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In winter, let’s gradually mature.

Original title: Winter, let us slowly mature.

In winter, let’s gradually mature.

Author: Qingxi

When I said goodbye to autumn, I held a cup of warm tea in my hand, counting the little rays of sunlight leaking from the leaves … When I was leaving in winter, I gave my thoughts to the snow, hoping that the swirling snowflakes would cover the whole autumn world … In this way, autumn became a story and winter became a landscape.

"Cold" is a key word that cannot be avoided in winter. Perhaps, the meaning of cold is to remind us of some warm things! ——

When I was a child, in winter, I could see roasted sweet potatoes everywhere in the streets. An iron barrel with charcoal burning inside, and hot sweet potatoes roasting on the top of the iron barrel, the street is full of sweet smell … At that time, I always liked to buy a sweet potato that was neither too big nor too small to hold in my hand. Hands, warm; When eaten in the mouth, it is fragrant and sweet; Heart, warm …

When I was a child, popcorn was not like popping a bunch of popcorn at once in front of kindergartens and cinemas. Instead, I needed to find the popcorn with corn kernels and saccharin myself-put the corn and saccharin in a magical container, and then turn around and turn around. When the pressure arrives, the popcorn man will shout, "Open the pot!" " Then, boom, a big pot of popcorn comes out. Although I get a fright every time, I also enjoy it …

Ice window grilles have carried my childhood longings and dreams-there is enlightenment, which often inspires the truth of life and the light of loving nature; There is inspiration, short-lived dreamlike reverie and short-lived dream realization, which edifies my sentiment of fearing nature; ….. The life of ice window grilles is only so short from dawn to sunrise, but it leaves a beautiful picture on earth. It dedicates a colorful and perfect painting world with monotonous colors; It’s a world painted with a crystal thin posture, which is worth my time-consuming standing stupidly …

Although there will be cold wind, freezing rain and snow in winter, as long as there is love in my heart, my heart will not be cold. Life is not easy, you should know how to please yourself and look for some fun with your heart; Heaven and earth are dead, as long as you calm down, there are many touches in ordinary winter-

Look at the tassels of reeds. The white catkins are glittering and translucent by the sunshine of one meter, and they are lingering. The heads of the reeds that have been completely yellow are covered with clusters of silver-gray reeds. Time has brought the life of every reed to the final limit, showing a soft shape ―― fluffy, fluffy, as light as cicada’s wings, fluttering with the wind … After this winter, the reed will be reborn! The recurring laws of nature make us feel the time and life in loneliness and bleakness.

In the bleak, clusters of honeysuckle fruits hanging on the branches are very eye-catching. Honeysuckle, what a strong and poetic name. In winter, it has lost its pink and tender flowers and changed into a more red and colder posture, telling the beauty of life. Winter is irresistible, but if you can "endure", you will have glory and hope.

The sky is quiet and distant, the ground is cold and empty, and there will be pieces of residual leaves falling with the wind on the bare trees. Among the branches of the tree, there are bird’s nests quietly facing the wind. They are held high by the tree, just like a overlooking eye. Their eyes are full of loneliness and coldness, as well as the hope for spring …

Winter is a black-and-white sketch. The lines are simple, but they contain profound meaning of life. Winter is like an elegant classical music, quietly telling; Winter is like a little sunshine on the lake, and it is like a note hanging on the branches. In the quiet flow, the silence and purity of the bottom of my heart are precipitated …

Yes, the feeling that winter gives people always has different connotations because of different moods and different things. When the cold and bleak winter is always beautiful, and our soft hearts are finely covered with warm colors, we will also open all our moods outside our dreams …

The power of winter is everywhere, especially winter, which fills the shortcomings of the three seasons of life and keeps the four seasons charming forever! Silent in winter, like a philosopher. In winter, let’s gradually mature.

Brief introduction of the author

Tian Xiangru, pen name,clear stream, member of Tianjin Writers Association.

In my spare time, I write some words and leave every bit of my daily life in the memory space. I don’t want to ask for anything, I just want to fly my mood in the free sky … I like dancing with my fingertips, recording the joys and sorrows in my life, feeling my life with my heart, talking with my soul, and letting the space convey my true feelings and thoughts …

primary work

Editor in charge:

Zhu Huarong is extremely concerned about the research and development of the automobile industry chain and customer service.

It is quite surprising that Zhu Huarong is the chairman of a listed company with more than 70,000 employees and nearly 20 million car owners.
Of course, if you know that Zhu Huarong is still a big car V with 590,000 fans, and his personal social platform can be called another service hotline of Changan Automobile, everything will be answered.
As the most influential and energetic "Big V" in China’s automobile industry, Zhu Huarong receives a large number of messages from Changan automobile users every day. With this platform, Changan automobile owners can communicate directly with the top management of the enterprise.
This car company with a technical background is at the helm, and he is extremely concerned about both ends of the automobile industry chain (R&D and customer service).
He is an "old Chang ‘an" rooted in Chongqing. From the 1980s, Zhu Huarong served as the first director of the automobile development room of Jiangling Machinery Factory, and later served as the technical director of Changan Automobile, the chief engineer of the automobile factory, the president of the automobile engineering research institute, and then the president and chairman of Changan Automobile. He was one of the important founders of Changan’s R&D system and a witness and promoter of autonomous passenger cars from scratch.
In 2003, Changan started its second venture to enter the passenger car market, and it took ten years to become the brand leader of China automobile.
At that time, Chang ‘an executives had been keenly aware that under the impact of global electrification, the automobile industry might undergo subversive changes. The traditional model will no longer be effective, and the ecosystem around electric vehicles and smart interconnection will become a new course.
In October 2017, Zhu Huarong, then president of Changan Automobile, delivered a speech with the theme of "Deepening Reform, Starting a Third Business" at the fourth quarter meeting of middle-level cadres of Changan Automobile, which initiated the comprehensive reform and adjustment of Changan Automobile and began to transform from a traditional automobile manufacturing enterprise to an intelligent travel technology company.
After three years of pain and transition, Chang ‘an’s innovation and entrepreneurship gradually landed and got feedback.
In 2023, the sales volume of Changan Automobile Group exceeded 2.553 million vehicles, including the rapid expansion of new energy and overseas markets, the continuous doubling of new energy in three years, with a year-on-year increase of 69.2%, and the sales volume of overseas markets reached 358,000 vehicles, with a year-on-year increase of 43.9%. In terms of revenue, in 2023, the company achieved an operating income of 242.45 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 12.8%, and a year-on-year increase of 369.6% in cash flow. The company’s overall operating net cash flow reached a record high.
At the same time, Changan Automobile has established the development goal of the enterprise in 2024: in 2024, the sales volume of the group was 2.8 million vehicles, up by 9.7% year-on-year. Its main brands include 1.25 million vehicles of Changan Gravitation, 250,000 vehicles of Changan Qiyuan, 280,000 vehicles of Deep Blue, 90,000 vehicles of Aouita and 230,000 vehicles of Changan Kaicheng. The new energy sales target is 750,000 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 55.9%; The overseas market sold 480,000 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 33.2%.
By 2025, the Group will sell 3.5-4 million vehicles, including 2.8-3 million vehicles in the independent sector, 1.2 million vehicles in new energy and 700,000 vehicles overseas. By 2030, the company’s total sales will exceed 5 million vehicles, including 4 million vehicles sold by independent sectors, 3 million to 3.5 million vehicles sold by new energy sources and 1.2 million vehicles sold overseas. Changan Automobile will become a world-class automobile enterprise.
At present, China’s new energy automobile industry is in a period of rapid development. According to the data released by China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, China’s new energy vehicles maintained the development momentum of both production and sales. In 2023, both production and sales exceeded 9 million vehicles, ranking first in the world for nine consecutive years.
Zhu Huarong, Changan Automobile, said that Changan Automobile is facing many challenges, the price war is getting fiercer and the market environment is more complicated. Zhu Huarong not only improves its product technology, but also pays great attention to both ends of the automobile industry chain (R&D and customer service).
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Song Zude said that she was cheated by a sauna woman and woke up naked.

Song Zude blog

MISS ZHOU lived with Song Zude for five years and had a son.

Song Zude’s "father and son" photo provided by Zhou.

A photo of Song Zude and MISS ZHOU.

    On September 8th, New Express reported that it was accused of "abandoning his wife and children" to set up a scam to get back a property worth one million yuan. Yesterday, Song Zude published the article "I was cheated of a house worth 2.5 million yuan by a sauna girl" on his blog, as a response to the newspaper’s report on "Song Zude sued his cohabiting girlfriend for real estate" the day before yesterday. Song Zude insisted in his blog that the house was sold to MISS ZHOU at a low price, but MISS ZHOU kept on not paying back the money, and the children were MISS ZHOU’s chips to gain his sympathy.

    I was cheated out of a house worth 2.5 million by a sauna girl.

    Sauna room two people naked.

    One day at the end of 2002, Zude was tired for a day, and went to a sauna to relax in the evening. The woman surnamed Zhou gave me a massage in Guanjia Village, Wangcheng County, Hunan Province. As soon as she met me, she sweetly called my boss and asked me what service I needed. I said that a regular acupoint massage would do. ….. Zude was tired for a day, so he was too lazy to answer her and closed his eyes. He fell asleep after pressing it for about ten minutes. When Zude woke up, she was naked, and she was naked. I asked her what was going on, but she didn’t answer my question. She sat beside me and cried silently, wiping her tears with a paper towel and said to Zude, "Boss, I know you look down on our sauna woman.

    Zude, after all, is a poet. How can he bear to make a woman cry in front of Zude? Zude is also a poor child from the countryside. Although he is now a small boss, his grassroots feelings have never changed. Zude didn’t know how to comfort her, so he asked her to write me a mobile phone number. Unexpectedly, she cried again: "Boss, how can I afford a mobile phone? I will send all the money I earned home, or you can buy one for me. You can call me next time."

    Make excuses to borrow money from him many times

    About three months later, she called me and told me that she had changed to another sauna, asking me to clock her clock once anyway. Zude came back from a business trip in other provinces one day. She was so tired that she couldn’t stand Zhou’s constant pestering. Zude went there once. Unexpectedly, this time she cried even harder and her eyes were swollen. This time, she actually told Zude that she was pregnant and insisted that she was pregnant with Zude’s child.

    "I don’t want to do it here. You can lend me some money to open a beauty salon. I have your children, so help me!" MISS ZHOU said to the ground without looking up, Zude felt that she was lying, and she didn’t dare to look me in the eye. Considering that her sister-in-law needed money to study, Zude lent her hundreds of dollars and told her to turn over a new leaf and open a beauty salon. In March 2003, she called Zude again to make an appointment and said that the beauty salon had closed down. After that, she said that her father was seriously ill and urgently needed a sum of money for surgery, and asked me to lend her 200,000 yuan. Zude knew that she was lying, but she remitted 200,000 yuan to MISS ZHOU on March 17, 2003.

    Zhou cheated the property and didn’t give money.

    Half a year passed quickly, and on September 10, 2003, she called me again and said that she was in the hospital. Unexpectedly, this time she actually gave birth to a child, saying that I was the father of the child. On September 26, 2003, she called me again and said that she and her children had no place to live and asked me to sell her a house. I didn’t expect her to cheat me again. On the same day, I signed a sales contract with her in the real estate trading center, stipulating that she must give me the house payment after the household registration. For several years, I have been chasing after her, but she has been cheating.

    -Excerpt from blog (abridged)

    Ask the reporter to investigate the identity of MISS ZHOU

    The reporter interviewed Song Zude by telephone about the article on Song Zude’s blog. He said firmly on the phone: "The content on my blog is completely true!" According to him, MISS ZHOU’s first job was as a massage girl in the sauna of a hotel in Tianhe, not as the head of the foot massage department of Sanyu Hotel. Song Zude also carefully recalled the process of being cheated: at the end of 2002, he did a massage in the hotel sauna to relax and asked for regular acupoint massage. Later, I fell asleep because I was too tired. When I woke up, I found myself and MISS ZHOU both naked. A few months later, Zhou came to see him and said that he was pregnant with his child. Since then, MISS ZHOU often asked him for money on the grounds that his family was seriously ill and his family had an accident. Once she said that her father was seriously ill, she borrowed 200 thousand yuan from him as soon as she opened her mouth. In September 2003, after the baby was born, MISS ZHOU said that she had no place to live, and asked Song Zude to sell a house. She also said that she took a fancy to his house in Zhujiang New Town, saying that as long as Song transferred the house to her, she could buy it with 650,000 yuan. Unexpectedly, the house has been transferred, but the money has been kept.

    Song Zude explained in his blog why he kept in touch with MISS ZHOU. "After all, Zude is a poet, how can he bear to make a woman cry in front of Zude? Zude is also a poor child from the countryside. Although he is now a small boss, his grassroots feelings have never changed. Zude doesn’t know how to comfort her, so he asked her to write me a mobile phone number."

    Song Zude asked reporters to investigate Zhou’s true identity. However, when the reporter asked him to provide clues, Song Zude said that he did not want the media to intervene now, and "let the court judge who is right and wrong". Song Zude also claimed that the name of the hotel where MISS ZHOU used to work had been changed, and the owner of the sauna center might have changed. It is estimated that no one knows Zhou. "But I said in good conscience that she was a massage girl in a sauna, that is, she was engaged in pornography."

    Call Zhou Wei a malicious hype in the entertainment circle

    During the interview, Song Zude always stressed to reporters that MISS ZHOU took the opportunity to speculate, and said that Zhou "has never given up the idea of wanting to enter the entertainment circle in recent years". Song Zude also said that every time he made a movie, MISS ZHOU would call and ask for a role, but he refused. "Her image temperament is so poor, she has never studied acting, and her culture is low. How can she act in a movie?"

    As for the intimate photo of the two people traveling in Lijiang River, Song Zude explained that it was MISS ZHOU throwing herself at him. "You look carefully, she put her hand on my shoulder, I have a ride with her? This is her initiative to cater to me. According to the truth, if what she said is’ first love’, it should be a man who puts his hand on a woman. "

    It’s kind to give alimony every month?

    For the children born in MISS ZHOU, Song Zude firmly denied that they were his own flesh and blood. Regarding MISS ZHOU’s previous statement that paternity testing can be done, Song Zude responded that he didn’t want to be hyped all week, but also said that he would do it when necessary. When asked by a reporter, "Since it’s not your child, why do you pay back 3,000 yuan in alimony every month?" Song Zude indicated that it was his "kindness" because he saw that Zhou had no normal and stable income.

    In Song Zude’s eyes, MISS ZHOU is "a man who is crazy for money". According to Song Zude, Zhou once called one of his girlfriends and said that he wanted to sell the child to her for 800,000 yuan. Song Zude said that the house in Zhujiang New Town has now risen to 22,000 yuan per square meter, and the market price of the house is about 2.8 million yuan. "She tried to sell the house several times and leave, but fortunately the nearby intermediary tipped me off."

    According to Song Zude, what made him most angry was not MISS ZHOU’s behavior, but Zhou Jing often left a message on his Tencent blog, calling it his girlfriend, and asked "German fans" to look at photos on her blog.

    Woman’s response

    "Song Zude’s statement is false."

    The reporter interviewed the party MISS ZHOU about Song Zude’s response. After learning what Song Zude said, she was so angry that she couldn’t speak for a long time. After calming down, MISS ZHOU said that Song Zude’s statement was totally false. She firmly denied that she had ever worked in a hotel as Song Zude said, "My first job in Guangzhou was in Sanyu Hotel". Regarding Song Zude’s statement that the foot massage department only existed in Sanyu Hotel last year, MISS ZHOU also denied it, saying that the foot massage department already existed when she worked in 2002.

    The reporter interviewed the foot massage department of Sanyu Hotel. The front desk staff said that they were not sure when the foot massage department was established, but revealed that the work of the foot massage department had existed since 2004.

    According to MISS ZHOU, she recently applied for legal aid from Tianhe District Bureau of Justice.

    (This article Source: Golden Sheep Network-New Express Author: Gao Li)

Editor: Li Erqing

Meitan County, Zunyi, Guizhou Province: Small Tea Makes Great Achievements

In winter, when you look at the Chashan Mountain in Meitan County, tea gardens are laid out between Shan Ye, and the endless sea of tea is lush, and the tea fragrance is like a paradise.

In Longfeng Village, Xinglong Town, this county, a vast and continuous sea of tea spreads out, with warm mist, lush green and tea fragrance. Where the green waves meet the blue sky, the houses in northern Guizhou are dotted with them, just like a beautiful landscape painting.

Longfeng Village is located in the southeast of Xinglong Town, 12 kilometers away from the county seat. It is understood that before 2002, the per capita disposable income of Longfeng Village was less than that of 1000 yuan, and it was a third-class poverty-stricken village at the provincial level. Through industrial development, new rural construction, poverty alleviation and rural revitalization … In 2023, the per capita disposable income reached 21,900 yuan, and the family car ownership rate reached ninety-seven percent.

What makes the economy of this village develop so fast? The answer is: tea.

Not far away, the drone flew slowly in the air, spraying and protecting the tea trees in Manshan. "Not picking tea in winter is an important opportunity for tea garden management. Today, we arranged three drones to spray pesticides, which is expected to complete the spraying work of 1,000 mu of tea garden. " Du Yuanchao, a technician of Luohuatun Tea Professional Cooperative in Meitan County, said.

Longfeng Village, based on professional cooperatives, implemented unified prevention and control over tea gardens, which played a certain role in ensuring tea quality and further promoted the development of local economy.

"Since the development of the tea industry, the number of migrants in the village has increased. The village has opened a local product store, set up a homestay and set up a company … and swelled the villagers’ money bags." Wu Rongming, secretary of the General Party Branch of Longfeng Village, introduced.

"We are here for a few days. The scenery, farmhouse meals and hot springs here are all attractive to us." Tourist Mr. Zhou said.

By building hot springs, water parks and bonsai gardens, Longfeng Village has continuously improved tourism facilities, carried out research, training, tea experience and other activities, promoted the integration of tea and tourism, and created beautiful countryside with "seeing mountains, water and remembering homesickness".

Up to now, there are 826 residential buildings in northern Guizhou in Longfeng Village, with an area of 7,000 mu of tea gardens, 7.8 mu per household and 2.33 mu per capita, and 28 tea processing plants.

"Many foreign merchants come here to develop because they have taken a fancy to the quality of tea and the good ecological environment. Beautiful Tea Garden Company rented my house of about 800 square meters for the production of agricultural products such as tea and preserved eggs. In addition to the annual rental income of 20,000 yuan, I also have 10% of the company’s daily turnover. " Wu Rongming said that through the development of the tea industry, many merchants are attracted to come and effectively promote the local economic development.

Since 2015, Longfeng Village has introduced 11 enterprises including Qunfeng Tea House and Beautiful Tea Garden, with a total investment of more than 800 million yuan. In Xiong ‘an, Tianjin, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other places, there are operation centers built by enterprises attracting investment from Longfeng Village, which will better promote tea culture, tea brands and tea ecology.

Talking about the future development, Wu Rongming pointed to the tourist reception center under construction, saying that it will continue to promote the development of rural tourism based on the tea industry, form a sustainable and diversified industry, make the countryside more livable and the industry more prosperous, and further promote the income of villagers.(Mou Shaoli, Chen Xinghui)

Shandong Experimental Kindergarten: Celebrating New Year’s Day and Visiting the Garden.

On the occasion of New Year’s Day, Shandong Experimental Kindergarten held a garden activity in 2024, "Longteng brings forth new ideas, and’ Temple’ is unspeakable".
Amid the children’s laughter and songs, the lively and prosperous garden activities are on fire. Turn to "dumplings" to meet love, fish jump in the dragon gate, sprout dragons and break through the customs, as well as fantasy magic show, scented tea DIY… delicious and fun.
With expectation and joy, the children happily visited temple fairs and celebrated the New Year together, feeling the charm of traditional culture and the happiness of growing up in a warm festive atmosphere.
Public news client Zhao Guolu correspondent Sun Yu

After studying more than 10 thousand data, we found these secrets of Beijing nightlife

In summer, there is no shortage of excitement, and there are endless business opportunities behind the excitement. Crayfish, barbecue, drinking beer … There is no shortage of sports events in this midsummer. Before the European Cup, the Olympic Games are in full swing. Sports fans all over the world have ushered in a summer carnival, and watching the games at night has further stimulated the night consumption of the city.
According to the data of a head take-out platform, since the beginning of the European Cup, the national night take-out orders have soared. Taking Beijing as an example, from June 12 to June 30, the order volume of supper increased by nearly 10% compared with the same period in May. Moreover, more than 5,000 businesses have extended their business hours for fans.
From June 12 to 30, barbecue, fried chicken and crayfish became the top three take-away categories in Beijing. Among them, the sales of crayfish increased by nearly 70% compared with the same period in May. At the same time, during the game, the sales of cold beer at night increased sharply, selling about 500 thousand bottles every day.
In addition to take-away consumption, many music restaurants and bars have also made great efforts to launch different types of special drinks for the European Cup and Olympic packages for fans and friends. While eating delicious food, watching the game, brothers drinking together and chatting about the ball game have become the standard posture for many fans to watch the ball.
Japanese steak, beer barbecue, Midnight Food Store … How to eat, how to see is the most interesting? What kind of midnight snack is the most popular in Beijing? Where are the snack bars most distributed? Where are the restaurants and bars with the strongest atmosphere and the highest cost performance?
Today, we will follow the data to explore.
Chaoyang bar number NO ·1
Haidian has the most snacks in the city.
During the European Cup, it is estimated that the owners of all kinds of midnight snacks and bars are more concerned about the events than the fans and friends. After all, a game is a business, the players play well, the fans are in a good mood and their appetite is wide open, and the sales of barbecue beer may be even more popular.
Midnight snack is a product derived from the continuous development of urban population. Nowadays, more and more people follow the "will" of their stomachs in the process of "brushing the night", looking for midnight snack, supplementing energy and relaxing during eating.
Although the data can’t cover all the number of midnight snacks and bars in Beijing, it can still reflect the general trend.
On the whole, both midnight snack and bar are characterized by dense in the east and sparse in the west. There are many business districts in Chaoyang and Dongcheng, and the density of snack and bars is high. However, from the distribution of shops, Haidian has a large number of midnight snack shops, mainly concentrated near Wudaokou.
(▲ Figure/Wudaokou subway station intersection. Intern Qi Jiyuan for the picture)
Haidian, with a large number of colleges and universities and many internet enterprises, has a unique cultural atmosphere and a large and diverse consumer group. Wudaokou is one of the most representative business districts in Haidian. The midnight snack here satisfies the stomachs of countless college students and late-night farmers.
Guijie in Dongcheng, Sanlitun in Chaoyang, and Wudaokou in Haidian are all business districts where midnight snack is concentrated, but when it comes to the specific number of shops, the midnight snack shops near Huilongguan really rank first.
Huilongguan not only has Tiantongyuan, which is known as the largest community in Asia, but also is a gathering place for employees of numerous large factories. In countless nights, a midnight snack may be the greatest comfort for thousands of young North drifters who pursue their dreams when they work overtime late at night.
Speaking of bars, Dongcheng, which owns Houhai Street, can only admit defeat in front of Chaoyang. Sanlitun, Gongti, Wangjing, and the number of bars in any business circle are very good.
A city is like a machine that works day and night. It is busy and prosperous during the day, and it will become full of vitality when night falls. Sanlitun and Gongti are the most vital representatives.
Judging from the number of bars, there are 113 bars near Sanlitun, which can be described as unique. There are many embassies from all over the world. On the one hand, there are large-scale businesses, on the other hand, there are exotic shops, and different types of bars attract countless young men and women to gather here. Whether watching football matches or drinking and chatting, you can always find the one that suits you, such as Qing Bar, livehouse and izakaya.
chafing dish
The largest number of snack types
The consumption environment is also quite different with different consumption prices. Whether it is a snack or a bar, the per capita consumption in Chaoyang is high.
It can be seen that the median per capita consumption of snack bars and bars in Chaoyang District is higher than that in other districts, and the density of scattered spots near 300 yuan is higher than that in other districts, which fully shows that there are many types of snack bars and bars in Chaoyang District, and the overall consumption price is relatively high. The span of consumption interval is high, which means more selectivity and high bar consumption elasticity.
In order to maintain the observability of the data map, we only keep the sample points with per capita consumption within 0-300 yuan. In fact, the per capita prices of bars and snack bars are far more than this range.
Taking midnight snack as an example, Haidian has the largest number, but Chaoyang has the highest average price, especially the midnight snack near Liangmaqiao, where the per capita consumption exceeds that of 300 yuan, making it the highest in the region. In this area, large business companies are dense, financial companies are developed, per capita consumption level is high, and high-income consumers pay more attention to the dining environment, so the per capita snack cost in this area will be high.
Why are there so many differences in the average midnight snack prices in different regions? It depends on what all regions like to eat at night.
Hot pot is really YYDS! Whether it is Chaoyang, Haidian, Fengtai, Changping and Dongxicheng, or Fangshan, Huairou, Pinggu and other distant areas, the number of hot pot shops is the largest. Compared with exquisite western food and elegant Japanese food, hot pot can be said to be an approachable catalyst in social interaction, which is extremely inclusive. In the snack shops in Haidian District, 99 hot pots have become the most in all districts.
Eat hot pot every festive season, if it cools down, friends will want to eat hot pot, if they are lovelorn, they will want to eat hot pot, and if they are in love, they will also want to eat hot pot … Just as the netizen quipped: Nothing can’t be solved by one hot pot meal, if there is, then two meals.
According to the Insight Report on Hot Pot Consumption Behavior of College Students in the North, Guangzhou and Shenzhen released by a consulting organization, 71.4% of college students eat hot pot at least once a week, which is highly loyal to the hot pot category. They love the delicacy of hot pot, and they also think that eating hot pot is an important way to pursue leisure and relax and cultivate the feelings of their peers, which can easily break the cognitive barriers caused by time and region.
(▲ source IC photo)
Although the number of hot pots is the largest in all regions, it is slightly different in detail. In Chaoyang, besides hot pot, the most popular thing is probably barbecue. In Dongcheng, where many old Beijingers gather, people prefer to rinse meat. In Shunyi and Pinggu, which are far away from the main city, besides hot pot, there are more likely to be midnight snacks with local characteristics such as farmer’s pot-stewed and reservoir fish.
According to the data of Beijing Municipal Bureau of Statistics, in 2019, the income from the above-designated accommodation and catering industry in Chaoyang District was 25.1 billion yuan, the highest among all districts. According to the snack grabbed and the per capita consumption distribution of bars, among the TOP50 stores, 23 snack bars in Chaoyang District and 38 bars were shortlisted.
From the perspective of Beijing’s urban planning, business districts are scattered, with Zhongguancun and Wudaokou in Haidian, Huilongguan in the north and Nanluoguxiang and Shichahai in the middle … But as far as bars and midnight snacks are concerned, the per capita consumption of Wangjing, International Trade CBD, Sanlitun and Gongti is higher than that of other places.
By the way, friends in Haidian are really low-key. A cup of mojito may need 100 yuan in Sanlitun, but it may only need 35 yuan to win it in Wudaokou.
The consumption evaluation of workers’ sports bars is the most.
Whether you like it or not, a large number of bars and various types of work sports will be a must on the wish list of young people.
For Beijing, a city with its own literary flavor, Nanluoguxiang and Qianmen Dashilan are naturally the best windows to show its style. The bars in Nanluoguxiang/Gulou East Street are not dominant in number, but there are still many young artists who are willing to sit here and feel the Beijing culture, and feel the fireworks atmosphere of petty bourgeoisie and temperament with their friends.
After the renovation, Qianmen Dashilan, Guijie and Sanlitun together form a night economic gathering circle with Beijing characteristics, and the distinctive Hutong Bar has gradually become the punching place of online celebrity on many social platforms.
At present, urban development emphasizes night economy, whether it is a bar or a midnight snack, it is an important indicator to measure the level of urban nightlife. Behind food, lights, alcohol and music, there is a pile of vitality at night and the release of urban personality.
In summer nights, a group of people put down their fatigue after changing their suits and ties, or gathered in hot pot restaurants and barbecue stalls full of Jianghu atmosphere to berate Fang Qiu for chatting, or gathered in bars with strong atmosphere to pour out their hearts and drink heartily, which reflected the character of the city and made it more youthful.
Data capture intern Zhang Ziheng
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A good film has an appointment | Watch "Last Christmas" by Long Ma and Yang Ziqiong, and it will be cool in a summer.

Last Christmas,

I gave you my heart.

But the next day,

You sent it away.

— — 《Last Christmas》

Special feature of 1905 film network This well-known English song "Last Christmas" was sung by Wei Meng Band and has been covered by many domestic and foreign singers since it came out in 1984. This week’s film "Last Christmas" was adapted from this song.

Last Christmas

Director:Paul Feig

playwrightEmma thompson/burini Cummings/greg wise

star; act the leading roleEmilia Clarke/Henry Golding/Yang Ziqiong/emma thompson/Rebecca Root


Producer country/regionBritain/America

First, from the cool and handsome "Dragon Mom" to the sweet Kate

In the film Last Christmas, Emilia Clarke, the heroine, dressed in an elf costume, changed her old image and sang "Jingle Bells" for the audience, making her sweet off the charts!

When he was three or four years old, Emilia Clarke came to the theater with his father by chance, and he was deeply fascinated by drama from then on. When she was ten years old, she had an interview with a film crew. Although she was unsuccessful, she failed to extinguish her enthusiasm for acting.

Emilia Clarke photos

When she auditioned for an American TV series, she amused the general manager with an impromptu dance and was lucky enough to get the qualification to participate in Game of Thrones. Emilia Clarke played the role of "Dragon Mom" in the film, and the cool and handsome image left a deep impression on the audience.

Game of Thrones

The wonderful performance in Game of Thrones made Emilia Clarke an instant hit and made her a popular actress. During the filming of Game of Thrones, I participated in many films, such as, and so on.

Second, from classic songs to a movie

Emma thompson, the initiator of the movie Last Christmas, decided to attach a new meaning to the lyrics "Last Christmas, I gave you my sincere heart".

Emma thompson photos

Because the original lyrics are about the story of lovelorn love, the first problem that emma thompson encountered was how to change from a lovelorn single to a movie that resonates with the public and has temperature.

Last Christmas

Emma thompson discovered that the original composer had worked in a homeless shelter anonymously when he was doing the data inversion. Moreover, george michael’s wham band donated all the royalties of this song to Ethiopia for famine relief.

Photo of Wittmann Band (george michael on the left)

George michael, the original composer, inspired emma thompson by these acts of kindness full of great love. She decided to express a great love that everyone is equal in this story, and skillfully attached a new meaning to the lyrics of "Last Christmas, I gave you my sincere heart".

Stills of Last Christmas

Third, from martial arts professionals to comedians

In creation, in order to express that people with different cultural backgrounds can celebrate the same festival, emma thompson created a very contrasting role — — Asian boss who runs a Christmas decoration shop. In emma thompson’s mind, Yang Ziqiong is the best person to play this role.

Stills of Last Christmas

Yang Ziqiong has left many dashing images on the screen, such as Yu Xiulian, her opponent in the movie, and bond girl, the representative of Hollywood.

Yang Ziqiong in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, 007: Empire of Tomorrow

In fact, when he first learned that he was going to star in a comedy, Yang Ziqiong refused. After all, he has always created a cool and handsome image in front of the audience for many years. But when she learned that the screenwriter of the film was her favorite actor emma thompson, she suddenly became interested in the film, because she believed that emma thompson could create a real and suitable role for her.

Stills of Last Christmas

This week’s "A Good Film with a Date" will take you into "Last Christmas" and start a wonderful love in a brisk song.

This program is live.

In this Saturday’s edition of CCTV-6 movie channel "A Good Movie with a Date", the presenter will take you into the movie "Last Christmas". In the Sunday Film Review, director Yang Chao and actors will continue to explain the success of this original film for you.

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CCTV-6 movie channel "Good film has a date"

Sunday, July 10th

13:38 Last Christmas

15:12 Sunday Film Review Edition

More than 15 classic movies reminisce about the golden songs of the year from 7.25 on the movie channel.

Special feature of 1905 film network The voice of the classics will remain forever!Starting from July 25th, the movie channel’s midsummer nostalgia series "The Golden Songs of the Years in the Movie".We have carefully prepared more than 15 classic films for you, including the voice of the times from the 1950s to the present, and each song is a classic among the classics.What kind of memories will you recall when you hum these melodies again?

The pride of defending the country in the 1950 s

Diary of a nurse

"Little Swallow"

"The little swallow wears flowered clothes and comes here every spring. I asked the swallow why he came, and the swallow said that the spring here is really beautiful."

This well-known old song "Little Swallow" is the theme song sung by actor Wang Danfeng in the first nurse-themed film in New China.

At that time, this song was as well known as the movie. Once the film was released, it was deeply loved by the masses, and almost everyone could sing the interlude in the film.

Nowadays, the song "Little Swallow" has already become a classic children’s song widely sung, accompanying generation after generation to grow up.


"My Motherland"

"A big river has wide waves, and the wind blows rice and flowers on both sides."In 1956, the song "My Motherland" led by the heroine Wang Lan (ornaments) became a movie-watching memory of a generation.

Liu Chi, the composer who wrote My Motherland, said: "I hope this song will spread all over the country with the performance of the film, and it will be well-known to all women and children and will last forever. After several years, this film is no longer performed. As long as you sing this song, you will think of the moving scenes in the film and miss those heroic volunteers! "

Qiao Yu’s lyrics, with the most unpretentious language and sincere and deep feelings, let us remember the infinite love and heroism of volunteer soldiers for their motherland and hometown. 

Five golden flowers

"butterfly spring side"

"Flowers wait for butterflies to collect honey, and A-mei waits for lovers."As the pioneering work of the new China musical, it was sold out for several months after its release, and was shown in more than 40 countries, which was very popular.

At that time, he was only 17 years old. With the corner of the golden flower in the movie Five Golden Flowers, he became the idol of countless fans.

Among them, the song "The Edge of butterfly spring" written by Jinhua and A Peng as love songs spread all over the streets in that year, and still reverberates in the hearts of the older generation.

Flying tigers.

"Play my beloved pipa."

"Play my beloved pipa and sing that touching song."Using the typical tones of Shandong folk songs, this song "Play My Beloved Pipa" has made many people deeply empathize with the feelings and revolutionary enthusiasm of Chinese sons and daughters.

A song "Play My Beloved Pipa" made flying tigers’s heroic deeds of anti-Japanese war famous all over the world, which has been passed down to this day. Even in the movie, he was re-interpreted by the starring role.

The Story of Liubao

"sunny day in 1999"

Movies depicting love stories of active servicemen were rare at that time.

The film does not focus on describing large-scale battles, but focuses on the personal emotional life of soldiers, showing the romance and warmth that are rare in the war.

The beautiful pictures of windmills, willows, Banqiao and canoes in the water town of northern Jiangsu, coupled with the theme song "Sunny Days in 1999", let us remember the lofty and beautiful love of revolutionary soldiers and the beautiful scenery of the water town in the south of the Yangtze River.

The sound of burning passion in the 1960 s

Heroes and children

"ode to the hero"

"Why is the battle flag picturesque, and the hero’s blood dyed it red? Why is the spring always there, and the hero’s life blooms?"

The theme song "Ode to a Hero" is stirring, very sonorous.Whenever "Ode to Heroes" is sung, we can see the glorious images of Wang Cheng clutching the explosive barrel and Wang Fang singing in the war, reminding us not to forget history and heroes. 

Red women soldiers

"women soldiers Liange"

"Forward, forward, soldiers have heavy responsibilities and women have deep grievances."

In order to compose the music in Red women soldiers, the composer Huang Zhun spent three or four months before and after, went to Hainan three times, went deep into the alpine jungle, visited the surviving "women soldiers" soldiers and the places where they fought and lived in the past, and collected a large number of Hainan local music, including Hainan operas and folk songs, from which he gained inspiration of musical style.The spirit of Red women soldiers is the banner of women’s liberation movement.

The crisp, majestic and powerful theme song "women soldiers Liege" has been selected as one of the 100 golden songs in China movies for more than half a century, and it is still popular today.

Eternal life in fire

"Embroidering Red Flag"

"Thousands of feelings, great love, turned into a Venus embroidered red flag."

Jiang Jie, as the representative of the female group, sang songs of integrity, which left a deep imprint on the hearts of audiences and readers from generation to generation.According to classic legend, the heroic spirit lasts for a long time; Light and shadow flow, and the red gene is passed down from generation to generation.

The "Red Rock Spirit" lives forever in the fire with the sound of classics.

Third Sister Liu

"Folk songs are like spring water."

The film that combines music and scenery is the first music and scenery film in China.

The film "Sanjie Liu" is based on the story of a generation of song fairy Sanjie Liu.Qiao Yu, who is known as a master of ci, and Lei Zhenbang, a famous composer in New China, wrote more than 30 songs for the film and won the Best Music Award in the 2nd Hundred Flowers Award.

The first song is like a spring water that sings the wishes and ideals of the working people and moistens people’s hearts.

Honghu Red Guard

"Hong Hushui waves"

If the songs in the movie "Sister Liu" represent Guangxi ethnic customs, the songs in the movie are symbols of Hubei folk songs.

Honghu Lake is also a hot spot for revolution. This was once one of the centers of the national agrarian revolution.A song of Hong Hushui, which has lasted for generations.

Classic aria in films such as Hong Hushui, Beating Waves, What a Beautiful Battle, Seeing that all the toiling people in the world are liberated, No Tears, No Sadness, Song of the Red Guards, etc., have been well-known so far and evoked many revolutionary feelings and memories.

The visitor on the iceberg

"Why are flowers so red?"

At that time, an old movie evoked many people’s yearning for the Pamirs.

A song "Why Flowers Are So Red" tells the story of the hardships and hardships experienced by border guards, and how many people yearn for a better life and sincere love.

This song "Why Flowers Are So Red", which is played by Dutar and other musical instruments, is original and rough, melodious and simple in tone, which appropriately creates a sad and romantic atmosphere for the film and makes the film more legendary because of the music.

This song is the password for the older generation to transmit love when they are in love, which shows its rich charm and unique charm.

Melody of praising the motherland in the 1970s.

Sparkling red star

"Red Star Song"

"The red star shines brightly, the red star is bright and warm-hearted, the red star is the heart of the workers and peasants, and the glory of the party shines for generations."

In that era when model operas were popular, The Sparkling Red Star brought people a brand-new experience and quickly became popular all over China.

The song called "three reds" in the film — — Red Star Song, Red Star Follow Me to Fight, and Yingshanhong are all widely sung.After years of repeated elutriation, it still lasts forever and becomes one of the symbols for people to recall the past.

Little flower

"velvet flower"

"There is a beautiful flower in the world, and that is youth spitting youth. Clashing hard bones and blooming flowers, blood from Li Li dyed it red … …”

Two songs in the film that won the 3rd Hundred Flowers Award Best Music Award added a lot of color to the film.A "Sister Looking for Brother’s Tears" and a "Eddy Flowers" made many audiences cry.

Xiaohua turned grief into a revolutionary force, unswervingly embarked on the spirit of the revolutionary road, exuded the dazzling light of lofty ideals and firm beliefs, and gave people strength. 

The expression of trivial matters in life after the 1980s.

"It’s a long way to go, and it’s difficult and dangerous to sprinkle camel bells all the way."

When he directed and starred in the film in the 1980s, he was determined to pour out his war friendship with a moving song from the beginning. Camel Bell came into being.

"The lover will never come again after parting, sitting alone and looking out of the world."

The song "The Love of My Life" in the movie that came out in 1995 is the love of my life.

"Love is just a word. I will only say it once. You know I will only express it with actions."

On July 30, 1999, the song "Love is One Word" in the movie is the deep affection between mother and son of Aquilaria sinensis.

"When a ship sinks to the bottom of the sea, when a person becomes a mystery. You don’t know why they left, but that goodbye was his last sentence. "

The debut film, which was released on July 24th, 2014 for eight years, seems to be more famous than the film in its episode of the same name, which describes the mood of contemporary young people wandering around the world very appropriately.

An era, with the brand of an era, condenses into eternal memory.These classic songs of different ages represent our youth and blood in different ages.

Let’s turn over the chapter of memory, review the classic songs of the times, and recall those once moved.In August, "The Golden Melody of the Year in the Movie" will also welcome the classic translation unit, so stay tuned!

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On July 27th, "Heroes and Children"

On July 28th, Shangganling

On July 29, "See you later"

August 1-5 at 10:10.

August 1 "Lotus Lantern"

On August 2nd, The Great Sage of a Chinese Odyssey Marries.

On August 3rd, Red women soldiers

On August 4th, Third Sister Liu

August 5 "Five Golden Flowers"

8:00 on August 8-12.

August 8 th

On August 9th, Little Flower

On August 10th, The Visitor on the Iceberg

On August 11th, Honghu Red Guard

On August 12, The Story of Liubao

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文 图丨张旭文

编 辑丨陈 梦



"Ordinary" Andy Lau, unconsciously red all his life.

After a lapse of 26 years, Andy Lau once again plays Detective Mayor in Chasing the Dragon, still very chock. /stills of the movie "Chasing the Dragon"
In the era of rampant traffic, he has never been angry.
"I really can’t sing, sorry! The doctor told me not to sing any more, so I will stop the concert after singing this song. "
In December, 2018, it is planned to hold the "My Love" concert in Andy Lau for 20 consecutive sessions, and stop the third song in the 14th session.
The 57-year-old Andy Lau stood on the stage, and his sudden loss of voice forced him to cancel the concert. He cried in pain and kept bowing to the audience to apologize.
Andy Lau’s confused and guilty appearance on the stage makes people feel distressed.
I think, if he can sing, he will hold on, no matter how painful.
Andy Lau is such a hard worker.
In January 2020, the promised "My Love" concert arrived as scheduled, and all three concerts in three stations in the mainland were spiked, as usual. Unconsciously, Andy Lau is nearly sixty years old, and its market appeal is still amazing.
Since his debut at the age of 17, he has been popular for more than forty years.
When I was young, Andy Lau was also a delicate and charming little fresh meat.
Handsome depends on nature,
Handsome life depends on hard work
When participating in the "Let’s Talk" program, Sa Beining introduced Andy Lau’s appearance like this: "I am not afraid that others are more handsome than you, and I am not afraid that others are better than you. I am afraid that others are more handsome than you, better than you, and get up earlier than you."
Hard work is the strongest label on Andy Lau.
Andy Lau used to be an out-and-out "idol"-only the kind of face value.
At the age of 17, he entered the wireless actor training class. At the age of 20, he took part in the film "Colorful Clouds". Only bit part attracted many audiences with his handsome appearance. At the age of 22, he starred in the martial arts drama "The Condor Heroes", which set a 62-point viewing record in Hong Kong.
At that time, Stephen Chow, Tony Leung Chiu Wai and many other future movie stars were just walk-on in the play.
In 1982, Andy Lau, who had just entered the entertainment circle, starred in the first film "Colorful Clouds". /stills of the movie "Colorful Clouds"
How handsome is Andy Lau? For a long time, "Andy Lau" was an adjective.
When you see a handsome guy, you won’t say "He looks so handsome", but "He looks like Andy Lau".
If you ridicule others, you will say, "Look in the mirror. Do you think you are Andy Lau?"
However, when Fazai is upgraded to Fage, when Xingzai becomes Xingye, Huazai can be Huazai all his life.
"Huazai" is a title similar to "Xiao Liu". At first, it was a banter for young people with no status. Now, it has become a praise for Andy Lau’s handsome and energetic for decades.
Did Liu Tianwang lose the photo with the popular idol Lu Han?
Handsome when you are young may be born, but to be handsome all your life, you absolutely need persistent persistence and hard work.
And this kind of effort has been internalized into the daily life of his life, and even he himself is unaware of it.
A light diet and persistent exercise are the secrets for Andy Lau to keep fit. No matter how late filming is, always insist on getting up early to practice; Breakfast is the same yogurt and cereal for decades. When not working, lunch is simply hot coffee and toast, and even the staff "pity" him.
However, he was indifferent: "I think it’s delicious." This is probably the highest level of self-discipline.
Andy Lau’s weight keeps around 65kg all the year round, and she often shows off her figure in concerts.
Be a doll all your life,
Don’t be an idol all your life
However, only handsome, it is impossible to make Andy Lau popular all his life.
God gave Andy Lau a handsome face, but he didn’t have the talent to sing and act.
Andy Lau spent five years from "the voice of a drake" to the Golden Melody Award.
Andy Lau’s voice condition is not good, and some people even say it is "drake’s voice". In 1985, the record company wanted to take advantage of the popularity of Andy Lau’s movies and TV series to make some money from his records. But the fans in those days were much more rational than today, and the record sales were average.
Fans who don’t krypton gold can become the driving force for idol progress.
So, he found Dai Sicong, the godfather of Hong Kong music, to study, and kept practicing during filming. After George Lam’s guidance, he found his own unique characteristics of vibrato and singing.
After five years of hard work, Andy Lau won the first top ten Chinese golden songs with "Can". Andy Lau’s singing skills have gradually been affirmed by more people, and golden songs are frequently sung all over the streets: Practice, Ice Rain, Love You for Ten Thousand Years, Forgetting Water …
Compared with singing skills, the emotion conveyed in Andy Lau’s songs may be the reason why he became a king, as if listening to his own life instead of Andy Lau’s songs.
Before and after the return of Hong Kong in 1997, the feeling of national unity was strong, and Andy Lau launched "China People" to inspire the national spirit; Men with great social pressure need to unload their burdens, and Andy Lau sang "It is not a crime for men to cry" for them; "Stupid Child" is integrated with Andy Lau’s own experience, inspiring the public. As long as they work hard, everyone can get what they want.
In Andy Lau’s songs, there are stories of each of us.
Later, it took Andy Lau 20 years to switch to film, from idol to strength.
Play everything like yourself, which is the shackles of all idols. It was not until he met Wong Kar-wai in as tears go by that Andy Lau got his first classic role-Ahua, and was nominated for the best actor in the Hong Kong Film Awards for the first time.
However, for a long time, Andy Lau’s role in the film was very similar to that of "Hua", a handsome and affectionate punk, which led to the voice of questioning his acting skills again.
Therefore, Andy Lau threw caution to the wind in Dark War, put down the idol burden, and played the villain role for the first time-a perverted murderer. In addition to playing the old man, he also disguised as a woman, and he switched roles freely. Finally, Andy Lau won the Best Actor Award, which was nominated for three times, for "Dark War".
At that time, in addition to Andy Lau, Ceng Zhiwei, Huang Qiusheng, Wu Zhenyu, and Liu Qingyun competed for the best actor in the Academy Awards. Andy Lau won the prize by no means by luck.
One look is enough to prove Andy Lau’s acting skills.
Behind the efforts,
Is not to admit defeat
In 1984, Andy Lau was acclaimed by the wireless TV station for his role in Yang Guo in The Condor Heroes, and was honored as the "Five Tiger Generals of Wireless" with Felix Wong Yat Wa, Tony Leung Chiu Wai, Michael Miu and Tang Zhenye.
However, Andy Lau was not satisfied with the brilliance of the small screen, refused to renew the contract of the wireless TV station for five years, and was buried in the snow, just to be free to choose the movie he wanted to shoot. Later, Andy Lau began to develop vigorously into the music and film circles.
When Andy Lau entered the music scene, Alan Tam, the "principal", felt that his voice had no characteristics and his singing method was single, and advised Andy Lau not to sing and quit the music scene.
But Andy Lau didn’t give up. He kept practicing, singing better from album to album, and gradually became the most popular "Four Kings" in music.
Hong Kong’s "Four Kings" in those days.
In 2004, when Zhang Yimou was promoting "House of Flying Daggers", he said: "Like Andy Lau and Takeshi Kaneshiro, if they can play anything, they can’t play farmers."
I don’t know if Takeshi Kaneshiro heard this sentence, but Andy Lau listened to it. Ten years later, he became a ragged and unkempt farmer in Lonely.
Faced with all kinds of doubts and accusations, Andy Lau gave an answer with practical actions: 130 films, more than 100 albums, more than 500 songs and more than 500 awards, and he was the most award-winning artist in Hong Kong, and also won the Guinness World Record.
However, even with such brilliant achievements, Andy Lau’s strength is still in doubt.
Of course, singing is better than Jacky Cheung, dancing is better than Aaron Kwok, and acting is better than Tony Leung Chiu Wai. "Other people’s children" are so powerful, who can say without thinking that Andy Lau is good at singing and acting?
In Infernal Affairs, the acting skills of Andy Lau and Tony Leung Chiu Wai are neck and neck.
Andy Lau said: "I am stupid, and I don’t know which one is good, which one is not good, which one will be hot and which one won’t, so I have to pick up more." Besides working hard, what can Andy Lau, a "stupid kid", do?
And Andy Lau efforts today, dare not say better, at least also can share?
This is the power of "stupid children". From an ordinary young man who was born in a "slum" in Hong Kong to one of the four famous kings overseas today, Andy Lau’s efforts over the past decades have made people admire and convinced others of his achievements today.
People can be popular,
True feelings last forever.
There is a saying in Hong Kong that you may not know the Chief Executive, but you must never know Andy Lau.
Andy Lau’s name is definitely a key word in the 1990s.
Why is Andy Lau so popular?
Andy Lau is a person who pursues truth very much. In many interviews, he often emphasizes: "I will be angry, too."
It seems that he doesn’t want others to think that he is a perfect idol without shortcomings, but rather hopes that his true self can be known by more people.
People can make artists become popular overnight, but they have to be popular all their lives, only the truth.
The wrinkles on Andy Lau’s face only add to his charm.
Andy Lau once said: "Even if I am not in the entertainment industry, I still have my works."
Everyone who has worked with Andy Lau pays tribute to him.
Lan Jieying said: "There are not many trustworthy people in this world. I only trust Andy Lau." When Lan Jieying suffered a great blow and suffered from mental problems, all her friends avoided her. Only Andy Lau still regarded her as a friend and helped her improve her life.
Andy Lau’s professionalism is also well-known in the circle. He rehearses carefully in person, is punctual and trustworthy, remembers his lines before filming, and tries his best to play in action scenes no matter how dangerous or hard it is.
For these praises, Andy Lau is very indifferent: "This is just what I learned in the training class before. Maybe today’s standards are different."
Being a fan of Andy Lau is a very happy thing, because he always takes care of his fans as his family.
He once gave a concert in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia for a fan. He said at the concert: "If you can make money by filming and advertising, why bother to hold a concert?"? If I hadn’t held a concert and met hundreds of thousands of people, I wouldn’t have been able to say thank you personally. "
Talking about Andy Lau now, many young people will feel "out of breath". But every New Year, I still feel very appropriate when I hear Andy Lau’s "Congratulations on Getting Rich" in the supermarket; When your mother invites you to a concert in Andy Lau, you will only actively grab tickets.
Hua Zai, who is nearly 60 years old, has proved with his diligence and lasting popularity that an artist can be an idol for generations. We should be thankful that in this era when so-called idols are rapidly becoming popular and forgotten, Andy Lau’s name is different.
Alan Tam is 25 years old forever, and Andy Lau is 17 years old forever. He is always curious, always hardworking and always energetic, just like the Hua Zai when we first met.
Andy Lau said that artists will not be popular one day. Except Andy Lau.
Author | Jia Hui
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