Minimum-2! Is it going to snow in Jiangxi? The weather in Jiangxi next ……

Minimum-2! Is it going to snow in Jiangxi? The weather in Jiangxi next ……

These days

The weather in Jiangxi is wet and cold, with continuous rain.

Netizens are looking forward to the big sun.

However, the reality is that

The rain continues, and the snow is coming.

The next few days

The temperature continues to drop.

Nanchang, Jiujiang and Pingxiang.

There will be sleet.

Coupled with strong winds and heavy rain.

The body feels wet and cold.

Pay attention to cold and warm! !

Except for the snowfall.

There are still many people who care.

Weather in Spring Festival travel rush and Jiangxi during the Spring Festival

Let’s take a look!

Climate trend prediction:

It is estimated that during the Spring Festival travel rush this year, there will be five cold air processes affecting Jiangxi Province, with more precipitation; In the middle period of Spring Festival travel rush (February 5-20), there will be staged low-temperature rain and snow weather in northern Jiangxi and high-altitude mountainous areas.

The main cities and scenic spots in the west of Jiangxi Province

Seven-day weather forecast

Rain and snow weather

The ground is slippery and the visibility is low.

Everyone should pay attention to traffic safety.

Besides, the weather is cold.

When you turn on the "fire" mode,

These safety knowledge must be kept in mind.

1. When using charcoal or firewood for heating indoors, don’t close the doors and windows, and keep the air circulating to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning.

2. Keep the brazier away from combustible materials to avoid fire caused by high temperature or Mars.

3. When using electric heaters such as small sun, keep a distance from combustible materials, and remember to turn off the power before going to bed or when going out.

Forward and remind

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