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Sinan, Guizhou: Primary medical care improves quality and efficiency. The masses have good "medical support" at their doorstep.

"Reach up slowly, shake hands hard, and keep exercising like this, which will help you recover." Wu Yunfeng, a Chinese medicine acupuncturist, is giving rehabilitation guidance to patients in Shagou Branch of Yingwuxi Town Health Center in Sinan County. Here, there is an endless stream of patients who come to see a doctor and have an infusion check.

Shagou Branch of Parrot Creek Health Center newly put into use this year. Photo by Sun Lei

In recent years, Sinan County has taken "improving ability, providing excellent service, strengthening medical treatment and ensuring health" as the starting point, and built, reformed and upgraded many primary medical and health institutions by means of improving medical level, health education, complete infrastructure and policy implementation guarantee, continuously strengthened the construction of primary medical and health services, and made efforts to solve the problems of "it is difficult to see a doctor" for the masses, so that the people can get medical treatment at "home" with more security.

As a newly put into operation this year, Shagou Branch of Yingwuxi Town Health Center has provided great convenience to the surrounding people. Tian Weigao, a villager with chronic diseases in Taxi Village, used to go to Yingwu Town Health Center for treatment every few days. Because of his old age, he was physically and mentally exhausted from the commute.

"My hand is an old problem. It used to be troublesome to go to the town. It was a long journey and delayed time. It was not convenient to take a car when I was old. Now it’s okay. It’s convenient to come to Shagou, and it saves a lot of trouble. Doctors in hospitals are also familiar with it." Tian Weigao, who has just finished rehabilitation training, is very satisfied.

Experts from Sinan County People’s Hospital went to Tingziba Health Center to carry out technical training. Photo by Yang Yongfeng

After Shagou Branch was put into use, Yingwu Town Health Center sent a number of key doctors and nurses to the branch for consultation, and opened many departments such as outpatient service, hospitalization and traditional Chinese medicine physiotherapy, which could meet the diverse needs of the masses.

It is understood that the Shagou area where Shagou Branch is located has a large permanent population and is relatively concentrated, and the local people have a great demand for medical treatment. In order to solve the problem of villagers’ medical treatment, this year, the health department of Sinan County, in combination with the actual situation, allocated medical resources and made great efforts to promote the Yingwuxi Town Health Center to open a branch to the village, which can achieve more than 15,000 people in 15 surrounding villages to seek medical treatment nearby. At the same time, in addition to routine treatment, Shagou Branch has also carried out physical therapy projects such as cupping, acupuncture and moxibustion in traditional Chinese medicine, equipped with inspection equipment such as B-ultrasound machine and electrocardiogram machine. Through system networking, people can have an examination in the morning and get results in the afternoon, so that people can not only "have" but also "excellent" medical treatment at their doorstep.

The doctor of Tingziba Town Health Center diagnosed the patient’s condition. Photo by Yang Yongfeng

"For more than three months, the outpatient service of the branch has averaged about 30 person-times a day, and there are more than 90 inpatients. We have remote assistance, and the county hospital and our medical community can make referrals and can pass remote consultations. " Yu Yongke, president of the Yingwu Town Health Center, said that next, with the support of all levels, the health center will strive to improve the medical technology and service level, so that patients can enjoy better diagnosis and treatment services.

Tingziba Town Health Center in Sinan County covers an area of 2,200 square meters and is a demonstration site of municipal health management center. Since the beginning of this year, the hospital has deeply integrated basic medical care with basic public health. The hospital has upgraded and upgraded its health environment, medical management and health services, added medical facilities such as Chinese medicine decocting machine and C14 detection analyzer, strengthened the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, and invited experts to visit regularly, so that grassroots people can not only see the improvement of "face value", but also enjoy the service upgrade, and promote the transformation from "disease treatment as the center" to "health management as the center"

Doctors from Shagou Branch of Parrot Town Health Center are working. Photo by Sun Lei

In the hospital, there are all kinds of functional areas, such as outpatient service area, Chinese medicine hall and waiting area, and the clean, tidy, warm and comfortable medical environment is eye-catching. Speaking of today’s medical experience, the people on the scene gave thumbs up.

"It’s much better than before. Hygiene, equipment and atomization are all ok. Being hospitalized here is very comfortable and the environment is much more beautiful than before. I feel satisfied." Zhang Zhongdao, a patient who is hospitalized here, feels the most truly.

"This year, we have upgraded the environment and services of hospitals, from the overall transformation of hospitals to the re-planning of departments and wards. And actively organize business training such as free clinics and special lectures, and continuously strengthen the service ability of medical staff, so that the people’s medical environment and services have been greatly improved, and satisfaction and happiness have made a qualitative leap. " Zhang Yi, Dean of Tingziba Town Health Center, introduced.

The newly renovated Tingziba Town Health Center. Photo by Chen Min

It is the growing health demand of the masses to "see a doctor and be optimistic about the disease" at home. Sinan county keeps a close eye on the goal of high-quality development of health care, focusing on optimizing services, improving quality and increasing efficiency, with two tertiary hospitals, namely, County People’s Hospital and County Ethnic Chinese Medicine Hospital, two secondary general hospitals, namely, Tangtou Town Health Center and Xujiaba Town Health Center, as its wings, 26 township (street) hospitals (community health service centers) as its support, 16 private medical institutions as its supplement, and 499 village clinics as its bottom, to build 15 towns.

"We focus on two county-level hospitals, supplemented by two county-level regional medical sub-centers, and send high-quality medical experts to rural two-level hospitals regularly, so that rural people can enjoy high-quality medical services at their doorstep. At the same time, it also optimizes the internal and external environment of medical institutions and enhances the people’s sense of medical experience. With the goal of building’ hotel-style’ and’ garden-style’ hospitals, it constantly improves the county’s medical environment, optimizes medical services, and enhances our people’s sense of medical experience. " Li Zheng, deputy director of Sinan County Health and Wellness Bureau, introduced. (Chen Min, Sun Lei, Yang Yongfeng)

Tucker on T- Harris: He played a great role in both offensive and defensive ends of the court.

Live on April 23rd, the first round of the NBA playoffs G4, 76ers beat the Nets 96-88 away, with a total score of 4-0. After the game, 76ers striker PJ Tucker was interviewed.

In the interview, Tucker praised the performance of teammate Tobias Harris: "No one can say enough about Harris. He has played a huge role in both ends of the court."

In this campaign, Harris scored 25 points, 12 rebounds, 1 assist and 1 blocked shot; Tucker scored 3 points, 4 rebounds, 1 assist and 2 steals.

Klopp: We don’t like playing the iron bucket array. I don’t know when was the last time we got a penalty.

Live on March 11th, klopp was interviewed by BT after the 0-1 Bournemouth match.

Klopp: "We had the advantage in the first half. They played the counterattack they wanted, but we didn’t.".

"I think we have to play in a clear and open space, and we don’t use these times enough-the space next to their double midfield, and other players are more or less busy covering other areas. We don’t use it frequently enough and don’t like to face the challenge of iron drum array.

"Obviously, we can’t win all the ball rights, but small things will have a huge impact, and then we are 0-1 behind.

"They have been doing the same thing, but it was very successful. We didn’t defend well enough. I think the second half started well and got a penalty, but we didn’t score. We were really impatient and didn’t create enough opportunities.

"Salah scored a lot of goals and missed a penalty. This is life. To be honest, we don’t know when we got the last penalty, at least it was a long time ago in the league. If you enter, the situation may change, and the result may change, that’s all.

"Bournemouth are fighting for relegation, great team, great city, they want to stay in the Premier League, and they are doing well. The results of the past few months have not developed in the right direction, but the performance looks different, so they deserve three points today, that’s all. "

Deschamps explained Benzema’s withdrawal from the World Cup: I told him not to worry, but he left when he woke up the next day.

Live on March 11th Deschamps accepted an exclusive interview with Le Parisien and explained Benzema’s withdrawal from the World Cup. He said Benzema decided to leave by himself.

Regarding Benzema’s withdrawal from the World Cup, Deschamps explained: "I lost an important player. Benzema was hurt because the World Cup meant a lot to him. He said to me,’ No chance’. The team doctor’s examination is consistent with Benzema’s examination in Madrid. In the best case, he can’t resume training before December 10th. In his communication with him, he expressed his disappointment that he had to give up. "

"But to clarify, this decision was made for the sake of the team. We stayed for almost 20 minutes, and when I left, I told him,’ Karim, don’t worry, you and the coach of the team (Real Madrid) decide the recovery plan together’. When I woke up the next day, I learned that he had left. This is his decision. He won’t tell you anything else. I understand and respect him. "

However, Benzema quickly refuted Deschamps’ statement in social media: "I dare to say it."

Six core technologies, the small I robot has great commercial value potential.

The advantages of artificial intelligence small I robot are not only in corpus data, but also in its own hard technology.

Compared with other big manufacturers, cognitive intelligence is still in the stage of research and development. Small I robots have been put into practice for a long time, and on this basis, they have quietly established their own business empire.

Xiaoyi commercialized all his six core technologies, and formed nine product series including dialogue AI, knowledge fusion, intelligent voice, super automation, data intelligence, intelligent construction support, visual analysis, intelligent hardware support, and meta-universe. The market share of products in several vertical industries is in the forefront.

With outstanding technology, the small I robot has blossomed rapidly in intelligent services. At present, there are more than 800 million end users of the small I robot worldwide. Nearly a thousand large and medium-sized enterprises and governments, hundreds of thousands of small enterprises and developers are using the services and intelligent robot products provided by the small I robot, covering communications, finance, government affairs, legal affairs, medical care, manufacturing and other industries.

In the banking industry alone, more than 40 of the top 50 banks in China have adopted the small I intelligent customer service system. According to the official data of China Construction Bank, the workload of intelligent customer service is almost equivalent to 9000 employees, which can save a lot of astronomical figures only in labor costs.