Zhejiang Sports Lottery held 2024 Spring Festival travel rush Public Welfare Activities.

Zhejiang Sports Lottery held 2024 Spring Festival travel rush Public Welfare Activities.

    On January 30th, 2024 Zhejiang Sports Lottery launched the charity activity of "Love Small Bench Warm Home Road", which added warmth to the homecoming people’s way home.

    The theme of this activity is "Love Small Bench Warms the Way Home", and 20,000 Zhang Aixin small benches are distributed free of charge in 13 key transportation hubs in Zhejiang Province, such as hangzhou east railway station, Hangzhou West Railway Station, Ningbo Railway Station and Wenzhou South Railway Station, for passengers with standing tickets and children when traveling.

    This is the seventh year of the charity event of "Love Little Bench" in Zhejiang Sports Lottery. This year, the activity of free family photo shooting has been added: in the designated area of the above delivery point, passengers can participate in the family photo shooting with the theme of the Spring Festival and get a beautifully customized photo frame.

    "This small bench was delivered very timely and thoughtful, and we also took a family photo. I think it is very memorable. Go back and cherish this photo. Hangzhou is really a warm city." Ms. Wang, who is waiting for the bus, gave a thumbs-up to this charity event.

    "This small bench is very practical. It can be used when waiting for the bus. It can also be used on the high-speed rail later. It can also be taken when taking children out to play. It is quite light." Passenger Li said.

    It is understood that in 2023, Zhejiang Sports Lottery launched a variety of public welfare activities in various parts of Zhejiang Province, covering sports, education, health and other fields, adhering to the concept of "public welfare sports lottery is good for life", practicing the responsibility and mission of Chinese sports lottery, and sending care and warmth to the needy groups. (Zhang Lu/Wen Zhejiang Sports Lottery Management Center/Photo courtesy)


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