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AI portrait, make your life more interesting!

In recent years, the technology with artificial intelligence as the core is innovating our life, work and interaction with the world around us. One of the latest innovations is the portrait generated by AI, usingDeep learning algorithmCreate realistic and artistic characters.

These AI-generated portraits not only make peopleFascinating and visually pleasing., but also has practical applications in various industries. For example, they can be used to create personalized avatars for social media profiles or as part of a virtual fashion and beauty try-on experience.

In addition, the portraits generated by AI may be changed through democratic artistic creation.art circles. With the help of AI, anyone can become a digital artist and create their own unique portrait with just a few clicks.

However, the rise of AI-generated portraits also raises ethical questions about privacy and consent. With the enrichment of personal data on the Internet, AI algorithm can easily create characters without people’s knowledge or consent, which may be used for malicious purposes.

Therefore, developers and users of AI-generated portraits need to abide by ethical standards and ensure respect for people’sright of privacy. This includes obtaining explicit consent before creating and sharing AI-generated portraits, and implementing measures to prevent the abuse of personal data.

In a word, the portrait generated by AI is an exciting development in the field of artificial intelligence and has many positive life-changing potentials. However, when approaching this technology, we need to handle it carefully and ensure that it is used responsibly while respecting people’sright of privacy.

Pig: Degea once asked me if he was better than Neuer, and my answer made him sad.

According to the Daily Mirror, former Manchester United midfielder Schweinsteiger said in an interview: "When I first arrived at Manchester United, Degea asked me,’ Am I better than Neuer?’ I replied,’ No, you didn’t’. Degea was very sad at that time. "

"So every time I play a good game, he will ask me again, and I will still say that he has not reached that level."

ChatGPT is simpler than core-making? Zhou Hongyi: China can catch up with the United States in two or three years.

Because China’s science and technology started late, it is at a backward level in many scientific and technological fields, such as chips. However, western countries have already set up many technical barriers in the field of chips, so it is quite difficult to build a "Chinese core".

Of course, in addition to the chip field, the United States has also taken the lead in cutting-edge scientific and technological fields such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence and quantum computing, such as ChatGPT. With the global explosion of ChatGPT, technology companies all over the world are restless, and Google and Apple are scrambling to do it, and Chinese companies are no exception. So, in terms of ChatGPT, does China have a chance to catch up with the United States?

In response to this question, 360 Zhou Hongyi gave an unexpected answer. He believed that ChatGPT was easier than core-building. With the support of the state’s encouraging policies, China could catch up with the level of the United States in two or three years.

The reason why Zhou Hongyi can be so sure is because he knows enough about ChatGPT. As early as 202, when the first generation of ChatGPT came out, Zhou Hongyi had paid attention to it and conducted in-depth research. In his view, the success of ChatGPT has mainly done five things right, namely, open source, win-win cooperation, long-term persistence, ecology and user traffic.

First of all, when developing ChatGPT, OpenAI used a large number of open source algorithms and papers, and chose to cooperate with a large industrialized company like Microsoft, which saved itself a lot of trouble and solved the problems of computing power, data, business model, engineering and so on.

Secondly, from the very beginning, OpenAI was ready to fight a "protracted war", and like Apple, it worked hard to build an ecology and cultivated vertical applications based on ChatGPT. Thus attracting more users to use, and using user traffic can strengthen the learning and training of ChatGPT.

This is where China can learn. At present, if China wants to build its own ChatGPT, it can do it in terms of technology, strategy and language materials. Coupled with the advantages of open source technology and strong engineering and technology landing ability of China enterprises, it can already make ChatGPT-like products, so to some extent, making ChatGPT is easier than making cores.

However, after making a sample of ChatGPT, we need to spend more time on technological innovation, ecological construction and cooperation with Industry-University-Research, plus the support of the state’s encouraging policies. As Zhou Hongyi said, it will take two or three years for Chinese enterprises to catch up.

On the whole, ChatGPT is of great significance to the development of artificial intelligence in the future. Bill Gates describes ChatGPT as "as important as the Internet", Musk describes ChatGPT as "good and terrible", and Zhou Hongyi thinks that ChatGPT will bring a new round of information industry revolution. Technology bosses have high hopes for ChatGPT, and China version of ChatGPT can’t be left behind! Zhou Hongyi’s suggestion is worth pondering. What do you think? Welcome to comment!

Application of AI customer service robot in beverage retail industry

With the rapid development of artificial intelligence technology, intelligent customer service robots have widely appeared in our lives, helping customers in various fields to deal with massive and complicated sales, consulting and service problems quickly. Intelligent customer service robots can accurately understand visitors’ intentions through autonomous learning, answer a large number of repetitive and standardized questions, and greatly improve service efficiency and user experience.

At present, the demand for customer service in the beverage retail industry is mainly concentrated on online customer service, with pre-sales consultation and after-sales service as the mainstay. Due to the large amount of consultation, repeated questions and difficult control of service effect, it is necessary to reduce the pressure of manual customer service through intelligent customer service robots, and at the same time improve the customer service experience and track and grasp the customer service effect in time.

1. Intelligent text robot

Based on NLP algorithm of deep learning, text robot has strong natural language understanding and generalization ability, and can accurately identify the real needs expressed by users; And based on the reinforcement learning model driven by big data, intelligent autonomous learning is realized, and the analogy is made. For the whole process of pre-sale and after-sale, independent reception and self-service save 85% of labor costs; 24×7 real-time standby, so that customers can enjoy intelligent services at any time; Intelligent auxiliary manual customer service, service efficiency increased by 100%; Business analysis, knowledge precipitation, release enterprise maintenance costs; Thousands of people, providing personalized intelligent customer service experience.

2. Intelligent voice robot

The intelligent voice robot responds intelligently according to the intention of the customer, and the voice recognition is rapid, which can accurately judge whether it is an intentional customer, and liberate the customer service staff from repetition, mechanical preliminary screening and intention recognition and invest in more valuable customers. Traditional outbound calls have high labor cost and management cost, and the service quality cannot be guaranteed, and the management is complicated. Therefore, mechanical, repetitive and boring telephone dialing tasks can be handed over to intelligent voice robots for assistance.

3. Intelligent outbound robot

Intelligent outbound robot is a typical application of artificial intelligence in speech recognition. It can automatically initiate outbound calls and actively introduce products to users in the form of natural human voice synthesized by speech. "Thousands of people and thousands of faces" outbound strategy to improve the success rate. Based on past operational data, intelligent voice robots can accurately sketch user portraits from the dimensions of age, gender, occupation, repayment ability, repayment habits and historical repayment records. Combined with the specific characteristics of different scenarios such as marketing, collection and return visit, the communication strategies and communication techniques for users with different attributes are continuously adjusted in each dialogue process node to improve the goal achievement rate.

GaussMind, an AI scene landing expert of Wofeng Technology, has rich AI products and years of experience in AI landing application, serving tens of thousands of customers including more than 60 Fortune 500 companies and more than 200 China Fortune 500 companies. GaussMind, based on deep neuroscience algorithm and convolutional neural network algorithm, integrates many cutting-edge technologies such as automatic speech recognition (ASR), natural language processing (NLP) and speech synthesis (TTS), and builds a typical product of voice interaction, AI outbound robot, hoping to provide outbound robot solutions for more industries, make enterprise marketing transformation more efficient and make enterprise service experience more heart-warming.

Let AI write its own importance.

With the continuous development of science and technology, artificial intelligence (AI) has been widely used in various fields, and its application in enterprises has been paid more and more attention. AI technology can use big data, machine learning and natural language processing technology for intelligent analysis and decision-making, so as to improve production efficiency, reduce costs, shorten processing cycle and optimize management, and help enterprises better cope with market changes and competitive pressures. This article will discuss the importance of AI in the work from the following aspects.

In the traditional manufacturing industry, a large number of production tasks require the input of manpower and material resources. However, with the application of AI technology, intelligent equipment such as robots can replace manpower and complete a lot of repetitive, dangerous and tedious manual labor in the production process, which improves the production efficiency.

At the same time, AI technology can also optimize and manage the production process of enterprises, and improve the management level of production planning, logistics distribution and quality control of enterprises through big data analysis and intelligent decision-making.

For example, a chemical company under the German industrial manufacturer Siemens has created an intelligent factory by using AI technology, which can independently control and optimize its own production process, thus improving production efficiency and quality.

With the help of AI technology, enterprises can more accurately grasp the quantity and time of materials and accessories needed for production, thus realizing the optimization of supply chain and cost control. In addition, AI can also predict the time required for equipment failure and maintenance by analyzing data, so as to better schedule machine maintenance and replacement, thereby reducing operating costs and production downtime.

Tesla, an American automobile manufacturer, widely uses AI technology in the production process. Through fine scheduling and optimization of automation equipment, the processing cycle of its production workshop is greatly shortened, thus improving production efficiency and reducing production costs.

AI technology can create new business models and opportunities, thus helping enterprises to stay ahead and innovate in the market competition. For example, intelligent customer service based on AI technology, through speech recognition technology and natural language processing technology, can deal with a large number of user feedback and problems, improve customer satisfaction and user stickiness, and also create new service benefits and business opportunities for enterprises.

In addition, in the medical field, AI technology can also assist doctors in diagnosis and treatment, thus improving medical level and reducing medical costs. Shenzhen Traditional Chinese Medicine Hall has developed a big data platform based on traditional Chinese medicine by using AI technology, which comprehensively absorbs the information of national traditional Chinese medicine medical records, prescriptions, experiences, modern science and technology, and helps doctors to diagnose and treat diseases through AI intelligent analysis.

AI technology can realize intelligent recommendation and search according to customers’ needs and feedback, and improve customer experience and service quality. Large-scale e-commerce enterprises using AI technology can provide personalized recommendations and offers to customers through information such as customer purchase history and behavior data, and improve customer shopping experience and loyalty.

In addition, AI technology can also help enterprises to identify and analyze customers’ voices, emotions and attitudes, so as to better understand customers’ needs and emotions and optimize customer service.

Through the integration of AI technology, enterprises can better cope with risks and security issues. For example, in the financial industry, AI technology can help enterprises reduce risks and losses through customer identification and fraud identification. In the field of production, enterprises can avoid production accidents and safety problems through intelligent sensing technology and autonomous control technology.

With the continuous progress of science and technology, AI technology is more and more widely used in enterprises, which can improve production efficiency, reduce costs, optimize management, create new business models and improve customer service quality. However, there are also many problems and risks to be considered in the application, such as data security, privacy protection, failure of artificial intelligence technology and so on. We need to fully realize the advantages and limitations of AI technology, so as to make better use of this technology and promote the development and innovation of enterprises.

ChatGPT triggers change, dragon information builds data analysis and empowerment tools

You can code, write poems, translate novels, even take exams and make online consultations … ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence chat robot that is responsive, has exceeded 100 million monthly active users only two months after its launch.

ChatGPT’s popularity has once again triggered widespread concern about the development of artificial intelligence technology around the world. ChatGPT adopts the route of "big data+big computing power+strong algorithm=big model" in the technical path, and explores a new paradigm in the direction of "basic big model+instruction fine-tuning", in which the basic big model is similar to the brain, and instruction fine-tuning is interactive training, and the combination of the two realizes the language intelligence approaching human beings.

At present, the development of AI mainly relies on large-scale model technology, and it is necessary to train very large-scale models with huge parameters based on massive natural language or multimodal data sets. To successfully train a large model with larger parameters, higher accuracy and higher capability, not only a huge amount of high-performance AI computing power is needed to support it, but also a large number of high-quality data sets obtained by careful cleaning and an efficient data platform are needed to ensure a long-term model training process.

After more than 20 years’ experience in data management, Julong Information adopts technologies such as big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence combined with hierarchical architecture design of data warehouse to build a smart cube platform. Through algorithms such as relationship mining, time series mining and spatio-temporal mining, the standard data model is uniformly built in the way of business backward, so as to realize in-depth mining, serial-parallel analysis, early warning and prediction, etc., and meet the goal of "artificial intelligence driving business to improve efficiency".

Introduction to the Application Scenarios of Smart Cube Platform

Portrait analysis: based on the ontology conceptual model of the entity, build the entity portrait and refine the label. Through natural language processing technology and structured data processing technology, the emotion mining of characters is carried out by using template rules, automatic mode and mixed mode. Finally, according to the business needs, we use tag mining, emotional polarity analysis, similarity analysis, relationship analysis and other algorithms to create a portrait of the entity for analysis.

Correlation analysis: Based on the behavior, relationship and portrait data of knowledge map construction, the potential correlation between objects is portrayed by using random walk of the map, factor association, community discovery, intention recognition, semantic search, relationship mining and similarity algorithm, which helps the police to make in-depth judgment and analysis.

Clue mining: Deep-level mining is carried out in combination with emotional business scenarios, and hidden information such as people, clues, elements, relationships, behavior patterns, etc. are found through frequent item mining, association mining, classification and clustering, and anomaly detection technologies to assist the police in deep judgment and analysis.

Prediction and early warning: According to the temporal and spatial distribution characteristics of historical events, the future development trend of events is predicted and judged by using node intimacy calculation, narrative event evolution diagram, element extraction, correlation analysis, relationship mining, comparison collision, behavior pattern analysis and temporal and spatial analysis algorithms, such as event trend prediction and spatial hot spot prediction.

Case sharing: At present, the crime of electric fraud continues to be high, resulting in huge asset losses, accounting for nearly 50% of the criminal cases. At the same time, electric fraud has the characteristics of strong concealment of crime, great difficulty for the masses to prevent publicity, and rapid renovation of means. Based on more than 12,000 case transcripts, 615 million population data and more than 20,000 phone bill data collected by law enforcement users in a certain place as data input, the platform was analyzed, modeled and mined. After multi-level data screening and analysis and modeling, 10+ high-value and vulnerable portrait features were finally analyzed and mined, which was highly recognized by users.

Julong Information Artificial Intelligence organically organizes billions of data into a knowledge network that conforms to people’s cognitive style in a scientific, reasonable and efficient way, making the data easier to be understood and processed by people and machines, and providing application support such as search, analysis, mining, application, presentation, prediction and early warning in various business scenarios.

The development of artificial intelligence is inseparable from the combination of human and artificial intelligence, and our future will also be an era of co-evolution of human and artificial intelligence.

ChatGPT depicts the future world of artificial intelligence

Robots are like humans.

Thought and wisdom have surged

In this dreamy world

Seamless combination of technology and human beings

Life is like a poem.

Calm and beautiful, never stop.