey kong — — Octopus, mermaid, sea urchin and … … Lettuce?

Deng Chao: The hero of the film is a wealthy real estate developer and local tyrant. In Stephen Chow’s words, this character is a baby at heart, and his beard is his disguise. He wants to pretend to be a mercenary adult. Deng Chao himself explained it in Deng Shiying at the press conference as — — The beard is a ghost, and the beard is an angel.

Angel’s affection

Ghost’s evil (it should be evil … Xueba’s English is not flattering.

Jelly Lin: The mermaid, the heroine of the film, was forced to live in a wrecked ship because of the destruction of the sea and ecology by human beings. Deng Chao, who entered human society in disguise and used love to influence the development of marine resources, didn’t expect that he actually fell in love with him.

A tearful French kiss

Show Lo: Playing octopus is also a marine creature (nonsense). He has always loved the mermaid. When he found that "the person I love has a lover", he was very sad and tried to kill his rival with his tentacles. With eight giant tentacles, he can be regarded as the main fighting force of the mermaid gang.

Yuqi Zhang: Playing Deng Chao’s ex-girlfriend. Not only does she look like an overbearing female silver, but she is also the villain in the film — — The kind that is completely bad. She herself summed up this role as a "synthesis of violence and aesthetics" — — I am beautiful, but I am not gentle.

Mysterious mermaid: In the last fierce battle of the final preview, the amazing mermaid tail on the trailer and poster appeared again. Compared with Lin Yun’s small tail, this fishtail with colorful light has a powerful ability. When flapping the sea, it is "the four seas churn and the five continents shake and thunder". Judging from the expressions of fear on the faces of mermaid and octopus, adult fish should be the villain in the film. Yuqi Zhang, Lenovo’s villain, had a strange look at the little mermaid in the preview … … Murphy, Deng Chao breath even made two mermaid girlfriend? (This doesn’t seem to be the point … …

But if you zoom in carefully, the mermaid’s upper body seems to be a long-haired man in a white shirt, which is a bit similar to Yang Neng’s image.

How big is Master Xing’s brain hole? The answer can only be revealed after the film is released.

3. The main line of the story is positive energy

If you think this is a story that he loves her, she loves him, he loves her and doesn’t love her, and she loves him and doesn’t love him, then you are too young (fu) and childish (qian). You told us at the very beginning of the trailer that this is a tall environmental propaganda film!

Mermaids and humans should have lived in peace. Who knows, the more they progress, the more violent they become … …

Xuan Shao, played by Deng Chao, was originally a mercenary businessman. The development of real estate involved reclamation projects, which threatened the ethnic groups living in the sea. Jelly Lin’s mermaid Sam was sent to stop her. She turned into a human being, and fell in love with Xuan Shao in the process of fighting, and finally succeeded in stopping the whole project and protecting her home.

From this stills, we can also see that mermaids are covered with all kinds of rubbish and waste in the sea.

At the end of the trailer, it also echoed the theme:

If your life is only the last minute, if there is not even a drop of clean water and a breath of clean air on the earth, what do you want to do most?

In addition, we also saw a very familiar line in the previous trailer:

Isn’t this just a salted fish?

If you don’t have a dream, what’s the difference between being a man and salted fish?

It’s a tribute to the previous work.

Full record: 30 "small" things of automatic driving in October | Intelligent driving hot search

Full record: 30 "small" things of automatic driving in October | Intelligent driving hot searchFull record: 30 "small" things of automatic driving in October | Intelligent driving hot search

1 macro information at a glance

#China’s first international standard for autonomous driving test scenarios was officially released.

On October 14th, ISO 34501, the first international standard in the field of automatic driving test scenarios, led by China, was officially released. As an important basic standard of automatic driving system test scenario, this standard meets the needs of the industry to describe the test scenario in standardized language when carrying out the related work of automatic driving test and evaluation, and will be widely used in the research, development, testing and management of global intelligent networked automobile automatic driving technology and products.

Comments:The release of the standard not only provides important basic support for all kinds of autonomous driving applications, but more importantly shows that China’s autonomous driving technology level has ranked among the top in the world.

# Guangzhou and Shenzhen issued the first batch of urban advanced assisted driving map licenses in China.

On October 17th, Guangzhou and Shenzhen issued the city advanced assisted driving map license for the first time. This means that the map software will support car companies to mass-produce smart cars equipped with urban pilot-assisted driving functions, meet the application scenarios of bicycle intelligent assisted driving on urban roads, and realize the integration of parking, high-speed and urban areas.

Comments:The pilot project of wide application of high-precision maps in cities has been started.

# Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: Intelligent networked automobile manufacturers should establish systems such as vehicle product network security.

On October 28th, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued "Regulations on the Administration of Road Motor Vehicle Production Access Permit (Draft for Comment)", which mentioned that intelligent networked automobile production enterprises should establish vehicle product network security, data security, personal information protection, car networking card security management, software upgrade management system, improve safety guarantee mechanism, implement safety guarantee measures, clarify responsible departments and persons, and implement safety protection responsibilities. The software and hardware used in intelligent networked automobile products should meet the requirements of national mandatory standards related to network security, and so on.

Comments:Advanced automotive data security.

# The national standards for intelligent networked vehicles such as Performance Requirements and Test Methods for Lane Keeping Auxiliary System of Commercial Vehicles were released.

Recently, the General Administration of Market Supervision (Standards Committee) issued the national standards for intelligent networked vehicles, such as the performance requirements and test methods of lane keeping auxiliary system for commercial vehicles, and the performance requirements and test methods of driver’s attention monitoring system. The performance requirements and test methods of lane keeping auxiliary system for commercial vehicles put forward the performance requirements and test methods of straight lane keeping, curve lane keeping, driver intervention and curve deviation warning.

Comments:It will guide the production enterprises to produce lane keeping systems that meet the needs of the industry, promote the large-scale application of lane keeping systems on vehicles, and reduce traffic accidents caused by vehicles deviating from lanes.

# Chongqing: By 2025, an intelligent networked technology system meeting the requirements of highly automatic driving will be formed.

On October 8, the General Office of Chongqing Municipal People’s Government issued the Action Plan for Innovative Application of Automatic Driving and Internet of Vehicles in Chongqing (2022-2025). It is proposed that by 2025, the city’s autonomous driving and car networking innovation capabilities will be further improved, and the country’s leading intelligent network ecosystem will be built to create a high-quality model that supports industrial development with basic platforms. Conditional self-driving cars achieve mass production and large-scale application, forming an intelligent networked technology system that meets the requirements of highly automatic driving, and the local support capacity of key technical fields exceeds 80%.

Comments:Chongqing’s precise efforts have made the automobile industry run on the smart road.

# Chongqing issued an action plan to build an intelligent networked new energy auto parts industry.

On October 26th, "Chongqing Action Plan for Building Intelligent Networked New Energy Auto Parts Supply Chain System (2022-2025)" was issued. According to the Plan, by 2025, the city will strive to introduce 300 intelligent networked new energy auto parts enterprises, promote the transformation and upgrading of 500 traditional auto parts enterprises, and reach 100 "little giant" enterprises specializing in the field of auto parts. The scale of the city’s intelligent networked new energy auto parts industry will reach 250 billion yuan.

Comments:Insufficient self-sufficiency rate of core parts, slow transformation of traditional parts enterprises, and the need to improve product competitiveness are still "shortcomings". It is imperative to accelerate the construction of intelligent networked new energy automobile parts supply chain system.

Take a look at business applications.

# Polar Fox Auto Delivers 200 Shared Unmanned Vehicles Apollo Moon

On October 9, Extreme Fox delivered another 200 fifth-generation shared unmanned vehicles Apollo Moon to Baidu Apollo, becoming the first car company to realize the batch delivery and commercial application of Baidu’s fifth-generation shared unmanned vehicles. Apollo Moon relies on Baidu’s Apollo autopilot technology, which is completely unmanned, and has achieved a number of functional innovations in "unmanned" services. It has been approved to carry out fully unmanned commercial operations in Chongqing and Wuhan.

Comments:Car companies are deeply involved in the in-depth exploration of the commercialization of autonomous driving in China to the ultimate format.

# Manche Technology Intelligent Heavy Truck has exceeded 10 million kilometers in commercial operation mileage.

On October 10th, Won Che Technology announced that the commercial operation mileage of smart heavy trucks equipped with Won Che Xuanyuan system has exceeded 10 million kilometers. According to its introduction, at present, the smart heavy truck equipped with the Won Xuanyuan system has entered the normal commercial operation on a large scale, covering the four economic and industrial circles of Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and Central China, and the main channels of Shanghai-Kunming, Beijing-Shanghai, Shanghai-Chongqing, Beijing-Guangzhou-Macao and Shenhai, serving nearly 20 logistics head users in the fields of express delivery, express delivery and LTL.

Comments:In the field of global self-driving trucks, it has taken the lead in passing a new milestone in commercial operations.

# Millimeter Zhixing user-assisted driving mileage has exceeded 20 million kilometers.

On October 14th, Millie Zhixing released the data report on smart driving during the National Day. In terms of passenger car assisted driving, its passenger car assisted driving system, HPilot, has a total mileage of 9,169,300 kilometers and a total time of 278,913 hours during the National Day. The driving mileage of users with assisted driving was as high as 1,134,770 kilometers, and the total duration was as high as 12,340 hours. The total mileage increased by 44.7% from the previous month, and the utilization rate increased by 32.35% from the previous month. Up to now, the driving mileage of the assisted driving users of Millie Zhixing has exceeded 20 million kilometers.

Comments:It means that the application of intelligent driving is sinking and deepening further.

# Xiaoma Zhixing Autopilot Travel Service Access Ruqi Travel Platform

On October 27th, Xiaoma Zhixing’s self-driving travel service was officially connected to Ruqi travel platform. Xiaoma Zhixing will cooperate with Ruqi travel platform to start Robotaxi mixed operation, that is, the capacity of manned vehicles and autonomous vehicles will be integrated. Users in Nansha District of Guangzhou will have the opportunity to hit a self-driving vehicle of Xiaoma Zhixing through Ruqi Travel App, which means that the penetration rate of Robotaxi in the core cities of Greater Bay Area will be greatly improved.

Comments:The large-scale landing of autonomous driving technology in urban scenes has further accelerated.

3 Take a look at the enterprise dynamics

# Xiaoma Zhixing announced a comprehensive strategic cooperation with Sagitar Juchuang.

On October 12, Xiaoma Zhixing announced a comprehensive strategic cooperation with Sagitar Juchuang. The large-scale landing and mass production of autonomous driving technology are the focus of in-depth cooperation between the two parties. The two sides will carry out in-depth cooperation in the whole business chain in the fields of autonomous driving and smart transportation, and promote the landing and large-scale application of autonomous driving technical solutions.

Comments:Join forces to create automatic driving system solutions and urban smart transportation products.

# jidu ROBO-01′ s first verification prototype is off the assembly line, and the high-order intelligent driving has started the road test.

On October 24th, Jidu announced that the first prototype car of ROBO-01, an automobile robot, had been trial-produced recently, and it was officially off the assembly line in the trial-production center of Geely Automobile Research Institute. At the same time, the research and development of centralized advanced intelligent driving has started the urban and high-speed domain tests in Shanghai in early October, and entered the stage of multi-city scene generalization.

Comments:High-order intelligent driving can minimize the accident rate and make automobile robots safer and more reliable.

# Xpeng Motors: It is planned to move towards full automatic driving from 2025.

On October 24, Wu Xinzhou, vice president of automatic driving in Xpeng Motors, said that Tucki’s intelligent assisted driving route plan is that in 2022, it will mainly focus on single-scene assisted driving; From 2023 to 2025, the main layout will be full-scene assisted driving. After 2025, Tucki will "March towards full-scale automatic driving and unmanned driving".

Comments:Tucki plans to start the Robotaxi test operation, expecting that the development of Robotaxi and hardware capabilities in Tucki can realize "joining forces" and enter the high-level autonomous driving stage.

# Europa (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. announced technical cooperation with Baidu.

On October 26th, Callisto (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd., a smart car safety enterprise, carried out technical cooperation with Baidu. The core product of Callisto, VSOC Automotive Information Security Operation Center, will complement Baidu’s IDPS intrusion detection and defense service, and is committed to protecting the security of vehicle core data, assets and intelligent scenes, and protecting vehicle core data and assets from network intrusion.

Comments:Vehicle data security not only needs the contribution of car companies, but also needs to be guarded by many parties.

4 capital trends a stroke

# An Zhijie completed the C round of financing of over RMB 100 million.

On October 10th, An Zhijie completed the C-round financing of RMB 100 million. This round of investment was jointly invested by Shanghai International Venture Capital and the fulcrum scientific and technological achievements transformation fund of the Ministry of Science and Technology. At present, An Zhijie’s investors have gathered Tongchuang Weiye, Dachen Venture Capital, Hongtai Fund, Guanda Holdings, Shengyi Technology, Guohong Investment and other well-known industries and financial investment institutions.

Comments:This round of financing will accelerate Anzhijie’s closer cooperation with OEMs in the field of ADAS system and realize large-scale matching, and enter a new stage of development.

# Xingyun Internet announced that it has won over 100 million B+ rounds of strategic financing.

On October 13th, Beijing Xingyun Internet Technology Co., Ltd. announced that it had won a B+ round of strategic financing of over 100 million yuan. This round of financing was jointly invested by Qualcomm Venture Capital, Zhongguancun Science City Science and Technology Growth Fund and Changjiang Capital. Xingyun Internet is an innovative high-tech enterprise which aims at intelligent networking and vehicle-road collaborative application services, and integrates V2X product research and development, production and sales, new generation intelligent transportation system application and key technologies and services of intelligent networking vehicles.

Comments:After half a year, it once again won the favor of the capital market, and the new financing will help Xingyun Internet to run out of the "acceleration" on the intelligent networked track.

#MCU company Siche Technology received nearly 100 million yuan in financing.

On October 24th, Siche Technology, a domestic MCU chip company, has completed a new round of A+ financing with a financing amount of nearly 100 million yuan. This round of financing was led by Lanpu Capital, with the joint investment of Tongbai Capital, Weiran Capital and the old shareholder Junlian Capital. This round of financing is mainly used to increase the marketing of existing ultra-low-power Bluetooth MCU products, and at the same time, it will promote the research and development of new products of the company, cover the product series in all directions on the market side, further expand the team size, and constantly plan new technical reserves.

Comments:The era of homogenization and low-price competition has passed, and domestic enterprises with innovation in the technical field are worth looking forward to.

# Autopilot Chip Company Yixing Intelligent completed financing of over 300 million yuan.

On October 24, the self-driving chip company Yixing Intelligent Technology (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. announced that it had completed more than 300 million yuan of Pre-A financing. This round of financing is led by Guangzhou Automobile Capital, jointly led by Oriental Fuhai, and jointly invested by Yuexiu Industrial Fund, Guochuang Zhongding and other industries and institutions. So far, the company has completed more than 500 million yuan of financing.

Comments:Accelerate the localization process of autonomous driving chips from the source of application.

5 personnel changes are awkward.

# Volkswagen and Horizon joint venture company introduced strong support, and Su Qing, former head of Huawei’s intelligent driving, joined.

On October 13th, CARIAD, a software company owned by Volkswagen, established a joint venture with Horizon. In terms of candidates, Volkswagen CARIAD will appoint CEO, former Huawei executive, and Su Qing, a man of the autonomous driving industry, or join them as a technical leader. Su Qing left Huawei in December last year and then joined CARIAD.

Comments:Volkswagen’s largest single investment in China in 40 years, this investment in the future is bound to be very attractive to talents.

# LI personnel are in turmoil again, and Wang Yilun, the head of AI algorithm, will leave.

On October 25th, it was reported that Wang Yilun, the head of AI algorithm for intelligent driving in LI and the chief scientist of AI, will leave his post in the near future. In the ideal period, Wang Yilun was mainly responsible for the research and development of AI algorithms such as intelligent driving perception and maps, and reported to Lang Xianpeng, vice president of ideal intelligent driving. After leaving the company, Wang Yilun may be involved in starting a business, but he is still in a handover state and is expected to leave at the end of the month.

Comments:After the product system and organizational structure of new car manufacturers are gradually mature, how to continuously attract and retain talents is a problem that entrepreneurs should think about for a long time.

Listen to the international news

#Uber signed a ten-year cooperation agreement with Motional

On October 8, Uber and Motional reached a 10-year agreement, which is an autonomous joint venture established by Hyundai Motor and Anbofu. The two parties will provide autonomous vehicle services based on Uber platform. In May of this year, Motional’s self-driving vehicles based on modern Ioniq 5 have been delivered through Uber Eats. The new agreement will allow the two companies to extend Uber Eats’ automatic delivery service to other cities.

Comments:The first cooperation in the industry that includes both unmanned taxi service and delivery service is of symbolic significance.

# Intel Mobileye goes public

On October 26th, local time, Mobileye Global, Intel’s autopilot division, officially went public in the United States, and sold 41 million shares at a price of $21 per share, with a market value as high as $21.8 billion, while the previous valuation only reached one-third of the early target of $50 billion.

Comments:With the increase of rivals, it is time for Mobileye to come out of the closed black box scheme.

# Volkswagen Ford divests, and the autopilot company Argo AI is about to shut down.

On October 26th, it was reported that Argo AI, a self-driving car technology company supported by Ford Motor Company and audi ag, was about to close because the two auto giants were changing their self-driving car strategies. Ford said in a statement that the company needs to invest in driver assistance technology that is easier to achieve in the short term, rather than Argo’s fully autonomous driving goal. According to informed sources, Ford’s decision also led to Volkswagen’s withdrawal. In the future, Ford and Volkswagen will continue to cooperate in the field of electric vehicles and commercial vehicles in the United States and Europe.

Comments:The market is cruel, and the emergence of industry integration is healthy.

# Tesla faces US criminal investigation for autonomous driving.

On October 27th, three people familiar with the matter revealed that Tesla was under criminal investigation by the US Department of Justice because the company claimed that its electric cars could drive automatically. After more than a dozen car accidents involving Tesla’s driver assistance system Autopilot, the US Department of Justice launched this previously undisclosed investigation last year. People familiar with the investigation said that the investigation by the Ministry of Justice may mean stricter scrutiny, because Tesla or individual executives may face criminal charges.

Comments: The establishment of laws and regulations is not only a game of interests of several parties, but more importantly, it can clearly identify who is responsible, which is the most important issue in the legislation of autonomous driving.

#Cruise wants to promote Robotaxi business in the United States to Austin and Phoenix.

On October 28th, Cruise, a subsidiary of GM’s self-driving car, is inviting potential passengers from Phoenix and Austin to join the waiting list and become the first batch of Cruise robot taxi passengers. Since June, the company has been operating a completely unmanned commercial robot taxi service in San Francisco. Previously, the company had said that the first rides in Austin and Phoenix might be free, and it planned to start charging service soon.

Comments:We seem to be getting closer and closer to the real driverless era.

# ChuanVolkswagen Group will cooperate with Mobileye to drive automatically.

On October 28th, it was reported in Reuters that two sources revealed that after Volkswagen Group decided to stop investing in Argo AI, an autonomous driving startup, the group planned to expand its cooperation with Intel’s Mobileye to the field of autonomous driving. According to the report, the Volkswagen Group plans to launch a self-driving taxi service in 2025, and Mobileye is likely to become a partner of the Volkswagen Group’s self-driving taxi service. Previously, Mobileye has reached a cooperation with Cariad, a software business of Volkswagen Group, in the field of autonomous driving technology.

Comments:Automobile manufacturers cooperate with technology companies to gain the first opportunity in the field of autonomous driving technology, which is expected to completely subvert the transportation industry.

# Japan plans to allow L4 self-driving cars to go on the road next year.

On October 28th, the Japanese National Police Agency said that the new amendment to the Road Traffic Law was scheduled to be implemented on April 1st, 2023, and the bill included the "Level 4" operating permit system for fully automated driving under certain conditions. However, the new bill will be consulted by the public before the end of November, and then the content and implementation time will be formally determined.

Comments:Countries are also stepping up efforts to promote the landing of L4-class autonomous driving technology.

7 Explore the cutting-edge technology

# Subaru will launch a new technology that can still drive automatically when the network is disconnected.

On October 24 th, Subaru will develop the technology of self-driving cars to continue driving when communication is interrupted in 2025. Through the system of predicting the forward position of vehicles, the speed and direction can also be controlled when communication is interrupted. If this technology can collect the position information of many vehicles, including other car companies, it can further improve the accuracy.

Comments:The continuous optimization of details makes autonomous driving safer.

# Xiaomi Auto Patent can intelligently change lanes to prevent rear-end collision.

On October 25th, Xiaomi Automobile Technology Co., Ltd. announced the patent of "vehicle control method, device, vehicle and readable storage medium". The disclose method comprises that follow steps: detecting that the preceding vehicle is stationary, determine whether the preceding vehicle is a stop-following target, if so, the following vehicle needs to stop with it, if not, determining whether the own vehicle meets the lane change condition, and controlling to execute lane change operation when the condition is met; It can intelligently identify the temporarily parked vehicles in front and realize intelligent avoidance.

Comments:The problem of collision with the vehicle in front caused by the driver’s untimely response is avoided, the safety of the vehicle and the driver is improved, and the road traffic efficiency is also improved.

# Huawei patent can control driving state according to brainwaves.

On October 28th, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. applied for the patent of "Man-vehicle interaction method and automatic driving system for self-driving vehicles". The method comprises the following steps: acquiring brain wave signals of drivers; According to the driver’s brain wave signal, determine the driver’s brain wave activity state; According to the brain wave activity state of the driver, the driving state of the self-driving vehicle is controlled, and the driving state includes at least one of a manual driving state and an auxiliary automatic driving state.

Comments:A new method of human-vehicle interaction for autonomous vehicles improves the user experience of autonomous driving system.

The rapid development of artificial intelligence opens up new employment space

CCTV News:At the Nishan Dialogue Conference on Digital Civilization, the participating experts also discussed the new employment space brought by the development of artificial intelligence. Experts said that with the growing industrial ecology with artificial intelligence as the core, it has injected new impetus into China’s economic development, and at the same time, a large number of new career needs have emerged, opening up new employment space for more young people.

AI pinch face algorithm engineer Wu Jiayang:This is our intelligent face kneading interface, and we can support face kneading through image input and text input.

His name is Wu Jiayang, and his occupation is AI face-kneading algorithm engineer. With the rise of new formats such as Metauniverse and online games in recent years, a professional "face-kneading teacher" has been born, which is to help users create online virtual images with personal characteristics.

AI pinch face algorithm engineer Wu Jiayang:Many players actually want to have a virtual image that is highly similar to themselves in the game or meta-universe, so we can generate a character that is very similar to ourselves by uploading our own photos here. It can make every user feel very immersed in the game, as if he is also there.

In the latest list of new occupations published by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, virtual architects are also impressively listed. At present, this latest occupation is no longer limited to the field of meta-universe and online games, and its service field has been expanded and extended.

Virtual Architect Zou Yi:Virtual space is still widely used now.ofFor example, enterprises, they will need to build their own 3D enterprise space, and then there will be some exhibition conferences. In the case of cultural tourism, such as museums, these scenic spots offline will also have a virtual space online, so the scope of application is very wide.

It is understood that with the development of artificial intelligence technology, some new occupations with relatively low professional threshold are constantly being born, such as data annotators and artificial intelligence trainers, which have now become popular occupations.

What is the significance of allowing foreign investors to set up entertainment venues in China according to law?

  Recently, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism issued the Notice on Adjusting the Examination and Approval of Entertainment Places and Internet Service Business Places.

  According to the Notice, according to the Decision of the State Council on Amending and Abolishing Some Administrative Regulations,Foreign investors are allowed to set up entertainment venues in China according to law, and restrictions on the proportion of foreign investment are abolished.Foreign investors applying to engage in business activities of entertainment places shall apply to the provincial administrative department of culture and tourism, and the application materials, establishment conditions and procedures are consistent with those of domestic capital.

  In addition, according to Article 58 of the Law of People’s Republic of China (PRC) on the Protection of Minors,Schools and kindergartens shall not set up entertainment places or business places for Internet service. The distance and measurement method between kindergartens and entertainment places and Internet service business places shall be specified by the provincial administrative department of culture and tourism in combination with the actual situation.

  Before the implementation of the Law on the Protection of Minors in People’s Republic of China (PRC), entertainment places and Internet service places have been set up around kindergartens. When the examination and approval authorities handle the renewal or change of business licenses, they should strictly follow the relevant laws and regulations, and earnestly implement the legal requirements that entertainment places and Internet service places should not be set up around kindergartens.

  Expert interpretation

  Yong Yang, a researcher at the Institute of Intellectual Property Law and Policy, East China University of Political Science and Law:The country has also further reformed and opened up to the outside world, giving enterprises more independent rights.At the same time, it is also considered that creating a better business environment and giving foreign investors a national investment treatment will still play a role in promoting and promoting the entire entertainment market. Through the opening up of foreign capital, the market activity will be further improved, which will enrich the spiritual and cultural life of ordinary people and bring a good impetus and prosperity.

  In the adjustment that entertainment places and Internet service business places are not allowed around schools and kindergartens, the Notice points out that the distance and measurement method between schools, kindergartens and business places shall be made by the provincial cultural and tourism administrative departments in light of the actual situation. Researcher Yong Yang also gave a related explanation.

  Researcher, Institute of Intellectual Property Law and Policy, East China University of Political Science and Law, ShanghaiYong Yang:Every city has a different volume, including Xuhui District in Shanghai, where there are 99 schools in more than 50 square kilometers. I think the interpretation of "periphery" should be given to the local cultural and tourism bureau according to the actual situation, which should not only ensure the prosperity of the market, but also maintain the legitimate rights and interests of the original enterprises, and at the same time effectively protect the rights and interests related to minors. (CCTV reporter Zhao Jizhe Shi Yilong)

More than 7.6 million vehicles are rare! The largest recall of your car in domestic automobile history may also be included.

  CCTV News:In September, several major auto companies, such as Volkswagen and General Motors, successively announced the recall of some products.Within half a month, the total number of cars recalled by several major car companies reached more than 7.6 million, which is considered to be the largest number of car recalls in a short period of time.

  On September 14, AQSIQ announced that Volkswagen includesImported Volkswagen, FAW-Volkswagen, SAIC Volkswagen recall partImported Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, SkodaBrand and domestic Volkswagen and Audi brands, totaling more than 4.86 million vehicles.

  On September 15, GM included imports.Saab and OpelBrand, as well as domesticChevrolet and BuickBrand, announced a total recall of nearly 2.53 million cars.

  On September 25th, Guangqi Honda recalled some domestic products.Accord, Fit, FengfanWaiting for cars, totaling more than 245,000.

  The airbags produced by Takada Corporation of Japan are unsafe.

  It is understood that such a huge number of recalls point to a Japanese supplier — — Takada company, because the airbag it is equipped with for the automobile factory is not safe.

  It is understood that the reasons for the recall of Volkswagen, GM and Guangqi Honda include: the front airbag of the driver’s seat or the co-driver’s seat of some vehicles is equipped with an ammonium nitrate gas generator without desiccant produced by Takada Company. When the airbag is deployed, these gas generators may be abnormally damaged, causing debris to fly out, hurting people in the car, which poses a safety hazard. Several major car companies have said that they will replace airbags for vehicles within the recall range free of charge to eliminate potential safety hazards.

  Changan Ford, BMW Brilliance and many other car companies have previously announced the recall of some vehicles. The Takada airbag incident was in China.It involves more than 30 vehicle companies, involving about 20 million vehicles..

  Expert: the problem airbag is like a "throat cutter"

  Problem airbags have potential safety hazards, which may hurt people inside the car. What is going on? The authoritative third-party automobile safety inspection agency in China — — The chief expert of China Automotive Technology Research Center made an interpretation.

  In the test, the broken metal is ejected from the inferior airbag, just like a throat cutter, which directly stabs the dummy’s face and neck. The expert brought an airbag installed at the steering wheel to demonstrate on the spot: "The airbag is folded in the steering wheel. When the vehicle collides, the ignition device quickly ignites the combustion improver in the gas generator, and the energy released by the combustion improver quickly passes through the dense exhaust holes on the gas generator, so that the airbag expands and expands immediately."

  Experts pointed out that the gas generator of Takada airbag is filled with unstable ammonium nitrate combustion improver. Under the condition of high temperature and high humidity, the medium of ammonium nitrate has changed from flake to powder. Therefore, in the process of explosion, a larger explosion equivalent is produced, which causes the shell of the gas generator to rupture.

  Experts pointed out that when a vehicle collides, the airbag must be filled and deployed quickly in a short time, and its deployment speed is about 300 kilometers per hour. With such a fast speed, we must strictly ensure the safety of personnel.

  First, the airbag must be matched with the seat belt.

  Second, it is forbidden to put some ornaments, perfume bottles and so on in the area where the airbag is deployed.

  The airbags produced by Takada Corporation of Japan have caused many casualties around the world. Takada Corporation paid huge fines and compensation for this, and the company also filed for bankruptcy protection in June this year.

  Since 2008, after the first fatal accident occurred in airbags produced by Takada Company of Japan, by the end of February 2017, nearly 200 people had been killed or injured.

  In 2014, Takada Airbag began to launch a global large-scale recall.

  In January, 2017, Takada admitted that the hidden airbag would be fatal for 15 years, and agreed to pay a fine of $25 million, plus $125 million in compensation for the victims’ families and $850 million to pay the recall cost of the automobile manufacturer.

  As of May 2017, 19 automobile manufacturers, including Honda, Toyota, Nissan, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Tesla, have recalled up to 120 million vehicles in the global market due to safety hazards of Takada airbags.

  In June 2017, Takada filed for bankruptcy protection.

  Expert: more attention should be paid to safety in parts concentration.

  China Automobile Industry Association pointed out that globalization has accelerated the monopoly trend of large-scale parts enterprises, which has both advantages and disadvantages. Large-scale parts enterprises will strengthen research and development, and drive or assist vehicle enterprises to promote technological progress. The disadvantage is that once the parts are too concentrated and there is a safety problem, it will have an impact on the global automobile industry.

[China Today] Marathon is not easy. What are the hidden worries behind the "war of words"

— — Issue 30 & mdash; —

On November 18th, He Yinli of China missed the championship in the Suzhou Marathon.

Because netizens questioned the setting of competition links, it triggered a network "war of words".

Why use it"You"?

Because in recent years, the marathon "war of words" has happened every year!

What are the "war of words" triggered by these marathons that you still remember?

Marathon was originally a place name in Greece. Because of a war, it has become a very popular long-distance running event in the modern world. Let’s take a look at the marathon that was played "bad" in those years.

Event: A marathon paralyzed a city.

Time: 2015 Location: Haikou City

The 2015 Haikou R&F Marathon attracted more than 7,000 participants (photo by Huang Yibing)

The 2015 R&F Haikou Marathon was held in Wanlv Park, Haikou City from 8: 00 to 14: 00 on Sunday, January 11th.

The race was not over yet. At about 12 o’clock that day, a report on Hainan Daily’s official WeChat "Haikou Today, A Marathon Paralyzes a City" pushed the marathon to the forefront.

The article quoted various "fancy spits" of Haikou citizens, which were reprinted by People’s Daily and China Youth Daily.

Can an enterprise buy a city’s transportation if it has money?

The question thrown by the article aroused great enthusiasm of netizens, and there was a wide-ranging debate on whether the city needed to hold a marathon and whether the citizens needed a marathon.

According to Xinhua News Agency, the Haikou Municipal Government finally admitted that there was a shortage of work, and the incident gradually subsided.

The reporter found that 2015 is not simple, and it can be called the "first year" of China Marathon.

Because in this year, the marathon officially began to be commercialized: since 2015, the Chinese Athletics Association has completely cancelled the approval of marathon events in accordance with the requirements of decentralization.

According to the statistics of China Athletics Association, in 2010, there were 13 marathon events registered nationwide, and in 2015, it reached 134.

On October 18, 2015, on this day alone, 27 marathon road races were held simultaneously in the country.

This year, the marathon has covered four municipalities directly under the central government and 79 cities in 23 provinces and autonomous regions. For the first time, the total number of people participating in the event exceeded one million, reaching 1.5 million.

Event: Sudden death of "substitute runner"

Time: 2016 Location: Xiamen

18,000 contestants from 28 countries and regions participated in the competition. (Image from Xiamen Net)

At 8: 00 am on December 10, 2016, the 2016 Xiamen (Haicang) International Half Marathon started.

A scene that shocked the audience appeared near the finish line: two players fell to the ground nearby and died after being rescued.

Four days later, netizens were shocked again: one of the victims was "resurrected"!

Because the organizing Committee issued a notice saying that one of the contestants who died suddenly was a "runner". On the same day, Wu Ming, the head of the office of the Organizing Committee of Xiamen International Marathon, announced in an interview with the media that there were still 30 contestants cheating, 28 of whom were "runners".

The sudden death has just triggered netizens’ doubts about the enthusiasm of the whole people for horse racing in that year, but there is a more outrageous scene in the "runner": in the 2016 Shenzhen Marathon, two of the top ten women’s team winners actually had Adam’s apple and were verified as men.

According to statistics, between 2015 and 2017, 14 people died unexpectedly while participating in domestic marathon events, and sudden death near the finish line accounted for 80%.

The physical quality, moral quality, fairness and openness of the participants have aroused the enduring concern of netizens about the marathon: the marathon is not what you want to run, you can run if you want to run!

Event: The organizer owes the bonus.

Time: 2017 Location: Jilin

In October 2017, Jilin Marathon participants Kong Jie and Mou Zhenhua voiced through the media that their bonuses were unpaid for four months.

According to the official website of Jilin Marathon, Kong Jie, a full-time female athlete, was ranked fifth in China at that time, ranking eighth in total; Mou Zhenhua, who was selected by the men in the whole process, was ranked third among domestic players and eighth in total. The results of the competition are true and effective.

In fact, the arrears of marathon runners’ bonuses have long existed.

The 2015 Linyi Marathon caused social concern due to the arrears of bonuses for African athletes. It was not until April 30, 2016 that all of them were distributed, and the half-year-old Linyi Marathon "unpaid wages" storm came to an end.

(Network screenshot)

At the 2017 China Marathon Annual Meeting, documents such as "2017 China Marathon Annual Work Report" and "2017 China Marathon Big Data Analysis Report" issued by China Athletics Association showed that:

China hosted 1102 events in 2017.

The number of marathons increased to 4.98 million, and the number of marathons per 10,000 people was 4.27.

The marathon covers 234 cities in 31 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, including Tibet, with an industrial scale of 70 billion.

With the intervention of relevant departments in Jiangsu Province, the controversy caused by the Suzhou Marathon in 2018 gradually cooled down.

Overseas network published a commentator’s article saying that the marathon with tens of thousands of people participating at every turn is not just a long-distance running, it is the "touchstone" of the city’s comprehensive governance capacity. For the China Marathon, which has just started, it is especially necessary for practitioners and event organizers to take care of its growth with professional management and operation.

So, what kind of image will the marathon appear in the public eye next time?

(Wen He Chuan)

Beijing will accelerate a number of landmark projects such as integrated circuits, new energy vehicles and bio-manufacturing.

CCTV News:On March 19th, the State Council Office held a press conference on "Strive to create a new situation of high-quality development based on the strategic positioning of the capital city". At the meeting, Yin Yong, deputy secretary of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee and mayor, said that efforts would be made to strengthen the construction of an international science and technology innovation center and give full play to Beijing’s advantages in developing new quality productivity. We will co-ordinate the resources of educational science and technology talents, cultivate and strengthen all kinds of scientific and technological forces, continue to implement the leading action of basic research and the plan of tackling key core technologies in depth, and lay out the new track of the future industry in a forward-looking way; Leading the construction of a modern industrial system with scientific and technological innovation, accelerating a number of landmark projects such as integrated circuits, new energy vehicles and bio-manufacturing, consolidating and expanding the leading edge of industries such as artificial intelligence and high-level autonomous driving, and striving to build a benchmark city for the global digital economy; Accelerate the improvement of the innovation ecosystem, launch a new Zhongguancun pilot reform policy, solidly promote the construction of the world’s leading science and technology parks, and gather momentum for Beijing’s high-quality development.

Run, China! National fitness is on the road

  Create a "15-minute fitness circle" around the people and promote the free or low-cost opening of public sports facilities … … Not long ago, the Healthy China Action (2019— "2030)" has put forward a series of bright and hard indicators for the national fitness action, and has become a "construction drawing" for promoting the construction of a healthy China.

  On the occasion of "National Fitness Day" on August 8, this heavy action plan provides guidance and suggestions for people’s scientific fitness. From the guidance of government planning to the extensive participation of the whole people, the diversified fitness craze has risen everywhere, and the enthusiasm and creativity of hundreds of millions of people are pushing the health concept from "treating diseases as the center" to "people’s health as the center".

  Let "where to keep fit" become "keep fit around"

  "Where is the fitness going?" It used to be a problem for many people.

  Ma Mingyu, a citizen of Changchun, Jilin Province, is an aerobics enthusiast. However, the Yitong River, which is covered with black water and overgrown with weeds, has kept him away from the gym for a long time.

  In recent years, after water treatment and the construction of leisure fitness venues, riverside parks have sprung up and fitness trails along the river have gradually spread. Every evening, many citizens walk briskly along the Yitong River trail. The river is cool, the breeze is blowing gently, and the willow branches are swaying, which makes people feel carefree.

  "Thanks to the government for creating ‘ 15-minute fitness circle ’ We can exercise in the scenery now when we leave home. " Ma Mingyu said.

  The rise of national fitness is inseparable from the popularity of the "15-minute fitness circle".

  In the Healthy China Action Document, a set of data clearly describes the goal of a healthy China — — By 2022 and 2030, the opening rate of school sports venues and facilities will exceed 70% and 90%; The per capita sports ground area is 1.9 square meters and above and 2.3 square meters and above respectively.

  Nowadays, "fitness is around" has become a hot word in the circle of friends. "People’s awareness of fitness has increased, from the past ‘ Want me to practice ’ Up to now ‘ I want to practice ’ People’s physical health has generally improved, and the national fitness facilities and morning and evening training sites all over urban and rural areas, as well as the surging fitness boom everywhere, have become a beautiful landscape. " Zhang Ruilin, director of Jilin Provincial Sports Bureau, said.

  Exercise prescription makes health data "beautiful"

  Knocking on the keyboard with your shoulders, crossing your legs to see the materials, hunching over and eating takeout, unconsciously changed the cubicle office workers; Brush Tik Tok, play "mobile games" and see friends circle. Electronic products have made many people "low-headed".

  The data of the survey results of national fitness activities are not very good-looking: the proportion of urban and rural residents who regularly participate in physical exercise in China is 33.9%, of which the regular exercise rate of residents aged 20 to 69 is only 14.7%, and the regular exercise rate of adults is at a low level. Lack of physical activity has become an important reason for the occurrence of various chronic diseases.

  At present, although there are more and more "fitness coffee" dressed in short clothes, the damage caused by improper exercise is quietly eroding people’s fitness enthusiasm.

  Health China Action Document points out that individuals should master sports skills and exercise scientifically to avoid sports risks.

  Zheng Jiang, director of the Sports Medicine Clinic of the Red Cross Hospital in Xi ‘an, Shaanxi Province, said that the key to upgrading the concept of "to exercise" is to improve the public’s scientific exercise literacy, establish the concept of "exercise is a good doctor", and formulate individualized exercise prescriptions according to different ages, lifestyles and exercise abilities. By guiding people to exercise scientifically and reasonably and appropriately, we can bridge the key bridge between fitness and health.

  How to make people’s health data "beautiful"? Zheng Jiang suggested that in order to promote the formation of a "combination of sports and medicine" disease management and health service model, we should first strengthen the establishment of sports medical professional institutions and establish a number of sports prescription clinics through existing medical resources. Train sports medical professionals, improve their ability to evaluate sports risk and sports ability, and formulate individualized sports prescriptions.

  It is understood that the State Sports General Administration, the Chinese Sports Science Society and Beijing Sport University have done a lot of work in the construction and promotion of sports prescriptions. According to Wang Zhengzhen, a professor at Beijing Sport University, there have been 12 sessions of training for sports prescribers, and good results have been achieved.

  Billions of new fitness kinetic energy release more health dividends.

  Yoga, dance, boxing, barbell … … With the change of health concept and the upgrading of fitness consumption, the fitness market is developing rapidly, and "internet plus Fitness" is becoming more and more popular. What are the new "ways to play" and what shortcomings need to be made up for the national fitness that runs towards a better life?

  Focusing on the goals to be achieved by 2022 and 2030 proposed by the Healthy China Action, Wang Zhengzhen pointed out that the Healthy China Action defined the roles and main targets to be achieved by the government, society, families and individuals respectively, which not only clarified the responsibilities and division of labor, but also helped to form a "combination boxing".

  — — Personally, the Healthy China Initiative proposes to encourage moderate-intensity exercise for more than 30 minutes three times a week, or to accumulate 150 minutes of moderate-intensity or 75 minutes of high-intensity physical activity. Try to move as much as possible in your daily life, and achieve 6000 to 10000 steps of physical activity every day.

  — — Socially, the Healthy China Action proposes that fitness organizations around the masses should be established and improved, sports associations should achieve full coverage in cities, counties and townships, and individual sports associations should be extended to the masses, so that people who want to exercise can join the sports organizations.

  — — At the government level, the Healthy China Action proposes to promote the construction of basic public sports service system, coordinate the construction of national fitness venues and facilities, and build a number of national fitness venues and facilities such as sports parks and community fitness centers.

  Promote national fitness into families and encourage the development of national fitness volunteer service … … Lang Wei, director of the Group Department of the State Sports General Administration, said that the Healthy China Action hopes to make the people "move" towards health and exercise, so that hundreds of millions of people can work and live better and in the sunshine, and constantly release the new kinetic energy of healthy China. According to Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, August 7 th

In the spring, thousands of new outdoor appliances such as Tmall outdoor mahjong machine and mini ice shaver were launched.

On March 14th, China Household Appliances and Consumer Electronics Expo (AWE 2024), one of the world’s three largest consumer electronics exhibitions, opened in Shanghai. More than 1,000 exhibits, such as the world’s first foldable TV, smart locks that can be opened with the wave of your hand, and entertainment smart beds, were launched simultaneously through Tmall and put on sale.

At present, Tmall has launched the "AWE", which is a collection of Hisense’s world’s first foldable laser tv, TopSleep zero-gravity entertainment intelligent bed, Kaidishi’s smart lock that can be opened with a wave of his hand, Honeywell air purifier that specializes in sucking pet floating hair, vertical hair dryer that can blow his head while lying down, and many other new scientific and technological products. Consumers can search for "discovering the new world by visiting the door" in Taobao APP, and they can also watch the exhibition live.

At the AWE exhibition site, Tmall held a "Super AWE Launch Night", held a new product launch conference in conjunction with brands such as Haier, Siemens, Linnei, Tim Ke, Vantage, Samsung and Hisense, and launched heavy new products such as casarte embedded ultra-thin refrigerator, Siemens Zhijing Rubik’s Cube dishwasher, Samsung AI Art TV, Tim Ke high-temperature quick dry cleaner and so on.

With the coming of spring, many consumers put outdoor camping and hiking on the agenda, and outdoor appliances have also become a hot new product launched by Tmall recently. "WDP Flagship Store" released an outdoor mini automatic door in mahjong machine, which can last for 6 hours and can be used as a dining table. "MOKUSAN Flagship Store" released a mini ice planer, and consumers can have a smoothie juice outdoors. Xiaomi released a folding electric kettle, which is only the size of a palm after folding.

In addition to the first single product, more and more brands began to change from selling single products to selling "scenes" in Tmall. Three-winged Bird, a scene brand owned by Haier, provides integrated home appliance and home service in its Tmall flagship store, and customizes all-space solutions such as living room, balcony and kitchen for consumers, providing all kinds of products ranging from home appliances to doors, walls and cabinets, so as to create a home space with stronger aesthetic perception, higher utilization efficiency and intelligence.

At present, Tmall has become the first platform for the launch of cool and new technology products. In March of this year, there were tens of millions of new products and equipment for enjoying flowers, cycling and camping, and spreading happiness in Shan Ye on Tmall.

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