Panda Flower Flower has a "holiday" on New Year’s Eve. Visitors can book tickets for nearly 7 days while stocks last.

Panda Flower Flower has a "holiday" on New Year’s Eve. Visitors can book tickets for nearly 7 days while stocks last.

On February 2nd, chengdu research base of giant panda released the Spring Festival holiday tourism announcement, introducing the opening and closing time of the park and other related information.

First, the opening and closing time of the park

Morning ticket admission time: 8: 00-12: 00; Admission time for afternoon tickets: 12:00-16:30. Closing time: 17:30

(panda valley clearing time: 18:00).

Second, the ticket purchase instructions

All tourists must make an online real-name reservation and bring the original valid ID card filled in at the time of reservation. Older people aged 60 and above can avoid making an appointment and brush their original ID card to enter the park. Real-name registration system (one person, one ticket and one certificate) is adopted for ticket purchase, and one ticket is limited for each ID number. (On New Year’s Eve, that is, February 9, 2024, the park will be closed for one day)

Third, current limiting measures

Tickets can be reserved for nearly 7 days, and the number is limited. Please book in advance while stocks last.

Panda base: the daily limit is 60,000 (including free visitors), 30,000 in the morning and 30,000 in the afternoon. When the instantaneous carrying capacity of the park is 30,000 people, the ticket checking will be suspended, and the ticket checking will be restarted after the number of tourists drops.

Panda Valley: The daily limit is 16,000 (including free visitors), with 8,000 in the morning and 8,000 in the afternoon. When the instantaneous carrying capacity of the park is 0.5 million people, the ticket checking will be suspended and restarted after the number of tourists drops; The instantaneous maximum carrying capacity of the red panda ecological stocking area is 450 people. When the instantaneous number of tourists reaches this limit, visitors will be suspended from entering the area, and they need to wait in line before entering the area.

Fourth, the ticket purchase channel

Panda Base and Panda Valley have not authorized any third party to act as ticket agents. In order to ensure your smooth visit to the park and avoid economic losses, please book tickets for Panda Base through official WeChat WeChat official account or WeChat applet "chengdu research base of giant panda" and Panda Valley through official WeChat WeChat official account. The scenic spot is not responsible for the problems of tickets purchased through unofficial channels, such as being unable to enter the park and being unable to refund tickets.

V. Admission requirements

(1) All tourists who have successfully booked must bring their original ID cards to the park; Those who carry household registration books, passports, Taiwan compatriots’ certificates and relevant certificates for Hong Kong and Macao to and from the Mainland must show their relevant certificates for verification before entering the park; Those who forget or lose the above documents must show their other identification materials or photo evidence, and can enter the park only after verification. The witness card does not match and you can’t enter the park.

(2) In order to avoid waiting for a long time, please arrange your itinerary reasonably and enter the venue on time according to the time period specified in the morning and afternoon tickets.

Sixth, the traffic route

Panda base (address: No.1375, Panda Avenue, chenghua district, Chengdu): During the Spring Festival, motor vehicles are scheduled to pass around the south gate of the Panda base. Vehicles without successful reservation are prohibited from entering the restricted section of the scenic spot. Please pay attention to "Rong E" WeChat official account through WeChat in advance, or click "Visit and Buy Tickets"-"Panda Base Purchase Tickets"-"My"-"Advance Pass" on the official WeChat public of the Panda base to complete the pass reservation according to the system prompts. Please pay attention to Weibo, WeChat and WeChat official account of Chengdu traffic police official, or call the 962122 traffic control service hotline to know the road traffic management measures of Panda Base scenic spot in time. In addition, there are a large number of tourists at the south gate, so it is suggested that tourists who travel by public transport go to the west gate of the panda base to enter the park, which can shorten the queuing time.

Panda Valley (Address: No.408, Huanshan Tourist Road, Yutang Town, Dujiangyan City, Chengdu): self-driving search navigation destination "Panda Valley".

Official website of the scenic spot:

Tourist consultation telephone number of Panda Base: 028-83510033

Panda Valley tourist consultation telephone: 028-87296600


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