It can not only improve the running level, but also speed up the weight loss effect. Learn about the training plan of 4 runs a week.

It can not only improve the running level, but also speed up the weight loss effect. Learn about the training plan of 4 runs a week.

For running, most people only pay attention to running posture, but lack the overall weekly running plan.

As some people say:

"Just put on your running shoes and run directly on the road. What’s the plan? It is better to bury your head in a plan! "

But one thing to know here is that it is "hard work" to stick to it, and the running plan I am going to talk about next is "clever work".

Running without a purpose is enough for you to work hard, and if you want to improve your running speed, running endurance and weight loss, you need a certain skill, that is, a training plan.

The running training plan I’m going to talk about today is a 4-run plan for most people.

Although on Monday, everyone’s energy was relatively concentrated, and the interest in running was also very high.

But high interest does not mean good ability. After rest, our sports adaptability will drop a little, so we need to control our enthusiasm and avoid sports injuries at this time.

So on Monday, it is suitable for slow endurance running.

Endurance running is our usual way of running. We adopt the way of running at a constant speed, and then the more time and mileage we insist on, the better.

The purpose of endurance running is to wake up our heart and lungs and improve the tolerance of heart, lungs and muscles.

Therefore, endurance running on Monday pursues a longer distance and a longer time.

On Tuesday, we were not only in high spirits, but also had a wake-up call, so we might as well try sprinting on Tuesday.

There are many names for sprint running, sometimes called hiit running, and some called variable speed running.

Either way, the purpose is to improve our running speed and improve the fat burning effect with the maximum heart rate.

Then sprint running is to combine the three running forms of fast walking, jogging and sprint, and then cross each other.

You can do it with running software, or you can do it in the way I provide. My way is more suitable for improving the speed.

Walking for 1 minute, jogging for 3 minutes, sprinting for 20 seconds and jogging for 1 minute are enough.

Sprint running does not pursue distance and time. Generally, it lasts about 30 minutes, and the distance is about 3-5 kilometers, which has already had a good training effect.

The purpose of cross-country running is to improve the adaptability of running, and then improve the coordination of the body for running.

The better your coordination ability, the stronger your running speed, endurance and cardiopulmonary adaptability, and it will also improve your running posture.

At the same time, the cross-country running process is also an unfamiliar and uncomfortable process, so this process will significantly increase your heart rate and thus improve the fat burning effect.

Cross-country running where to run?

Some people will want to run in the mountains and potholes. You can try it if you have the conditions.

But most people may not have such good conditions, so you just need to run in unfamiliar places.

For example, in the park, you choose that kind of path to run, which is actually a good off-road condition.

If the running level is very high, in fact, you can add some difficulties in the running process, such as crossing steps and chairs.

On Friday, I still use the posture of endurance running. Relatively speaking, endurance running is safer and less oppressive to myself.

So in the back, your running difficulty should be reduced accordingly.

Carrying out the running plan, endurance running is the basic project, if you feel very tired even the most basic three kilometers.

That shows that your running foundation is not strong enough. At this time, you should do more endurance running events.

There are many benefits of this plan, such as a combination of work and rest, even if there is a little mistake, it will not cause knee and ankle injuries.

Another example is the change of environment and running speed, which will increase the heart rate and thus improve the fat burning effect.

At the same time, because of coordination and sprint practice, your running speed and level will also be significantly improved, which is the benefit of running in a planned way.


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