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Car complaints in November: Toyota accounted for more than half, BYD is still an old problem.

In November, the car complaint list was released, and several brands showed some "outstanding" performances. Toyota has six models on the list, including Camry, Lei Ling, Corolla, Reiz, Crown and RAV4 Rongfang; BYD Song PLUS New Energy was once again complained about the old problem of forced start of the engine in pure electric mode; In addition, Tucki P7 suffered a large-scale complaint because its assisted driving function was inconsistent with the manufacturer’s propaganda, and it also became the first new power vehicle in the top ten complaints list.

Toyota is also a frequent visitor on the complaint list in recent months. In November, there were still six Toyota models on the list, and the main problems reflected were similar to those before. It seems that the manufacturers have not properly solved them. The main problems include the aging and cracking of the instrument panels of Reiz and Crown, and the lack of spare parts. The complaints of other cars mainly focus on the stuck, closed and unusable Carplay.

In addition, GAC Toyota Lei Ling encountered a large-scale complaint in November, and the problem was that the engine particulate trap was blocked. According to the feedback from the owner of the complaint, the fuel consumption of the vehicle increased sharply after the particulate trap of Toyota Leiling twin-engine was blocked, even more than that of ordinary fuel vehicles, but the manufacturer has not provided a solution so far.

BYD Song PLUS new energy is still an old problem of "stealing oil", and the engine starts itself in EV mode. This makes the owner feel hurt. A car owner’s complaint is very representative: 1. Engine maintenance mileage will increase uncontrollably! Oil consumption and maintenance costs have also increased. 2. BYD’s fuel tank exhaust is not environmentally friendly, but the equipment defects make consumers pay for burning gasoline. Whose cost is it? 3. In pure electric mode, starting the engine without the owner’s consent is likely to cause engine failure in complex situations, such as wading in the pure electric state, which will increase the risk of water ingress. 4. Seriously deceive consumers. Before buying a car, its propaganda can be driven by pure electricity, and it does not depend on the engine at all, which is inconsistent with reality. 5. Serious infringement, not telling the owner, secretly OTA, secretly starting the engine, ignoring the regulations. 6. If the consumer sleeps in the car in the pure electric (EV) mode, the engine automatically starts to produce carbon monoxide, causing casualties, which has great safety hazards.

Tucki P7 caused the owner’s complaint because the official publicized that Tucki P7E version model XPILOT3.0 supported upgrading to XPILOT4.0 service. However, later, all Tucki models G6, G9, P7i and other basic PRO models included related software services, and their functions were better than the old P7 models. Car owners believe that Xpeng Motors is suspected of false propaganda and should compensate the old users for their losses.

Premier League: Manchester City is popular, but Chelsea failed to return away? Attached is a diary of football sweeping.

As expected, Chelsea failed to return away from home? Hello, friends, welcome to my channel. This is the interpretation column of Messi Betfair football. Last period, I watched a Premier League match with Liverpool at home against Villa. In the first half, konate sent the ball, Watkins took the penalty and kicked the ball wide. Then Douglas-Louis passed the ball to the back to send an assist, and Ramsey pushed the goal. In the second half, VAR decided that Van Dyke was offside first, and Gakpo’s goal was invalidated. Then firmino and Milner came off the bench to finish the curtain call at home. In the end, Liverpool’s 1-1 draw with Villa still kept the hope of being in the top four. On the whole, it still has a little source with the direction of Xiaobian. So let’s continue to pay attention to a Premier League today:

This game is the 37th round of the Premier League in the 22/23 season, a contest between Manchester City and Chelsea. Founded in 1880, Manchester City won the top league title in England eight times and the FA Cup six times. In recent seasons, the champions of the Premier League have been monopolized. It is conceivable that their strength is also quite good. This season, after 35 rounds, they gained 27 wins, 1 draw and 4 losses, accumulating 85 points and ranking first. In the last round, they beat Real Madrid 4-0 in the second leg of the Champions League semi-final, and all events were unbeaten in nearly 23 games. The competitive state is also perfect, but because of the tight physical condition, it is estimated that you will play more casually under the condition of little pressure.

However, since the outbreak of the situation in Russia and Ukraine, Chelsea’s performance has been in a declining stage, and this season is even more outrageous. After 35 rounds, it only gained 11 wins and 10 draws, and the points also fell into the middle position. This is like the feeling that a top student fell into the middle position. In the past 10 games, he lost 9 game data, and the team’s recent game trend is very bad. The main thing is that the offensive end is very poor. Now, to say that the fighting spirit is estimated to be fighting for honor.

In fact, there is little difference between the two sides in terms of paper strength. However, Manchester City naturally occupies a big advantage in the game state of the round team, so the strength of outside experts also gives them a lot of support. From a professional point of view, the strength is a bit too big. In terms of the current fighting spirit, it is better to support Chelsea and end the game with a small loss.

Reference: Let Negative 1:1 1:2

Emiliano Martinez said he didn’t like penalty shootouts.

Emiliano Martinez said he didn’t like penalty shootouts.

Aston Villa and Argentine goalkeeper emiliano Martinez said he didn’t like to take part in penalty shootouts.

"Do I like penalty kicks? I don’t like to take the game to penalty because the odds are 50-50. I can’t say, "There will be a penalty shootout now, and I will win. Because it’s very difficult. I know I can lose at any time, and I must accept it. The penalty shootout is a coin toss, and the rest is just prayer. So no, I’m not attracted by penalty shootouts, "Martinez was quoted by Goal.

Argentina beat France 4-2 (regular time-3-3) in the 2022 World Cup final.

Martinez has made 24 appearances for Aston Villa in various competitions this season, conceded 32 goals and saved 7 games.

According to the International Football Federation (FIFA), Aston Villa and Argentine goalkeeper emiliano Martí nez commented on winning the best goalkeeper award in 2022.

"I touched the sky, just as my father said. Half of the children want to be like Messi, and the other half want to be a goalkeeper. Obviously, this is an important moment in my career. I always say that I hate individual awards. You know, the best awards of FIFA can’t satisfy me now. I am satisfied that young children are trying to be goalkeepers now, because they like what they saw in the World Cup, you know? Therefore, no matter what happens in my career, from now on, I will always be grateful for my opportunity in the World Cup, "Martinez was quoted by Goal.

As a member of the Argentine national team, 30-year-old Martinez became the champion of FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 in 2022.

AI online intelligent matting tool is a must for cross-border e-commerce operators!

The e-commerce industry is inseparable from the map. Transparent base map, white base map …

When selling goods, you always have to deal with product pictures. Processing pictures is a relatively high-frequency operation. For the matting tool, it is also just needed by many people.

Today, I will share with you an AI online intelligent matting tool.Picture-cutting assistant

01AI matting effect
Picture editing based on AI artificial intelligence algorithm. Just upload a picture with one click, and the matting can be completed in 3 seconds.

02operating procedure

(1) OpenAssistant in painting cutting,Select the [smart matting] function.

(2) After the picture is uploaded, click OK to dig it out with one key.

Picture-cutting assistantIs a simple, intelligent and fully functional online video processing tool, with intelligent subtitles, video translation, AI picture editing, audio editing, voice elimination and other video and audio, picture editing and post-processing functions.

Peninsula Sports Premier League: Optimistic about Moudrek’s future, we just need to help him settle down.

"A lot of things are mental, not physical … If you play in this league, you are a good player, you know what I mean? You were not chosen to join this league because you are not a good player. Many of them are psychological: how do you deal with the loss, how do you deal with it when you don’t play as often as you did in the championship game, or how do you deal with it when you are out of shape ….. how do you deal with it? Anything I can do to help players, I will talk to them and give them some advice. If they accept it, everything will be fine.

"In the final analysis, I think this may sound stupid to many people, but I think the purpose of playing football is not just to play football for myself and do well. This is for others. I think I was put into this sport maybe to help others, because I mean, I have experienced a lot of s—, to put it mildly. I think maybe I have experience in this field and can help others … "

Roma fans will wave white handkerchiefs in this round of Serie A to protest Mourinho’s ban.

Live broadcast on March 12, Rome coach Jose Mourinho failed to appeal, was suspended for 2 games and fined 10 thousand euros. The Rome fan organization announced that it would support Mourinho in this round of Serie A home games.

At 1 am Beijing time on March 13th, in the 26th round of Serie A, Rome will play Sassuolo at home. AIRC, a Roman fan organization, announced: "After the Italian football management agency unfairly punished our team and our coach again, AIRC appealed to all Roman fans to express their anger in a civilized way in tomorrow’s game. Besides our love for Rome, we should bring a white handkerchief when we enter the stadium and wave it in the stands before the game. We are with Mourinho and with Rome. "

Marco Conidi, a famous Roman fan and singer, also said on social media: "It is important that everyone bring a white handkerchief into the stadium tomorrow and wave it at the beginning of the game to protest the absurd penalty of our beloved coach being suspended."

1-0 lore, crazy celebration! The national football team is locked in the qualification of the World Youth Championship, and China’s men’s football team aims to eliminate South Korea

Uzbekistan’s U20 Asian Cup has entered the quarter-finals, and the first match was between the Iranian men’s soccer team and the Iraqi men’s soccer team. In the end, relying on the goal in the 91st minute of the second half, Iraq eliminated Iran 1-0, becoming the first team to advance to the semi-finals, and at the same time locked in the qualification for the World Youth Championship. China’s men’s soccer team will play in the quarter-finals on the next match day, and the winner can also advance to the World Youth Championship against the Korean men’s soccer team.

In the history of the Asian Youth Championship, Iraq participated in a total of 17 competitions and won the championship five times in total. The last time was in 2000, and Iran also won the cup four times, but the winning experience was in the last century.

In the group stage, Iran scored 6 points with 2 wins and 1 loss, and won the first place in the group. Iraq scored 4 points with 1 win, 1 draw and 1 loss, and locked the second place in the group. According to the regulations of AFC, the top four teams in this tournament have advanced to the 2023 World Youth Championship, so whoever wins this game will be locked in the ticket for the World Youth Championship.

This is a close confrontation. The national team and the youth team of Iran and Iraq are in fierce confrontation. Now, the Asian Youth Championship is contested. The two teams did not rewrite the score in the first 90 minutes, and the scene is almost 50-50.

In the 91st minute, Ali Jassim broke into the restricted area with the ball and scored a goal from the far corner with a low shot, helping the Iraqi team to complete the lore 1-0. After the goal was scored, the players thumped and celebrated wildly, and then they roared to the sky and were very excited. After the game, the whole team celebrated like winning the championship.

The contest between China and South Korea will start at 18 o’clock tomorrow night, and the winner can also advance to the finals of the 2023 World Youth Championship.

According to statistics, the two teams have played against each other 18 times in history. The men’s soccer team in China has scored 3 wins, 2 draws and 13 losses, which is obviously at a disadvantage. At the same time, in the last 8 games, it has not won, and it has not won the Korean men’s soccer team for 18 consecutive years.

Nevertheless, China men’s soccer players are not afraid of this opponent. It is reported that after the successful team of China Men’s Football Team qualified, they celebrated with the fans at the scene. The fans shouted loudly in the stands: "The next game is going to play South Korea", and some players responded: "Kill South Korea! We are going to the World Youth Championship! "

"Talk" and AI will know what you are talking about.

Transfer from: Hohhot Daily

It is conceivable that due to the huge potential demand in the fields of public welfare, public safety and national security, and the strong promotion of the rapid development of AI technology, in the near future, AI lip reading is expected to achieve rapid promotion and deep popularization, and the industrial prospects are very promising.

According to the continuous breakthrough of the bottleneck, it has become a reality that AI technology has achieved great success in the field of lip language recognition.

Many problems need to be broken.

However, Yan Huaizhi also said that at present, China’s artificial intelligence lip language recognition technology is still in its infancy, and there is still a long way to go if we want to use artificial intelligence to accurately recognize lip language.

From the perspective of language itself, human language has a high complexity. Of all the phonetic symbols involved in human speech, only about 30% are directly controlled by human lips, and 70% are teeth sounds, tongue sounds and throat sounds that are difficult to distinguish by naked eyes or even machine vision. Moreover, different people’s tone of voice, dialects, conjunctions, accents, and even beard cover will all lead to subtle changes in mouth shape, and it is this subtle change that will seriously affect the recognition and judgment of lip language by artificial intelligence.

From a technical point of view, the environment for artificial intelligence to collect lip language is usually complicated, and it is very difficult to accurately identify it. As far as the current artificial intelligence technology is concerned, the recognition level of long sentences and complex sentence patterns is not satisfactory, not to mention the problems of multi-scene recognition and lip recognition of multi-person images.

Yan Huaizhi said that only by solving the above problems can AI achieve a breakthrough in lip reading and move towards a mature stage of development.

There are many differences between different languages of human beings. Can AI read the lips of each language?

Yan Huaizhi introduced that most of the successful AI lip reading systems were limited to English models, because most AI models were trained based on English data. However, from the technical framework, the training models of different languages are basically the same, or they can be realized by the same kind of technical means.

Of course, in order to adapt to lip language recognition in different languages, some adaptive adjustments need to be made: on the one hand, data in corresponding languages should be selected for targeted training; On the other hand, the AI model needs to be adjusted, such as incorporating time masking, optimizing language model and improving superparameters.

In addition, the same language will have different mouths, even if the mouths are similar, they may represent completely different meanings. Therefore, a mature AI lip reading system needs a large number of lip feature sample data, and covers as many application scenarios and different types of speakers as possible, so as to improve the generalization ability of the trained lip recognition model and improve the recognition accuracy of AI lip reading for different mouth shapes and different ideographic languages.

Technical double-edged sword in urgent need of supervision

Despite all kinds of difficulties, more and more AI companies have begun to set foot in and plan to deepen the artificial intelligence lip recognition track. At present, the choices of major AI giants are different, which can be divided into lip language data, lip language video recognition, lip language understanding and so on.

Yan Huaizhi also said that at present, many artificial intelligence lip recognition technology fields have achieved initial breakthroughs, the prospect of full chain integration is expected, and industrial clusters are gradually taking shape.

From the perspective of application scenarios, AI lip reading has begun to emerge in the fields of social welfare and public safety. Judging from the current layout of the giants and the development trend of related technologies, AI lip reading is expected to have broad application prospects in identity recognition, national security, intelligent systems and so on. "It is conceivable that due to the huge potential demand in the fields of public welfare, public safety and national security, and the strong promotion of the rapid development of AI technology, in the near future, AI lip reading is expected to achieve rapid promotion and deep popularization, and the industrial prospects are very promising." Yan Huaizhi said.

Of course, technology application is a double-edged sword. Many people worry that lip-reading by AI will reveal the private content in people’s conversations, whether the parties are speaking publicly, whispering or talking to themselves. "Zhang Zhangkou" was stolen by others, and it was really terrible to think about it carefully.

Yan Huaizhi said that this kind of worry is not unfounded. On the one hand, the privacy leakage caused by AI lip reading may be caused by malicious lip reading, on the other hand, it may be the normal use of AI lip reading system, but the improper protection of storage and use leads to the theft or abuse of relevant data, which in turn causes damage to personal rights and interests. Moreover, because it involves the conversation content of the parties and has obvious directionality, this kind of privacy disclosure may be more harmful than ordinary personal information disclosure.

Therefore, Yan Huaizhi suggested that from the perspective of privacy protection, we should strengthen the formulation of relevant laws and regulations at the management level, strictly regulate and restrict the application scenarios, scope and purposes of AI lip reading, and increase the supervision and punishment of malicious use of technology. In addition, it is necessary to strengthen the construction of the security protection system of AI lip-reading system at the technical level, improve the recognition accuracy of the system by technical means, avoid technical abuse, and effectively ensure the content security of user conversations.

Wuhan Evergrande! Wei Shihao Yan Dinghao and Li Yang joined the three towns, and the eight tigers of Evergrande will meet again to attack the AFC Champions League.

On March 11th, according to domestic media reports, Wei Shihao, Yan Dinghao and Li Yang, three generals of the Guangzhou team, joined the three towns of Wuhan, the new champion of the Super League. Because the Guangzhou team has been in arrears, all three players joined on a free transfer, and they went to Wuhan for the stable investment and the prospect of winning the championship. Today, the three towns in Wuhan already have eight old Evergrande generals, and they will be strong teams that cannot be ignored in the Super League and AFC Champions League in the new season.

On the afternoon of March 11th, according to Lu Mi, a reporter from Football News, three Chinese Super League champions, Wuhan Sanzhen, will sign Wei Shihao, Yan Dinghao and Li Yang.

Guangzhou team was relegated to 17th place last season. According to media reports, the team will operate at a low cost in the new season, and has been unpaid. The three towns in Wuhan continued to invest in the past two years, winning the Super League championship last season and winning the AFC Champions League ticket. In comparison, the three towns in Wuhan are the lofty branches that all players want to climb at present.

It is reported that the signing of three Evergrande players by the three towns in Wuhan has gone through a long negotiation, and it has also shown enough sincerity. Under the background of the sluggish overall football market, the stable investment of the three towns in Wuhan and their ability to play in the AFC Champions League are still very attractive to Evergrande players who once had a record of winning the championship.

According to Li Xuan, a reporter from Football News, the three towns in Wuhan didn’t hit a big contract. Stability, AFC Champions League and the pursuit of champions are the core competitiveness.

Feng Zhen, another football reporter, said that Wei Shihao and others were all free to join the three towns because of the team’s unpaid wages, so they didn’t pay a big price for the team. In addition, the Wuhan team’s move also released a signal to the outside world, not only to continue to compete for the championship in the Super League, but also to make a name for itself in the AFC Champions League.

After Wei Shihao, Yan Dinghao and Li Yang joined in, together with Gao Zhunyi, Liu Yiming, Deng Hanwen, Liu Dianzuo and He Chao, the three towns in Wuhan gathered eight great tigers of Evergrande, with young foreign aid and even a bit of a dynasty team.

In this regard, netizens have said, "I know, Wuhan Evergrande".

"Now, all the clubs that can pay wages normally are good clubs. If there is still the strength to compete for the championship, it is a perfect team."

"Half Evergrande last season, 80% Evergrande this season"

"It’s better than going to Shanghai. The three towns are basically the second team of Evergrande."

"Strengthen the three towns in Wuhan, and then it is ok to play the AFC Champions League."

"Goalkeeper: Liu Dianzuo defender: Deng Hanwen Li Yang Liu Yiming Gao Zhunyi midfielder: He Chao Yan Dinghao Wei Shihao is still three."

"What is the first definition of a top club? The boss has to have money! Don’t play football if you are poor! "

"Look at Wuhan’s investment, how long can it last?"

As a fan of Taishan Mountain in Shandong Province, I really appreciate the signing mode and efficiency of the Three Towns Club. Those sunspots don’t have to hack the Three Towns, and Evergrande players say that the Three Towns can play for a few years, regardless of how many years they can play.