The "China Watch Award" actress appeared in the exquisite face of fashion magazine perfectly

The "China Watch Award" actress appeared in the exquisite face of fashion magazine perfectly

"China Watch Award" actress’s delicate face is perfectly presented

Fashion L ‘Official, as a magazine full of rich French romantic and luxurious style, has cooperated with the highest government award "China Watch Award" in China film industry for many years since 2004, creating a red carpet for many stars. The dazzling style of previous stars has made the red carpet more ornamental, attracting the attention of many authoritative media and audiences.

On August 26th, 2007, Fashion L ‘Official teamed up with the world-famous fashion brand Dior to create a Chinese watch event. Fashion in movies, recorded on film, becomes eternal; Movies in fashion are amazing to the world with colorful colors and cutting-edge ideas. The perfect combination of film and fashion, which is expected, is a brilliant spark in generate. On the same day, Fashion L ‘Official teamed up with Dior’s authoritative makeup team and many professional stylists to meet the first-line stars at home and abroad, showing the public an unparalleled fashion gluttony!

Many outstanding Chinese and foreign film actors, directors and other filmmakers all attended the China Watch Awards Ceremony to express their love for the film industry with the help of this grand event. Including Zhang Ziyi, Zhao Wei, Li Bingbing, Fan Bingbing, Karen Mok, Liming and Jeff Chang Shin-Che, attracted continuous follow-up reports from major mainstream media. The red carpet, a sacred place with fashion elements, has attracted more and more attention. This is an ideal place to release popular elements, and all kinds of fashion concepts are interpreted by stars. The makeup and overall shape of the star red carpet were jointly designed and interpreted by Fashion L ‘Official and Dior’s professional makeup team, and combined with the latest makeup fashion trend in autumn and winter of 2007, it created a visual enjoyment that pays equal attention to beauty and trend for the audience.

"Fashion L ‘Official" combines its own fashion resources and superior brands to jointly make the movie "Hua Biao Award", which represents the highest award in China, a star-studded and colorful movie!


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