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Premier League: Manchester City is popular, but Chelsea failed to return away? Attached is a diary of football sweeping.

As expected, Chelsea failed to return away from home? Hello, friends, welcome to my channel. This is the interpretation column of Messi Betfair football. Last period, I watched a Premier League match with Liverpool at home against Villa. In the first half, konate sent the ball, Watkins took the penalty and kicked the ball wide. Then Douglas-Louis passed the ball to the back to send an assist, and Ramsey pushed the goal. In the second half, VAR decided that Van Dyke was offside first, and Gakpo’s goal was invalidated. Then firmino and Milner came off the bench to finish the curtain call at home. In the end, Liverpool’s 1-1 draw with Villa still kept the hope of being in the top four. On the whole, it still has a little source with the direction of Xiaobian. So let’s continue to pay attention to a Premier League today:

This game is the 37th round of the Premier League in the 22/23 season, a contest between Manchester City and Chelsea. Founded in 1880, Manchester City won the top league title in England eight times and the FA Cup six times. In recent seasons, the champions of the Premier League have been monopolized. It is conceivable that their strength is also quite good. This season, after 35 rounds, they gained 27 wins, 1 draw and 4 losses, accumulating 85 points and ranking first. In the last round, they beat Real Madrid 4-0 in the second leg of the Champions League semi-final, and all events were unbeaten in nearly 23 games. The competitive state is also perfect, but because of the tight physical condition, it is estimated that you will play more casually under the condition of little pressure.

However, since the outbreak of the situation in Russia and Ukraine, Chelsea’s performance has been in a declining stage, and this season is even more outrageous. After 35 rounds, it only gained 11 wins and 10 draws, and the points also fell into the middle position. This is like the feeling that a top student fell into the middle position. In the past 10 games, he lost 9 game data, and the team’s recent game trend is very bad. The main thing is that the offensive end is very poor. Now, to say that the fighting spirit is estimated to be fighting for honor.

In fact, there is little difference between the two sides in terms of paper strength. However, Manchester City naturally occupies a big advantage in the game state of the round team, so the strength of outside experts also gives them a lot of support. From a professional point of view, the strength is a bit too big. In terms of the current fighting spirit, it is better to support Chelsea and end the game with a small loss.

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Playoff voice | Hot discussion Lakers win G3: Hamm points out the difference from playing. Magic number one Zhan Heqikua.

On April 23rd, Beijing time, after the total score of the Lakers was tied at 1-1, they returned to home in G3 and refused to be reversed by 29 points. They successfully beat the Grizzlies 111-101 to gain a 2-1 lead. After 1-1, the Lakers won G3 in nine consecutive series, surpassing Jordan Bulls to set a new record in NBA history. Lakers coach Hamm praised the players’ performance in this game, which was obviously different from the last game, and also praised the eight village bases for continuing to be brave.

After the game, Lakers coach Hamm was interviewed. He talked about the difference between G3 and G2, and the adjustment made by the team to win. Hamm bluntly said: "We just played more decisively, and the players were playing with goals and playing more disciplined. The other is our energy. The energy in the arena is bursting. Our concentration in this campaign is different from that in the last game, and our sense of urgency is completely different. "

As for the atmosphere of the Lakers playing the playoffs at home after ten years, Hamm said frankly: "Our fans are really great. They are unparalleled. We feel their enthusiasm and thank God. We give them something to cheer about, and we look forward to the next home game and feel the same way. "

Hamm also talked about the progress of Indiana Jones in the playoffs. He scored 20+ points in the first two consecutive games as a substitute, and scored 16 points in 6 out of 10 in this game. Ham praised: "When we got him, we were very excited. We are all encouraging him to continue to work hard, to be firm, confident and enterprising. You can see the love he gets. He himself once said that he fell in love with basketball again. "

Magic Johnson also praised the performance of the Lakers, "Lakers country! The Lakers played super antagonism on both ends of the offense and defense tonight! Our two superstars led the team to beat the Grizzlies 111-101. Brother Thick Eyebrows scored 31 points and 17 rebounds, and James scored 25 points and 9 rebounds. "

"I want to congratulate coach Hamm on his excellent adjustment at both ends of the offense and defense tonight."

As for the famous mouth Skip, it is also rare to praise the Lakers. "This is a great revenge victory for the Lakers. The only problem is that they let Morant find his rhythm and let him finally get 45 points. This is a moral failure for grizzly bears. If they persist, they will bring the momentum of the game to the evening of next Monday (US time). "

0-1, the Premier League is very cold! Liverpool lost to the bottom team, and Salah missed the penalty, which was tragic.

On the evening of March 11th, Beijing time, in the 27th round of Premier League, Liverpool challenged Bournemouth away. In the end, Liverpool lost 1-0 to the bottom team, resulting in a big upset. Salah also missed a penalty, which was tragic.

A month ago, the Liverpool team was in a relatively low state, ranking only 10th in the standings, behind brentford, Fulham and other teams, but now they have caught up! If you can beat Bournemouth in this campaign, you can enter the top four in the standings; Bournemouth is at the bottom of the standings, and Liverpool have no reason not to score 3 points.

In the 5th minute, Arnold kicked off the corner and Fan Dike headed the ball. In the 7th minute, Ouattara pushed the middle net with a single knife and a small angle. In the 12th minute, Fan Dike made a long pass, Robertson’s low shot was resolved, and then Gakpo hit the net, but the goal was invalid. In the 23rd minute, Bournemouth took the lead. After Ouattara succeeded in offside, he made a cross. Billing followed up and pushed the goal, leading 1-0. In the 41st minute, Fan Dike almost scored a goal with a header. A minute later, Solanke’s blast shot was over the beam. In the first half, Liverpool was temporarily behind 0-1.

In the second half, in the 46th minute, Fabinho kept up with the blast. In the 48th minute, jota’s angry shot was tackled. In the 64th minute, Billing’s volley was empty. In the 66th minute, Liverpool got a penalty, and Salah missed the penalty. Salah, who missed the penalty, also looked very depressed. In the 77th minute, Salah’s pass was cleared, and then his pick was confiscated by the goalkeeper.

In the 82nd minute, Cook’s shot flew away. After that, the score did not change, and Liverpool lost.

Internal strife escalates! Kong Di sprayed Brazil No.9: kicking like shit, Benzema euphemistically called Deschamps: clown.

Tottenham’s performance in various events was sluggish. In March, it suffered an avalanche and suffered three consecutive defeats in the FA Cup, Premier League and Champions League. The FA Cup 1/8 final lost to Sheffield United 0-1 and was eliminated. The Premier League lost 0-1 to Wolves in the 26th round, and the fourth place in the Premier League is hard to protect. 0-0AC Milan in the second round of the Champions League quarter-final, with a total score of 0-1, was eliminated. After the poor performance, Brazil’s No.9 striker Rishalizon was dissatisfied with his experience in Tottenham, openly questioned Kong Di’s employment, and said that he did not understand why he was suddenly asked to play as a substitute.

As a tough-talking coach, Kong Di obviously won’t be silent. On March 11th, the internal strife of Tottenham Hotspur escalated, and Kong Di also publicly sprayed Risperidone. Kong Di attended the pre-match press conference of the 27th round of the Premier League, saying: Risperidone didn’t criticize me, he said that he played like a piece of shit, and he was right. This wave of speeches proves that the contradiction between Kong Di and Risalizon has become public, and Kong Di will probably not let Risalizon start in the next game.

It is reported that Rishalison’s career at Tottenham Hotspur may be over, and it is impossible to work with Kong Di all the time. Xia Chuang may switch to Real Madrid and take over Benzema in the new season. Compared with the infighting upgrade of Tottenham Hotspur, the infighting upgrade of the French team is even more exciting. France, which lost to Argentina in the World Cup final, has once again become the focus. The main theme of this infighting is still the coach and players. French coach Deschamps accepted an interview with Parisian newspaper. He talked about Benzema’s absence from FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, saying that Benzema was in a semi-idle state at the club for a while and entered the French team when the World Cup was about to start.

Deschamps revealed Benzema’s thoughts during the World Cup, pointing out that Benzema said at that time that he was not ready to play the World Cup, and then expressed his disappointment in giving up the World Cup on social platforms. When talking about the details of Benzema’s departure, Deschamps said that he once said to Benzema: "Benzema, don’t worry, you can arrange your return with the manager of the club." Benzema then decided to leave on his own and said nothing to the team.

Deschamps also gave a view that Benzema can catch up with the semi-finals of the World Cup, which is impossible, because Benzema only played for 30 minutes in training and could not meet the requirements of the semi-finals. Although his talent and status are beyond doubt, he could not imagine coming back suddenly at the last moment. Deschamps also concealed the contradiction between Benzema and other French players, thinking that no one in the French team was happy or even dissatisfied with Benzema’s departure.

After the news of Deschamps’ interview was sent out, Benzema couldn’t sit still, publicly responded, directly reprinted the news, and commented: "You really dare to say it!" Behind the text, Benzema euphemistically scolded Deschamps and directly matched the expression of a clown. It can be seen that Benzema was very dissatisfied with Deschamps’ remarks and settled the problem of the infighting of the French team during the World Cup.

Who is the first comprehensive person from the old horse to Messi’s "blank period of the king of the ball"? It’s him!

This candidate is nothing more than being born between Qi Bald, Fei Luo and Ronaldinho. Among them, Baldy is the UEFA’s "Best Player in Europe in 50 Years", and both Ronaldo and Ronaldinho once reached the point of "almost becoming the king of the ball". Other superstars, such as Van Basten, Baggio, romario or Kaka, also have certain strength at a certain stage, but their coffee position is still not as good as that of the three giants, Ronaldinho. If you have to choose one among Zyro Ronaldinho,

Yes, he is "alien" Ronaldo! Let’s look at all versions of the "Best Football Team in History". Ronaldo is sure to be selected, but Zidane and Ronaldinho may not be selected. You said that the competition in the front waist or left wing area is fierce, so the competition in the center area is not fierce. It also proves that Fei Luo’s historical position in football is indeed above Qi Tou Ronaldinho. Of course, you can say that these "best lineups" are selected manually, which means nothing. However, there are reasons why people are more optimistic about Ronaldo. What do people value him? It can’t be because you like pick’s belly or hairstyle, can it? I must still take a fancy to pick’s strength and dominance.

Ronaldinho’s playing method is superb. He is a "Grand Slam" player in Brazil and Barcelona. He has won all the World Cup Champions League America’s Cup Confederations Cup La Liga awards, and he has a good apprentice like Messi. Ronaldinho once had the strength to attack the throne of the ball. However, Ronaldinho’s peak period was too short, and FIFA did not deny Ronaldinho a chance. Ronaldinho himself played a mediocre state in the 2006 World Cup, and later.

Where’s Zidane? The biggest problem of baldy is not because his hairstyle is not as distinctive as that of Ronaldinho, but because of Zidane’s kicking method. He is really the core of the midfield in the French team Juventus and Real Madrid, and he has a great master style in organizing and dispatching the ball. He can also contribute metaphysical performances in the key games of the World Cup, European Cup and Champions League. However, unlike his peers such as Bailey, Diego Maradona and Messi, Qi Zu is more like a midfielder who prefers to organize and dispatch, rather than focusing on controlling the field, passing and so on.

This rule out, and only Ronaldo is left. Although he was too lazy to run in the Feiluo period, he also liked to eat cakes. At his peak, he was an absolute "alien". He could not only use his personal ability to get past the goalkeeper and hit an empty net, but also get the ball in the center and frontcourt to cooperate with his teammates. From 1996 to 1998, Ronaldo was considered an all-around player in the center and frontcourt. He had speed and skill and scored points. If the mysterious coma in the 1998 World Cup final didn’t ruin the "king of the ball" and he was forced to transform later because of injury, he could really carry out the "king of the ball" to the end-he didn’t rely on the system or the automatic system, but ignored the system!

Conclusion: It’s no wonder that there is a place for Fei Luo in the best lineup of all versions of football history. There is a reason why he can stabilize Qi Tou Ronaldinho to become the first person in football between the two dynasties of "Diego Maradona era" and "Messi era". Who do you think is the first comprehensive person from Lao Ma to Messi’s "blank period of the king of the ball"? Welcome to express your opinion in the comment area. I am Abin, a senior blind and green watchman who spends a lot of money watching football. I wish you a happy chat.

AI portrait, make your life more interesting!

In recent years, the technology with artificial intelligence as the core is innovating our life, work and interaction with the world around us. One of the latest innovations is the portrait generated by AI, usingDeep learning algorithmCreate realistic and artistic characters.

These AI-generated portraits not only make peopleFascinating and visually pleasing., but also has practical applications in various industries. For example, they can be used to create personalized avatars for social media profiles or as part of a virtual fashion and beauty try-on experience.

In addition, the portraits generated by AI may be changed through democratic artistic creation.art circles. With the help of AI, anyone can become a digital artist and create their own unique portrait with just a few clicks.

However, the rise of AI-generated portraits also raises ethical questions about privacy and consent. With the enrichment of personal data on the Internet, AI algorithm can easily create characters without people’s knowledge or consent, which may be used for malicious purposes.

Therefore, developers and users of AI-generated portraits need to abide by ethical standards and ensure respect for people’sright of privacy. This includes obtaining explicit consent before creating and sharing AI-generated portraits, and implementing measures to prevent the abuse of personal data.

In a word, the portrait generated by AI is an exciting development in the field of artificial intelligence and has many positive life-changing potentials. However, when approaching this technology, we need to handle it carefully and ensure that it is used responsibly while respecting people’sright of privacy.

Milan veteran Kathy explained the main difference between playing for Milan and Barcelona.

Franck Kessie left AC Milan on a free transfer before this season, after three years at the club. In an interview published this morning, the midfielder discussed the difference between Milan and Barcelona.

The midfielder is a key player in Milan, but his salary requirements are too high for the club. Therefore, he left on a free transfer and decided to join Barcelona, where it was difficult for him to find his place in the team.

As quoted in Milan News, in a long interview with Sports this morning, Kathy was asked about the difference between Milan and Barcelona. He said that the goal of the team is the same, that is, winning, but the rest are very different.

"I would say that they are two completely different ways of playing football and understanding football. Here, it is more technical. The same is true of winning, yes, but not in all aspects. You must do this by playing well, staying focused and controlling the ball. In Milan, things are different and everything is more direct. The most important thing is the result. The constant is that in both clubs, you have to win, of course, "he said."

Barcelona is currently ranked first in the La Liga standings. After a little struggle at first, Casey has firmly established his position. Therefore, the possibility of returning to Milan (joining Inter Milan) is no longer great.

Application of AI customer service robot in beverage retail industry

With the rapid development of artificial intelligence technology, intelligent customer service robots have widely appeared in our lives, helping customers in various fields to deal with massive and complicated sales, consulting and service problems quickly. Intelligent customer service robots can accurately understand visitors’ intentions through autonomous learning, answer a large number of repetitive and standardized questions, and greatly improve service efficiency and user experience.

At present, the demand for customer service in the beverage retail industry is mainly concentrated on online customer service, with pre-sales consultation and after-sales service as the mainstay. Due to the large amount of consultation, repeated questions and difficult control of service effect, it is necessary to reduce the pressure of manual customer service through intelligent customer service robots, and at the same time improve the customer service experience and track and grasp the customer service effect in time.

1. Intelligent text robot

Based on NLP algorithm of deep learning, text robot has strong natural language understanding and generalization ability, and can accurately identify the real needs expressed by users; And based on the reinforcement learning model driven by big data, intelligent autonomous learning is realized, and the analogy is made. For the whole process of pre-sale and after-sale, independent reception and self-service save 85% of labor costs; 24×7 real-time standby, so that customers can enjoy intelligent services at any time; Intelligent auxiliary manual customer service, service efficiency increased by 100%; Business analysis, knowledge precipitation, release enterprise maintenance costs; Thousands of people, providing personalized intelligent customer service experience.

2. Intelligent voice robot

The intelligent voice robot responds intelligently according to the intention of the customer, and the voice recognition is rapid, which can accurately judge whether it is an intentional customer, and liberate the customer service staff from repetition, mechanical preliminary screening and intention recognition and invest in more valuable customers. Traditional outbound calls have high labor cost and management cost, and the service quality cannot be guaranteed, and the management is complicated. Therefore, mechanical, repetitive and boring telephone dialing tasks can be handed over to intelligent voice robots for assistance.

3. Intelligent outbound robot

Intelligent outbound robot is a typical application of artificial intelligence in speech recognition. It can automatically initiate outbound calls and actively introduce products to users in the form of natural human voice synthesized by speech. "Thousands of people and thousands of faces" outbound strategy to improve the success rate. Based on past operational data, intelligent voice robots can accurately sketch user portraits from the dimensions of age, gender, occupation, repayment ability, repayment habits and historical repayment records. Combined with the specific characteristics of different scenarios such as marketing, collection and return visit, the communication strategies and communication techniques for users with different attributes are continuously adjusted in each dialogue process node to improve the goal achievement rate.

GaussMind, an AI scene landing expert of Wofeng Technology, has rich AI products and years of experience in AI landing application, serving tens of thousands of customers including more than 60 Fortune 500 companies and more than 200 China Fortune 500 companies. GaussMind, based on deep neuroscience algorithm and convolutional neural network algorithm, integrates many cutting-edge technologies such as automatic speech recognition (ASR), natural language processing (NLP) and speech synthesis (TTS), and builds a typical product of voice interaction, AI outbound robot, hoping to provide outbound robot solutions for more industries, make enterprise marketing transformation more efficient and make enterprise service experience more heart-warming.

Let AI write its own importance.

With the continuous development of science and technology, artificial intelligence (AI) has been widely used in various fields, and its application in enterprises has been paid more and more attention. AI technology can use big data, machine learning and natural language processing technology for intelligent analysis and decision-making, so as to improve production efficiency, reduce costs, shorten processing cycle and optimize management, and help enterprises better cope with market changes and competitive pressures. This article will discuss the importance of AI in the work from the following aspects.

In the traditional manufacturing industry, a large number of production tasks require the input of manpower and material resources. However, with the application of AI technology, intelligent equipment such as robots can replace manpower and complete a lot of repetitive, dangerous and tedious manual labor in the production process, which improves the production efficiency.

At the same time, AI technology can also optimize and manage the production process of enterprises, and improve the management level of production planning, logistics distribution and quality control of enterprises through big data analysis and intelligent decision-making.

For example, a chemical company under the German industrial manufacturer Siemens has created an intelligent factory by using AI technology, which can independently control and optimize its own production process, thus improving production efficiency and quality.

With the help of AI technology, enterprises can more accurately grasp the quantity and time of materials and accessories needed for production, thus realizing the optimization of supply chain and cost control. In addition, AI can also predict the time required for equipment failure and maintenance by analyzing data, so as to better schedule machine maintenance and replacement, thereby reducing operating costs and production downtime.

Tesla, an American automobile manufacturer, widely uses AI technology in the production process. Through fine scheduling and optimization of automation equipment, the processing cycle of its production workshop is greatly shortened, thus improving production efficiency and reducing production costs.

AI technology can create new business models and opportunities, thus helping enterprises to stay ahead and innovate in the market competition. For example, intelligent customer service based on AI technology, through speech recognition technology and natural language processing technology, can deal with a large number of user feedback and problems, improve customer satisfaction and user stickiness, and also create new service benefits and business opportunities for enterprises.

In addition, in the medical field, AI technology can also assist doctors in diagnosis and treatment, thus improving medical level and reducing medical costs. Shenzhen Traditional Chinese Medicine Hall has developed a big data platform based on traditional Chinese medicine by using AI technology, which comprehensively absorbs the information of national traditional Chinese medicine medical records, prescriptions, experiences, modern science and technology, and helps doctors to diagnose and treat diseases through AI intelligent analysis.

AI technology can realize intelligent recommendation and search according to customers’ needs and feedback, and improve customer experience and service quality. Large-scale e-commerce enterprises using AI technology can provide personalized recommendations and offers to customers through information such as customer purchase history and behavior data, and improve customer shopping experience and loyalty.

In addition, AI technology can also help enterprises to identify and analyze customers’ voices, emotions and attitudes, so as to better understand customers’ needs and emotions and optimize customer service.

Through the integration of AI technology, enterprises can better cope with risks and security issues. For example, in the financial industry, AI technology can help enterprises reduce risks and losses through customer identification and fraud identification. In the field of production, enterprises can avoid production accidents and safety problems through intelligent sensing technology and autonomous control technology.

With the continuous progress of science and technology, AI technology is more and more widely used in enterprises, which can improve production efficiency, reduce costs, optimize management, create new business models and improve customer service quality. However, there are also many problems and risks to be considered in the application, such as data security, privacy protection, failure of artificial intelligence technology and so on. We need to fully realize the advantages and limitations of AI technology, so as to make better use of this technology and promote the development and innovation of enterprises.

"Talk" and AI will know what you are talking about.

Transfer from: Hohhot Daily

It is conceivable that due to the huge potential demand in the fields of public welfare, public safety and national security, and the strong promotion of the rapid development of AI technology, in the near future, AI lip reading is expected to achieve rapid promotion and deep popularization, and the industrial prospects are very promising.

According to the continuous breakthrough of the bottleneck, it has become a reality that AI technology has achieved great success in the field of lip language recognition.

Many problems need to be broken.

However, Yan Huaizhi also said that at present, China’s artificial intelligence lip language recognition technology is still in its infancy, and there is still a long way to go if we want to use artificial intelligence to accurately recognize lip language.

From the perspective of language itself, human language has a high complexity. Of all the phonetic symbols involved in human speech, only about 30% are directly controlled by human lips, and 70% are teeth sounds, tongue sounds and throat sounds that are difficult to distinguish by naked eyes or even machine vision. Moreover, different people’s tone of voice, dialects, conjunctions, accents, and even beard cover will all lead to subtle changes in mouth shape, and it is this subtle change that will seriously affect the recognition and judgment of lip language by artificial intelligence.

From a technical point of view, the environment for artificial intelligence to collect lip language is usually complicated, and it is very difficult to accurately identify it. As far as the current artificial intelligence technology is concerned, the recognition level of long sentences and complex sentence patterns is not satisfactory, not to mention the problems of multi-scene recognition and lip recognition of multi-person images.

Yan Huaizhi said that only by solving the above problems can AI achieve a breakthrough in lip reading and move towards a mature stage of development.

There are many differences between different languages of human beings. Can AI read the lips of each language?

Yan Huaizhi introduced that most of the successful AI lip reading systems were limited to English models, because most AI models were trained based on English data. However, from the technical framework, the training models of different languages are basically the same, or they can be realized by the same kind of technical means.

Of course, in order to adapt to lip language recognition in different languages, some adaptive adjustments need to be made: on the one hand, data in corresponding languages should be selected for targeted training; On the other hand, the AI model needs to be adjusted, such as incorporating time masking, optimizing language model and improving superparameters.

In addition, the same language will have different mouths, even if the mouths are similar, they may represent completely different meanings. Therefore, a mature AI lip reading system needs a large number of lip feature sample data, and covers as many application scenarios and different types of speakers as possible, so as to improve the generalization ability of the trained lip recognition model and improve the recognition accuracy of AI lip reading for different mouth shapes and different ideographic languages.

Technical double-edged sword in urgent need of supervision

Despite all kinds of difficulties, more and more AI companies have begun to set foot in and plan to deepen the artificial intelligence lip recognition track. At present, the choices of major AI giants are different, which can be divided into lip language data, lip language video recognition, lip language understanding and so on.

Yan Huaizhi also said that at present, many artificial intelligence lip recognition technology fields have achieved initial breakthroughs, the prospect of full chain integration is expected, and industrial clusters are gradually taking shape.

From the perspective of application scenarios, AI lip reading has begun to emerge in the fields of social welfare and public safety. Judging from the current layout of the giants and the development trend of related technologies, AI lip reading is expected to have broad application prospects in identity recognition, national security, intelligent systems and so on. "It is conceivable that due to the huge potential demand in the fields of public welfare, public safety and national security, and the strong promotion of the rapid development of AI technology, in the near future, AI lip reading is expected to achieve rapid promotion and deep popularization, and the industrial prospects are very promising." Yan Huaizhi said.

Of course, technology application is a double-edged sword. Many people worry that lip-reading by AI will reveal the private content in people’s conversations, whether the parties are speaking publicly, whispering or talking to themselves. "Zhang Zhangkou" was stolen by others, and it was really terrible to think about it carefully.

Yan Huaizhi said that this kind of worry is not unfounded. On the one hand, the privacy leakage caused by AI lip reading may be caused by malicious lip reading, on the other hand, it may be the normal use of AI lip reading system, but the improper protection of storage and use leads to the theft or abuse of relevant data, which in turn causes damage to personal rights and interests. Moreover, because it involves the conversation content of the parties and has obvious directionality, this kind of privacy disclosure may be more harmful than ordinary personal information disclosure.

Therefore, Yan Huaizhi suggested that from the perspective of privacy protection, we should strengthen the formulation of relevant laws and regulations at the management level, strictly regulate and restrict the application scenarios, scope and purposes of AI lip reading, and increase the supervision and punishment of malicious use of technology. In addition, it is necessary to strengthen the construction of the security protection system of AI lip-reading system at the technical level, improve the recognition accuracy of the system by technical means, avoid technical abuse, and effectively ensure the content security of user conversations.