"You are my spring" exposed the theme song Bo Huang Zhou Dongyu Huang Xiaoming sang.

"You are my spring" exposed the theme song Bo Huang Zhou Dongyu Huang Xiaoming sang.

1905 movie network news A few days ago, the film released the theme song "I want to see you smile" MV. The theme song was composed and produced by famous musicians. The film producer joined hands to lead the starring,,,, and the incarnation of the "Spring Day Limited Mission" for a while. Bo Huang, special vocalist MV Nianbai, leading starring, Chao Huang, yangsi, and starring,, Fu Yushu also showed spring in the MV.

The film’s main creative relay relay conveys a smile, cheering for people who are in a "chilly spring" at the moment. The sound of warmth and healing and the lyrics full of hope are intertwined with the sincere and moving movie pictures in the MV and the real and warm smiles of ordinary people, which explains the "you" and "I" who are still smiling and sticking to the predicament.


The stars join hands to sing a smile and relay to arouse "laughter’s optimistic belief in life"

The theme song MV is accompanied by Angel’s beautiful monologue "I heard that this spring,’ I want to see the way you laugh’ is the most beautiful confession". The characters in the film appear in the MV one by one: "Shang Xiaoyu" played by Zhou Dongyu takes good care of the spring flowers, and the romance overflows the screen, showing the beautiful moments that people want to guard in life; YIN FANG’s "Li Nanfeng" lights the light for the light rain in the dark, and takes off his mask to smile, just like the lyrics "Maybe I only have the light of fireflies, so let you know there will be light". He tells his lover by lighting the light: "I hope my company can bring you hope and smile".

On the way to Wuhan, the "migrant workers’ brother" played by Pan Binlong was driving a truck. Even if it was almost a picnic, the optimistic two people laughed at each other.Lao Wang (Wang Jingchun), the secretary of the community, hangs a string of star lights for Wheat (Angel)’ s room, so that the isolated Wheat can feel the temperature at home. Looking at the starlight in the darkness, a smile hung on the corner of wheat’s eye.

And as the song affectionately sings, "I will accompany you in the coldest winter" — — The medical couple "Gong Chen" (Chao Huang) and "Yang Shan" (yangsi) fought hard in the anti-epidemic front line during the day and snuggled up in the car at night to share each other’s pressure; Huang Xiaoming’s father "Li Jing" takes care of his son alone at home, and he and "Lele" (played by Zhang Hangcheng) play games and ride bicycles together. Both father and son feel their love for each other and grow up during the running-in. Wang Yaer (played by Song Jia), a nurse assisting Hubei, looks at her husband and son in the video and smiles on her face.

It is worth mentioning that the climax and ending of the MV "Want to See You Laugh" incorporate many optimistic and positive scenes of ordinary people in difficulties: the medical staff in protective clothing and the recovered patients dance hand in hand, the children are laughing and running in the park with kites, under the blooming cherry trees, an endless stream of tourists take photos, and the father who comes home from the front line picks up the children who are greeted with flowers & HELIP; … Every real picture shows the warmth of spring. The film’s main creation is relay forwarding, which encourages everyone. This spring, "I want to see the way you laugh" has become a common language to convey optimism and belief in "Cold Spring".


Looking forward to meeting in "spring" and looking forward to every smiling face in the spring breeze.

At the same time, the film released a set of latest stills — — Shang Xiaoyu wore a floral suit and turned on her mobile phone and smiled at the camera. Li Nanfeng held fireworks, illuminating Na Pianhai, which witnessed the romantic love between Nanfeng and Xiaoyu; Wang Dapeng and Liu Erhong laughed at the camera, and the ordinary migrant workers they played released a little goodwill all the way in a truck; Wheat bowed his head and stood by the window staring, and cured the residents of the whole community with warm music.

Lao Wang, the secretary, sat in the office and grinned, which was a satisfied smile of serving the residents wholeheartedly; Gong Chen and Yang Shan are still snuggling in the car, spending the dark night when they don’t know when it will pass; Li Jing and Lele, the "happy father and son", are playing painting games, and their faces reveal the most common smile and love between father and son; Wang Ya ‘er returned safely from aiding Hubei, and sat by his son’s bed with a loving face … … Under the rendering of the background of special times, ordinary people’s most ordinary emotions can also become sparkling, and every smile together is enough to support a whole vibrant spring!


The film You Are My Spring was directed by the China Film Association, with Huang Bo as the producer, Zhang Hong as the producer, directed by Zhou Nan, Zhang Chi, Dong Yue, and starring Zhou Dongyu, YIN FANG, Song Xiaobao, Pan Binlong, Wang Jingchun, Angel, Chao Huang, Yang Si, Huang Xiaoming, Song Jia and Zhang Hangcheng (in order of appearance), Zheng Luoqian.


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