AITO asked the M7 declaration map to be exposed, with its own Huawei system, and the arrow is on the line!

At the end of last year, Celeste and Huawei officially released the AITO Jiejie brand, and then launched the brand’s first model, the Jiejie M5. This year, Huawei officially launched the new model, the Jiejie M7 again. Recently, the M7 declaration map was exposed, and it was also positioned as a medium and large SUV, which had a slight collision with Li ONE in the same model. Let’s take a look at the works of the big brother in science and technology in the automobile industry.

In terms of appearance, most of the design elements of M7, including inverted trapezoidal grille and penetrating taillights, remain the design of M5. The front and rear door handles of the new car are designed in a hidden way, which is also a popular design technique for new energy vehicles at present, creating an intelligent and scientific effect. The overall body shape is smooth and elegant, but it lacks some sense of science and technology compared with some new models on the market, and it has also been vomited by some netizens that the design is "too old-fashioned". Compared with Li ONE, it is more scientific and technological. It seems that the M7 is more suitable for business people who pursue large space or car owners who prefer calm models.

In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the M7 are 5020/1945/1775 mm and the wheelbase is 2820 mm, which is close to the body size of Li ONE. The new car will also adopt the 6-seat layout of 2+2+2. After all, in the new energy market, large-size 6-seat SUVs are still very popular. However, Li ONE, as the biggest competitor of the M7, is also a 6-seat large-size SUV of the new energy model, and its size is extremely close. I wonder if it will be affected. In addition, the rear row of the new car is also designed with a rear privacy glass configuration to make the car more private.

In terms of power, the M7 is a hybrid electric vehicle equipped with h15rt 1.5T four-cylinder extended range engine. The maximum power is 92kW, and the fuel consumption of engine wltc is 1.05l/100km. Li ONE is also equipped with an extended-range hybrid system, which consists of a 1.2T engine and a brand-new drive motor, and is equipped with an ideal self-developed Li OS system and a millimeter-wave radar with driving assistance. Although there is no official data on battery capacity and battery life, the battery life of M7 will not be weaker than that of Li ONE, and the power system is really hard to tell.

At present, the interior of Wenjie M7 has not been made public, but it is understood that the new car will adopt the simple scientific and technological style similar to Wenjie M5, full LCD instrument and an oversized central control panel, and it has a built-in HarmonyOS OS intelligent cockpit. Presumably, its powerful ecological function will also bring different surprise experiences to Huawei’s new and old users.

From the price point of view, it is estimated that the selling price of M7 will be above 300,000, while the guiding price of Li ONE is around 349,800. If M7 can be lower than this selling price, the competitiveness will be more imaginative.

Although the official has only released the appearance and some dynamic information at present, judging from these data and the performance of M5, the launch of M7 is still worth our expectation. After all, it is a brand launched under the leadership of Huawei with strong scientific and technological strength. Let’s wait and see.

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Where is the difficulty in mass production of solid-state batteries?

    Solid-state batteries not only have high safety and high energy density, but also have excellent "high and low temperature" performance. All kinds of advantages make people look forward to them, and they are regarded as the next generation of power batteries, and also the strategic commanding heights for countries to compete. However, at present, all three technical routes have corresponding basic shortcomings that need to be solved urgently, and the cost is also an insurmountable hurdle for enterprises.

  Toyota Motor Corporation recently announced at the technical briefing that it has found good materials to commercialize solid-state batteries from 2027 to 2028 and put pure electric vehicles equipped with all-solid-state batteries on the market. However, because Toyota did not publish convincing technical details, it caused public opinion to question.

  Solid-state batteries not only have high safety and high energy density, but also have excellent "high and low temperature" performance. All kinds of advantages make people look forward to them, and they are regarded as the next generation of power batteries, and also the strategic commanding heights for countries to compete. Thirty years ago, Oak Ridge National Laboratory claimed to have built a solid-state battery, but it is a pity that it has not been mass-produced so far. In the past two years, with the popularity of new energy vehicles around the world, many companies have reported the progress of mass production of solid-state batteries, but after the news was exposed, there was no more.

  According to the material system, solid-state batteries can be divided into three technical routes. Japan and South Korea are betting on sulfide systems. In Europe, the main route is polymer, while in China, the main route is oxide. Among them, Japanese and Korean companies, represented by Toyota, Samsung SDI and Hitachi, have profound technology accumulation and obvious first-Mover advantage, and the trend of joint research and development is obvious. However, these three technical routes all have corresponding basic shortcomings that need to be solved urgently.

  Specifically, sulfide electrolyte has poor air stability, and when it is exposed to air, it will produce toxic gas. At the same time, with the destruction of electrolyte structure and the attenuation of electrochemical performance, the synthesis, storage, transportation and post-treatment of sulfide electrolyte need to rely heavily on inert gas or drying chamber. At room temperature, the ionic conductivity of polymer electrolyte is low, which makes the charging of polymer solid-state battery need to be completed in high temperature environment, which greatly limits its commercialization. Most oxide electrolytes have wider electrochemical stability "window" and better oxidation stability, but in order to ensure good interface contact between rigid oxide electrolytes and cathode materials, it is often necessary to sinter at high temperature, otherwise it will lead to serious interface chemical side reactions. In addition, some oxide electrolytes also have the problem of lithium dendrite growth.

  At the same time, cost is also a difficult hurdle for enterprises to overcome. At present, the cost of semi-solid battery is much higher than that of commercialized liquid battery. According to industry research and calculation, taking NCM811 liquid battery and NCM811 semi-solid battery as examples, the cost of semi-solid battery increases by about 80% compared with that of liquid battery. Among them, the cost of solid electrolyte is the main new cost and the main cost in semi-solid battery, accounting for about 50%. Due to the change of electrolyte material, production process and lack of experience in product quality control, the cost of all-solid battery is higher than that of semi-solid battery.

  There are five main indicators to measure whether a power battery can be mass-produced, namely, energy density, charge-discharge rate performance, cost, safety and cycle life. The laboratory research results of power batteries generally make a major breakthrough in one or several indicators at a certain stage, and it is possible to mass-produce them only when they meet the requirements of five indicators. In other words, as far as the current research and development progress of major enterprises is concerned, solid-state batteries seem to be "windy", but in fact they are "long and long", and the mass production is still quite difficult.

  Compared with structural innovation, the improvement of battery materials is slower and indeed more difficult. However, being difficult does not mean not doing it. We often say that it is reasonable to do the "difficult and correct thing". From the perspective of technological change, the technological innovation of power battery has played a major role in promoting the development of automobile electrification. The reason why China’s new energy automobile industry can lead the world is that we have surpassed the power battery, and a global power battery giant like Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited was born.

  In the industrial transformation driven by the goal of "double carbon", the innovation of power battery has become the key to strengthen the competition level of new energy vehicles, build the national industrial competitiveness and stabilize the competitive advantage of enterprises. Whether it is the first country or the catch-up country of new energy vehicles, or the main enterprises of the power battery chain, they are all aiming at new technologies and laying out solid-state batteries. This is both a great challenge and a rare opportunity. Super-large-scale market advantage, leading industry-wide competitiveness and rising innovation make China more qualified to win the strategic commanding heights of power batteries.

Why is Extreme Yue 01 more sincere than Zhiji LS6?

  Extreme Yue 01 was officially listed, with an official price of 249,900. After seeing this price, many people will think that Yuejie 01 is more expensive than Zhiji LS6 and Tucki G6. Especially after Extreme Vietnam officially announced that it would buy out 19,900 high-end smart drivers, it undoubtedly aggravated the wait-and-see mood of users, because the smart driver LS6 next door has come standard, and the smart driver of Tucki G6 does not need to spend money. Suddenly, Extreme Yue 01 was labeled as "low intelligence-price ratio".

  This "strategic flicker" algorithm not only ignores the software and hardware advantages of the ultra-Yue 01 in intelligent driving and intelligent driving, but also ignores the small order rights of the ultra-Yue 01 and the car purchase rights of 70,000 yuan.

You can enjoy 10,000+high configuration for more than 1,000 yuan. Why is Extreme Yue 01 more sincere than Zhiji LS6 _fororder_image001

  One question: What are the comprehensive rights and interests provided by Extreme Yue 01? Compared with Zhiji LS6 and Tucki G6, where are the "intelligent price ratio" and "intelligent driving ratio" of Extreme Yue 01?

  In fact, if all kinds of rights and interests are added up, Extreme Yue 01 is only more expensive than Zhiji LS6 in 1000 yuan, and it can also enjoy the buyout high-level intelligent driving service. Coupled with Qualcomm’s new generation 8295 chip+dual NVIDIA Orin chip and 35.6-inch 6K integrated screen, isn’t this configuration and price fragrant?

More than 1000 yuan, enjoy 10,000 yuan+high configuration. Why is Extreme Yue 01 more sincere than Zhiji LS6 _fororder_image003

You can enjoy 10,000+high configuration for more than 1,000 yuan. Why is Extreme Yue 01 more sincere than Zhiji LS6 _fororder_image005

  In terms of basic space, there is little difference between Ji Yue 01 and Zhi Ji LS6. Objectively speaking, Zhiji LS6 is a little taller and has the typical height of a traditional SUV. The extreme crossing 01 is a little lower and wider, belonging to the sports SUV figure. The biggest difference is that the wheelbase of Extreme Yue 01 reaches 3000mm, which is 50mm larger than that of Zhiji LS6 2950mm, which means that the space of Extreme Yue is a little bigger. The trunk volume of Zhiji LS6 is 596L, which can be expanded to 1571L after the rear seat is put down, while the data of Extreme Yue 01 are 710L and 2161L respectively.

  On the other hand, in terms of basic three electrical properties, the total power of the front and rear motors of Extreme Yue 01 is 400kW, while that of Zhiji LS6 is 396kW, and the power is smaller. In the zero-hundred-kilometer acceleration, the polar crossing was accelerated for 3.8 seconds, while Zhiji LS6 was accelerated for 3.48 seconds. The two models have won and lost each other, but the bigger gap is also reflected in the CDC shock absorber.

  The technical characteristics of CDC shock absorber are that it can realize millisecond monitoring and response ability, and can automatically adjust the suspension damping according to the road conditions. When the road conditions are good at high speed, the suspension will automatically harden and improve handling. In poor road conditions such as suburbs, the suspension automatically softens, improving comfort. The value of this configuration is far more direct and tangible than accelerating by a few tenths of a second.

  The first question: directly buy the lowest-equipped model, not choose smart driving, lose money?

  The starting price of Extreme Yue 01 is 249,900 yuan, and you can enjoy a deposit of 5,000 yuan to get a discount of 10,000 yuan, as well as a reward of 5,000 yuan for the recommended car purchase. The total discount is 10,000 yuan. That’s not counting. If the user participates in the pre-sale (small reservation) before October 27th, he/she will also enjoy an additional 10 times expansion bonus of 1,000 yuan, which can reach 10,000 yuan. In other words, it is equivalent to a discount of 19,000 yuan, and only 230,900 yuan can win the ultra-01 low-profile version. If the user happens to be a Tesla owner, then on the basis of 230,900 yuan, 20,000 yuan can be reduced, which is 228,900 yuan.

More than 1,000 yuan is more than 10,000 yuan+high configuration. Why is Extreme Yue 01 more sincere than Zhiji LS6 _fororder_image007

  Extreme Yue 01 also provides an optional fund of 15,000 yuan, which can be used to deduct any optional configuration. You can choose a comfortable suit with interior (including Nappa leather seat, massage and ventilation of main and auxiliary seats, suede roof, audio system of unit 18, and car fragrance system), or you can choose an endurance upgrade package or a smart driving package of 19,000 yuan, which will be discussed later.

  In addition, Extreme Yue 01 provides lifelong vehicle/three-electricity warranty, lifelong road rescue, free home charging or a certain amount of free charging for 2 years, and a 6-month free subscription to the advanced intelligent assisted driving function.

More than 1,000 yuan is more than 10,000 yuan+high configuration. Why is Extreme Yue 01 more sincere than Zhiji LS6 _fororder_image009

  Frankly speaking, the configuration of the entry-level model of Extreme Yue 01 has reached the configuration of the flagship model. Compared with Zhiji LS6, the Extreme Yue 01 is only 1000 yuan more expensive, but it has more drivers’ and drivers’ seat massage, suede roof, headrest audio, fragrance system, four electric doors, three-zone independent air conditioning, fatigue detection, free home charging or two-year free charging, lifetime warranty of the whole vehicle, three batteries and electricity, brand-new 8295 chips from Qualcomm+two Orin X chips from NVIDIA, and 35.6 inches without splicing.

More than 1,000 yuan is more than 10,000 yuan+high configuration. Why is Extreme Yue 01 more sincere than Zhiji LS6 _fororder_image011

  The comfortable package of the Extreme Yue 01 (equipped with Nappa leather/ventilation of two seats of the main driver and the auxiliary driver+electric massage/equipped with 18 speakers/car fragrance including the whole car’s suede roof/aluminum door trim/headrest sound of the main driver) is worth about 15,000 yuan.

  Life-long vehicle, three-power warranty and life-long road rescue are worth about 8,000 yuan. Free home filling pile or 2 years free charging, worth 7500 yuan. These are sent directly to the user when placing an order. The extra configuration of the ultra-01 has been very affordable.

More than 1,000 yuan is more than 10,000 yuan+high configuration. Why is Extreme Yue 01 more sincere than Zhiji LS6 _fororder_image013

  As for Zhiji LS6, intelligent driving comes standard. There are two sides to this matter. Zhiji LS6 intelligent driving belongs to castrated version, and it is equipped with a single Orin chip. Compared with the two Orin chips of Extreme Yue 01, the computing power of Zhiji LS6 is only 254TOPS, which is equivalent to half.

  The high-level intelligent driving of Extreme Yue 01 has rich functions, and ROBO Drive Max can be used when picking up the car, and there is no need to wait for the subsequent OTA. At present, ROBO Drive Max includes: point-to-point navigation assistance PPA+ parking service AVP+ROBO Drive full function.

  Even if you don’t buy ROBO Drive Max, you will get a free 6-month experience. In addition, ROBO Drive is equivalent to a rich ADSD assisted driving function, which is standard and free of charge.

  Point-to-point pilot-assisted PPA, with high-order intelligent driving assistance capability covering high-speed and urban scenes. When PPA is started, it can complete a series of functional scenes such as autonomous lane change overtaking, getting on and off ramps, obstacle avoidance in and between lanes at high speed and overhead. In urban roads, zebra crossings and traffic lights can be accurately identified, and driving tasks such as courtesy to pedestrians, unprotected left turn and avoiding non-motor vehicles can be completed.

  Extreme Yue 01 has achieved the world’s first voice control/parking support outside the vehicle. Parking service AVP can not only identify various types and complex parking spaces, but also support the distance of up to 2 kilometers. It can be used in both indoor and outdoor parking lots, and supports the parking of any parking space on the same floor to the entrance and exit of the parking lot.

More than 1,000 yuan is more than 10,000 yuan+high configuration. Why is Extreme Yue 01 more sincere than Zhiji LS6 _fororder_image015

  ROBO Drive includes many intelligent driving functions, such as lane keeping, automatic parking assistance, collision warning, lane departure warning, etc., which realizes the complete opening of cabin driving and supports voice-controlled intelligent driving, such as adjusting cruising speed, changing lanes and choosing parking spaces. At present, ROBO Drive functions are all standard, and now it covers the whole country, the whole city and the whole road, and it is free.

  The second question: it costs 19,900 yuan to buy out the smart car. If you choose smart car, will you lose money?

  Then, discuss whether it is worthwhile to drive intelligently. Many people see that it costs 19,900 yuan to buy out the smart car. Isn’t the car price calculated to be 249,900 yuan+19,900 yuan = 269,800 yuan? This algorithm does not take into account the car purchase rights provided by Extreme Yue 01, and belongs to a typical "strategic flicker" algorithm.

  First of all, it’s true that the buyout of smart driving costs 19,900 yuan. Deduction with the optional fund of 15,000 yuan, only 4,900 yuan is needed to buy out the high-level intelligent driving. That is to say, the price of Extreme Yue 01 after buyout is 230,900 yuan+4,900 yuan = 235,800 yuan.

  In this way, the price of Extreme Yue 01 after buying out Zhijia is less than 5,000 yuan more expensive than Zhiji LS6. However, compared with Zhiji LS6, Extreme Yue 01 has more free home-filled piles or two-year free charging, lifetime warranty for the whole vehicle and three electric appliances, brand-new 8295 chip from Qualcomm +2 pieces of Orin X from NVIDIA, four electric doors, fatigue detection, and a 35.6-inch 6K integrated screen without splicing. The value of these configurations is enough to cover three 5,000 yuan.

More than 1,000 yuan is more than 10,000 yuan+high configuration. Why is Extreme Yue 01 more sincere than Zhiji LS6 _fororder_image017

  Imagine how much money can be saved when the vehicle is used for 3-5 years. When selling an old car for a new one, how much can the whole car and the three-power lifetime warranty increase the value of the car?

  Talking about Qualcomm 8295 chip, this fast chip uses dual NPU, and the AI computing power is 8 times that of Qualcomm 8155, and 2 times that of the current flagship mobile phone Qualcomm 8GEN2 chip. This performance is enough to guarantee life-long use without card. Let’s look at the current mainstream 8155. Many cars have frequent interactive experiences when they are in a new car state. Referring to the problem that the Android system uses more cards, the model with 8155 will only use more cards later.

  In the future, when you want to sell a deadly smart car, how much is its value? Cars are bulky items with low replacement frequency, so whether the long-term value of smart cars should be reasonably evaluated.

  Finally, discuss the difference between extreme wisdom and wisdom.

  First of all, the ultra-high-level intelligent driving is richer in function than the intelligent driving, and there are more AVP parking service and voice parking outside the car.

  Secondly, the ultra-high-level intelligent driving is out of the box, and it can be used directly without waiting, which belongs to "buy early and enjoy early". The intelligent driving of Zhiji LS6 needs to wait for opening, which belongs to "buy early and wait early". As for when it will be opened, it depends on the official rhythm. Now that the wisdom is on fire, whether to choose to use it out of the box or wait for futures is a question that needs careful consideration.

More than 1,000 yuan is more than 10,000 yuan+high configuration. Why is Extreme Yue 01 more sincere than Zhiji LS6 _fororder_image019

  To put it simply, if you want to experience the sense of science and technology of the intelligent cockpit and the more advanced interactive experience, Extreme Yue 01 not only gives the Qualcomm 8295 chip, but also gives the 35.6-inch ultra-clear 6K real integrated screen, as well as more scientific and technological configuration and two-year free charging, which promotes the experience of the intelligent cockpit to a higher dimension. If you want to experience intelligent driving, Extreme Yue 01 can give an out-of-the-box intelligent driving experience. As for Zhiji LS6, although intelligent driving is standard, it needs to wait. (Photo: provided by Jiyue Automobile)

On Guangzhou Automobile Science and Technology Day, the solid-state battery that will not spontaneously ignite was officially released!

Earlier, Guangzhou Automobile held the 2024 Guangzhou Automobile Science and Technology Day, and released the unmanned pure visual intelligent driving system and the large-capacity all-solid-state power battery, both of which are the leading technologies in China.

No-graph pure vision intelligent driving system

We all know that most of the intelligent driving systems on the market at present are based on high-precision maps, but one problem with high-precision maps is that they are slow to update and have poor adaptability to complex road conditions such as sudden road repairs.

The intelligent driving system without map and pure vision is like giving a car "eyes", completely getting rid of the dependence on high-precision maps and perceiving the world like a human being. There is no complicated lidar, and a more concise and low-cost hardware system is used to realize a wider range of intelligent driving experience. At the same time, the intelligent driving system without map and pure vision also has the ability of continuous improvement and self-improvement and progress.

However, in my opinion, there are still limitations in the unmanned pure vision intelligent driving system. For example, in a thunderstorm with low visibility, or in the face of such an emergency as a "ghost probe", the pure vision scheme has the same visual blind spot as the human eye. Therefore, I personally guess that in the future, "multi-sensor fusion technology" and "map-free pure vision technology" will coexist, and they will not replace each other.

The unmanned pure vision intelligent driving system will be installed on the family car at a lower cost, so that the users of the family car can also have high-level intelligent driving, while the high-end models are still lidar+vision solutions. This technology will be officially loaded in 2026.

Large-capacity all-solid-state power battery

In addition to the unmanned visual intelligent driving system, another black technology is all-solid-state power battery. At present, the expected loading time of all-solid-state power battery in the industry is in 2030, and GAC announced that they plan to complete the loading of all-solid-state power battery in 2026, which is much faster than the industry standard.

So what are the advantages of all-solid-state power batteries? Its biggest advantage is that it increases the energy density of the battery and reduces the risk of spontaneous combustion.

According to the official information, the negative electrode adopts the third generation sponge silicon negative plate technology, that is, the "silicon" material, while the positive electrode adopts the solid-state positive electrode technology with high surface capacity, but the electrolyte that everyone is very concerned about has not been announced.

The overall energy density can reach more than 400Wh/kg, which is not particularly high. After all, Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited has released a battery with a single energy density as high as 500Wh/kg before. Personally, it is expected that GAC will deliberately reduce the energy density for safety reasons.

According to the official data, the all-solid-state power battery of GAC does not explode in the hot box test at 200°C, and can maintain stable performance under extreme conditions such as-78°C dry ice and 90°C high temperature.

The announcement of these two technologies represents that GAC is continuing to deepen their technical strategy and demonstrates the strong R&D and innovation capabilities of GAC Group. However, the actual performance will not be known until the actual loading has been tried.

Worth collecting | Ten-character combing, Xiaomi announced all major events since the car was built.

News in 2023

1. On October 13th, Guo Ming: The shipment of Xiaomi’s first car is expected to be 50,000-60,000 units, and the price is estimated to be less than 300,000 yuan.

On October 13th, Tianfeng International analyst Guo Ming posted a message on the Medium platform this afternoon, analyzing Xiaomi’s mobile phone and automobile business.

Guo Ming mentioned that the current sales of Huawei’s new M7 exceed expectations, because its manufacturing shows a high degree of industrial division of labor, which symbolizes that the competition focus of China’s electric vehicle market has begun to shift to autonomous driving, software, marketing and channels. Such a new competition pattern will help Xiaomi enter the automobile market.

When talking about the progress and planning of Xiaomi’s first car, Guo Ming said that the new car is expected to be put on sale in 2024, with an estimated shipment of 50,000-60,000 units. It will take autonomous driving, software ecology, 800V fast charging and power configuration as "key selling points" and the estimated price is less than 300,000 RMB. If the price is closer to 250,000 or even lower than 250,000, the shipment volume "should have room for repair".

Guo Ming pointed out that Xiaomi Automobile has two unique competitive advantages in the long run: it can be integrated with existing ecosystems including operating system, App, mobile phone and IoT hardware; Sales channels are all over overseas markets, and Xiaomi’s status as a "world-renowned enterprise" is conducive to the future growth of automobile business overseas.

Second, on October 12, the news said that Xiaomi Automobile and

Chery and Brilliance Auto are discussing production cooperation and are trying to get approval from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

According to informed sources, Xiaomi has held talks with some car companies on potential production cooperation relations, among which several car manufacturers include Brilliance Auto and Chery Automobile. The above-mentioned person also revealed that Xiaomi Group is still trying to obtain the relevant approval from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and discussions with other automakers are still in progress, and it is "not sure" that any cooperative relationship can be realized. Xiaomi Group declined to comment on this matter, while Brilliance and Chery did not respond to requests for comment.

Last year, it was reported that Xiaomi Automobile was negotiating with BAIC Group to jointly produce electric vehicles.

In August this year, according to media reports, Xiaomi has been approved by the National Development and Reform Commission to produce electric vehicles. According to people familiar with the matter, the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), which is responsible for supervising the new investment and production capacity of China’s automobile industry, approved Beijing-based Xiaomi Company to produce electric vehicles earlier this month. Xiaomi is the fourth enterprise approved by the NDRC since the end of 2017.

However, Xiaomi still needs approval from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, which is responsible for evaluating the technical and safety requirements of new car manufacturers and models.

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3. On October 10th, Xiaomi Automobile announced the patent of charging car, which can improve the automatic charging degree of electric vehicles.

Tianyancha App shows that on October 10th, the patent of "charging car and charging method" applied by Xiaomi Automobile Technology Co., Ltd. was announced.

The patent abstract shows that the charging vehicle includes a battery compartment, a wireless charging device and an automatic driving system, wherein the battery compartment is used for loading batteries, the wireless charging device is used for wirelessly transmitting the electric energy of the batteries to the electric vehicle, and the automatic driving system is used for controlling the charging vehicle to travel to a preset relative position with the electric vehicle, and the wireless charging device can wirelessly transmit the electric energy of the batteries to the electric vehicle in the relative position. The invention improves the automatic degree of electric vehicle charging and reduces the complexity of the charging process.

4. On October 10, the release conference or file of Xiaomi Auto will be released on October 31 at the National Centre for the Performing Arts.

The Xiaomi Auto Conference or File will be released on October 31st at the National Centre for the Performing Arts. In addition to Xiaomi 14 series mobile phones, this release also includes Xiaomi’s completely self-developed MIOS operating system and Xiaomi Auto.


5. On October 10th,

Tesla sued Bingling Intelligent for infringing technical secrets, which is owned by Xiaomi.

According to Tianyancha’s hearing information, on October 10th, Tesla (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., as the plaintiff, sued Bingling Intelligent Technology (Changzhou) Co., Ltd. in Shanghai Intellectual Property Court for "infringement of technical secrets and unfair competition disputes". During his tenure, Gu Mou, a former Tesla R&D personnel, used his position to download a large number of Tesla vehicle technical secrets in violation of regulations, and privately provided technical services for Bingling Intelligent Technology (Changzhou) Co., Ltd., allegedly revealing Tesla’s technical secrets.

After investigation, Tesla dismissed Gu in September 2022 and decided to file a lawsuit with Gu and Bingling Technology. The case is currently under trial.

Just in March of this year, Bingling Intelligent Technology has just undergone industrial and commercial changes. Beijing Xiaomi Zhizao Equity Investment Fund Partnership (Limited Partnership) became the second largest shareholder of Bingling Technology, holding 11.86%.

6. On October 9, the "Xiaomi Racing" game WeChat official account was renamed "Xiaomi Automobile", and Xiao Ai revealed that there would be an exclusive car control App.

WeChat official account of Xiaomi Racing Game has been changed to Xiaomi Automobile today, and the main body has also become Xiaomi Automobile Technology Co., Ltd.. In addition, Xiao Ai revealed that users can bind vehicles through the Xiaomi car App of the mobile phone to support remote control of the car.

7. On October 9, the layout of the suspected Xiaomi Automobile Factory was exposed, with 6 workshops covering a huge area.

A digital blogger has released a layout plan of a suspected Xiaomi automobile factory. As can be seen from the picture, Xiaomi Automobile has six workshops, namely, die casting workshop, stamping workshop, body workshop, painting workshop, assembly workshop and battery workshop. In addition, North Gate 1 is equipped with two commercial vehicle parking areas. In addition, there are two buildings in Xiaomi Automobile Factory, and there is a test track next to the building. On the whole, the factory covers a huge area.

8. On October 9, Xiaomi’s self-developed operating system MIOS is coming, which will provide support for Xiaomi’s car.

On October 9th, Digital Blogger @ Digital Chat Station said: "It is basically confirmed that MIUI 14 will be the last official big version of MIUI". It is reported that Xiaomi’s self-developed operating system MIOS will provide support for Xiaomi’s car, and mobile phones and Internet of Things devices can also be used, similar to the full platform coverage in HarmonyOS.

9. On October 2, Xiaomi official website hinted that Xiaomi Automobile is expected to launch extended-range models.

On October 2nd, the news came that several positions related to automobiles were quietly launched on Xiaomi’s recruitment official website page. It is worth noting that these positions were all related to extended-range automobiles. Including extended range system design and development, fuel system engineer, exhaust system engineer and other positions.

According to sources, Xiaomi Automobile currently has multiple platforms to simultaneously promote research and development. The first-generation platform will be launched next year, and the second-generation platform is planned to be launched in 2025. These two platforms should belong to pure electric platforms. From the time schedule, the launch node of Xiaomi extended-range models may be behind the second-generation platform.

In October and February, MIOS, Snapdragon 8295 and CarPlay got on the bus collectively, and the information of Xiaomi’s first car was exposed again!

A few days ago, Xiaomi’s first medium-sized and large-sized car, code-named "MS11", obtained Bluetooth technology certification, and the new car will support Bluetooth 5.2 transmission protocol, as well as the much-watched car interconnection function of Apple CarPlay.

In terms of intelligence, the central control of Xiaomi’s new car is expected to adopt a horizontal suspension screen design, and it will also be the first vehicle equipped with Qualcomm’s latest flagship chip Snapdragon 8295. Snapdragon 8295 chip adopts 5nm process technology, and the CPU power is increased to 220K DMIPS, and the GPU power reaches 3.1tflops..

In addition, Xiaomi’s new MIOS system may be launched in a new car. According to Xiaomi’s latest plan, its self-developed MIOS system is planned to be implemented on AI Internet of Things and large terminal equipment in advance. Therefore, the system is also expected to become the core selling point of the new car and take the lead in completing the launch.

11. On September 27th and 28th, Xiaomi established Jingming Technology Company in Shenzhen, Wuhan, including automobile sales service.

Tianyancha App shows that Wuhan Xiaomi Jingming Technology Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Xiaomi Jingming Technology Co., Ltd. were established. The legal representatives are Lei Yun and Li Xiaoshuang respectively, with a registered capital of 10 million yuan. Their business scope includes electronic product sales, automobile sales, new energy vehicle sales, used car brokerage, and minibus rental and operation services. The panorama of equity shows that both companies are wholly-owned by Xiaomi Jingming Technology Co., Ltd., which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Xiaomi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

12. On September 25th, gossip: Xiaomi Automobile may show up in October.

A digital circle blogger posted a dynamic on the social platform, which read: Gossip: Xiaomi Auto may show up in October.

The press conference of Xiaomi 14 is expected to be held in October. If the rumor is true, Lei Jun will report the progress of Xiaomi Automobile at the press conference.

XIII. On September 19th, the wireless charging patent of Xiaomi Automobile was authorized.

Tianyancha App shows that on September 19th, the patent of "wireless charging method, system and storage medium" applied by Xiaomi Automobile Technology Co., Ltd. was authorized.

The summary shows that the disclosed charging device determines the target parking space where the vehicle is currently parked under the condition of receiving the charging request message sent by the vehicle to be charged; Determining a target induction coil corresponding to the target parking space from the coil array; Positioning an electric energy receiving coil arranged on a vehicle through a target induction coil to obtain the target position of the electric energy receiving coil; Take any idle electric energy transmitting coil located in a preset place as the target electric energy transmitting coil, and move the target electric energy transmitting coil to the target position, so as to wirelessly charge the vehicle through the target electric energy transmitting coil and the electric energy receiving coil.

This patent avoids the driver’s need to constantly adjust the parking position of the vehicle to realize the accurate alignment between the target electric energy transmitting coil and the electric energy receiving coil, thus reducing the complexity of the driver’s parking operation and improving the parking freedom of the vehicle.

14. On September 18th, a new patent for Xiaomi Automobile was announced: it can wake up the vehicle in advance according to the habit of using the car and reduce the response time.

On September 18th, according to the announcement on the website of China National Intellectual Property Administration, the patent of "vehicle wake-up method, device, storage medium and vehicle" of Xiaomi Automobile Technology Co., Ltd. was announced on September 12th.

The disclosure relates to a vehicle wake-up method, a device, a storage medium and a vehicle, and relates to the technical field of vehicles. The method comprises the following steps: acquiring a record of a user using a vehicle; According to the record, the user’s car time period is determined from the time period; Wake up the vehicle before it reaches the car time period of the current time period. When the end user uses the vehicle, the vehicle is already awake, which can quickly respond to the user’s operation, improve the user’s car experience, and solve the problem of slow vehicle response in related scenes. Because the vehicle is woken up before the car use period, it can reduce the energy consumption of the vehicle compared with the way of waking up the vehicle all the time.

The patent of Xiaomi Automobile points out in the background that the current user can remotely control the vehicle to perform operations such as turning on the air conditioner and unlocking the lock through the mobile phone, but the response time of the vehicle to the user’s operation request is still long in some scenes, which reduces the user’s experience.

15. On September 12th, it was reported that the Tongzhou production base of Xiaomi Automobile entered the sprint stage of production debugging.

According to shanghai securities news news, the Tongzhou production base of Xiaomi Automobile has entered the sprint stage of production debugging. Lei Jun, the chairman of Mi Group, has recently led Xiaomi Auto executives to complete the road test of new cars in Xinjiang in the summer, in order to enter the mass production of new cars as soon as possible after obtaining relevant approvals.

It is reported that the whole base includes six workshops, including die casting, stamping, car body, painting, assembly and battery. In the die-casting workshop, the sign of "Xiaomi Super Die-casting" has been hung up, which means that Xiaomi Automobile may adopt advanced integrated die-casting technology similar to that in Tesla Giga Shanghai.


XVI. On September 11th, the spy photos of Xiaomi’s trunk were exposed, and the comments of netizens resembled Buds4 Pro charging box.

Recently, a spy photo of the trunk of Xiaomi car was circulated on the Internet, which triggered a heated discussion among netizens. This photo shows that after the trunk of Xiaomi car is opened, its shape is similar to that of Xiaomi Buds 4 Pro earphone box, and it also has the shadow of a large USB-C charging port. This unique design is impressive.

Seventeen, Xiaomi new car spy photos

It is reported that Xiaomi’s new car is a slip-back design, with laser radar on the top of the head (presumably with high-order intelligent driving), the chassis is very low, which is similar to the traditional sports car, and the body size may reach B+ level. The top of the car is a giant integrated canopy, equipped with hidden door handles and penetrating taillights. The tail on the tailgate is also obvious. The wheels with double five shapes are adopted, and the new Logo of Xiaomi is printed in the center of the wheel hub. Low-lying hunting and running style+larger size space may be the difference between Xiaomi car and similar competing products.

In addition, another spy photo shows that Xiaomi will adopt the design of frameless doors.

The interior style has also been simplified. The center console is equipped with a large-size central control panel in the middle. From the test car in the picture, the whole front is still a small-size LCD instrument with a flat-bottomed steering wheel. However, it is temporarily uncertain whether Xiaomi will add more screens in the back row.

18. On September 6th, Xiaomi Automobile has been in trial production for nearly a month, with 50 prototype cars per week, and another 100 workers have been recruited to prepare for mass production.

Xiaomi Automobile is now in the trial production stage. This work has been carried out for less than a month, and it is conducting a comprehensive test on production line equipment, process connection and worker proficiency. At present, Xiaomi produces about 50 prototype cars every week, and there are few workers at night. A person familiar with the matter said, "The approval of Xiaomi Automobile from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is expected to be approved in the last two months and before the end of the year at the latest, and then mass production can begin."

At present, the Yizhuang factory of Xiaomi Automobile is recruiting workshop workers on a large scale, with a gap of 100 workers in five major types of operation, opening up a number of positions such as painting operators and battery workshop operators, with an average salary of 6,000 to 7,000 yuan, and a daily working time of 8 hours. You can join at any time on weekends.


On September 2nd, 19th, it was reported that the first car of Xiaomi would use the laser radar of Hesai.

On September 2 nd, according to "Late Auto", the specific lidar configuration of Xiaomi’s first model is based on a hybrid solid-state radar AT128 and several all-solid-state radars as blind-compensating radars.


20. On August 29th, Xiaomi Q2 released its financial report, and invested 1.4 billion yuan in car innovation.

On August 29th, Lei Jun, founder, chairman and CEO of Xiaomi Group, reported the Q2 financial report of Xiaomi in 2023 in Weibo. The R&D expenditure of Xiaomi Group in the second quarter was 4.6 billion yuan, up by 21%, including 1.4 billion yuan invested in innovative businesses such as smart electric vehicles, and announced that it would achieve the carbon neutrality goal of existing businesses in 2040.

In the conference call after the release of Xiaomi’s financial report, Lu Weibing, president of Xiaomi, mentioned in an interview that the actual investment of Xiaomi Automobile is even greater. Xiaomi is making the long-term layout of the automobile with the goal of entering the top five in the world in the future, doing self-research in the whole stack and building its own automobile factory, so the investment in cash flow is even higher than the disclosed figures. In addition, he also said that Xiaomi Automobile has just finished the summer test, and the progress has exceeded expectations, maintaining the mass production target in the first half of 2024 unchanged.

21. On August 28th, the LOGO on the welcome pedal of Xiaomi Automobile was exposed.

22. On August 25th, Xiangxin Technology: The company established a cooperative relationship with Xiaomi Automobile.

Xiangxin Technology said on the investor interaction platform on August 25 that the company has established a cooperative relationship with Xiaomi Automobile. The company’s main business includes automobile molds, automobile body structural parts, power battery boxes and other products. The company has advanced mold development technology in automobile lightweight forming (such as ultra-high strength steel plate and aluminum-magnesium alloy cold stamping technology), which can provide lightweight overall solutions for customers in the new energy automobile industry.


On August 23rd, it was reported that the National Development and Reform Commission had approved Xiaomi to produce electric vehicles.

According to Reuters, Xiaomi Automobile has been approved by the National Development and Reform Commission to produce electric vehicles. If the news is true, then Xiaomi will be the fourth batch of enterprises approved by the National Development and Reform Commission since the end of 2017. This also means that Xiaomi Automobile has always emphasized that mass production and listing in 2024 already have basic conditions.


24. On August 23rd, the domain name of Xiaomi Auto’s filing website was "xiaomiev.com".

Tianyancha App shows that Xiaomi Automobile Technology Co., Ltd. recently registered the domain name of xiaomiev.com website.

The company was established in November 2021, and its legal representative is Lei Jun with a registered capital of RMB 1 billion. Its business scope includes technology development, vehicle manufacturing of new energy vehicles, technology research and development of vehicles and parts, road motor vehicle production, etc. Xiaomi Technology Co., Ltd. is wholly-owned by Xiaomi Technology Co., Ltd.


25. On August 22nd, the battery suppliers of Xiaomi Automobile have been finalized. The first supplier and the second supplier are Zhongchuang Singapore Airlines and Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited respectively.

According to the interface news, it was learned from insiders of Xiaomi that this year, Xiaomi Automobile has finalized Zhongchuang Singapore Airlines (formerly known as AVIC Lithium Battery) and Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited as the primary and secondary battery suppliers at this stage.

Before Singapore Airlines did not win the lawsuit against Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited, Xiaomi’s tentative first-tier supplier was Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited. Because the output of Xiaomi Automobile still needs to climb in the initial stage, the bargaining power of Xiaomi Automobile is not high. The cost of purchasing a battery pack starts at 80,000 yuan, and the battery cost accounts for about 50% of the total vehicle cost. In order to further reduce the cost, Xiaomi Automobile has made adjustments in the near future.

As for the battery suppliers of Xiaomi Automobile, it was generally speculated that they were Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited and BYD, and BYD related people also revealed to the interface news that there is no Xiaomi Automobile in its power battery supply list at present.

Insiders of Xiaomi said that Xiaomi Automobile has clearly defined the strategy of making money without hardware and software. In order to keep the advantage of high cost performance of Xiaomi, the profit rate of parts of Xiaomi Automobile will remain at around 1%, and the future profit mainly depends on software services and ecological services.


26. On August 19, Lei Jun and Lu Weibing appeared in Xinjiang. The road test of Xiaomi Automobile has been officially announced, and the battery life was first exposed: 100 kilometers need 8.8 kWh.

On August 18, some netizens exposed four Xiaomi cars that happened to be closely disguised on the Urumqi-Changji urban expressway and galloped on the expressway. At the same time, the Weibo IP addresses of Lei Jun, founder, chairman and CEO of Xiaomi, and Lu Weibing, president of Xiaomi Group, are all displayed in Xinjiang. The banner in the picture shows the words "Fight for Xiaomi Automobile".

In addition, Hu Zhengnan, a co-investor of Shunwei Capital, also released a Weibo, saying that his test vehicle had tested the power consumption of 8.8kwh per 100 kilometers. As the former president of Geely Automobile Research Institute, Hu Zhengnan, although he is the first-ranked capital, shows that he is serving Xiaomi Automobile by the relationship between the first-ranked capital and Xiaomi. This Weibo also proves once again that Xiaomi has some new information, and the power consumption control level of the new car is not bad.

27. On August 19th, Xiaomi released the financial report for the second quarter of 2022 and the performance announcement for the first half of the year.

On the evening of August 19th, Xiaomi Group released the results announcement for the second quarter and the first half of 2022. In the second quarter, the company’s revenue was 70.2 billion yuan, down 20% year-on-year. R&D expenditure reached RMB 3.8 billion, and accumulated R&D investment in the first half of the year was RMB 7.3 billion. Among them, the first phase of research and development of autonomous driving invested 3.3 billion.

28. On August 17th, Xiaomi automobile battery suppliers locked in Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited and BYD, focusing on power.

According to industry sources, two main suppliers of power batteries for Xiaomi electric vehicles have been identified, namely, Foday batteries owned by Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited and BYD. In the future, Xiaomi cars will be equipped with Kirin batteries and BYD blade batteries from Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited.

It is understood that the first model of Xiaomi Automobile has two configurations, high and low. The low-profile model plans to adopt a 400V voltage platform and a Ferrous lithium phosphate blade battery equipped with Foday battery; The high-profile models are planned to adopt 800V voltage platform, equipped with the latest ternary Kirin battery from Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited.

The extended-range version is expected to be equipped with a 1.5L or 1.5T range extender and a large-capacity battery.


29. On August 14th, Lei Jun said in his annual speech: In the next five years, Xiaomi’s R&D investment will exceed 100 billion yuan.

On the evening of August 14th, at the launch of Xiaomi’s new products, Lei Jun officially announced the strategic upgrade of Xiaomi’s science and technology. He said that Xiaomi will continue to choose technical fields with long-term value for human civilization, and will invest 100 billion yuan in technology in the next five years.


30. On July 24th, a new patent of Xiaomi Automobile was issued: the screen of the car can be translated left and right to meet the use needs of passengers after lying down.

According to China National Intellectual Property Administration official website, the patent for "display assembly and vehicle" applied by Xiaomi Automobile was authorized and announced on July 18th, 2023.

It shows that this patent designs a vehicle display screen assembly, which includes display screen, translation mechanism and first rotation mechanism. Among them, the translation mechanism can drive the first rotation mechanism to translate, and the first rotation mechanism can drive the display screen to "rotate around the rotation axis extending in the horizontal direction", thus realizing the "nodding up and down" of the display screen.

The display screen assembly claims to be "able to realize the translation of the display screen and meet the use requirements of the passengers after lying down".

It is worth noting that there are already similar models on the market at present-extremely krypton X. The central control panel of this car can slide from the central position of the center console to the position right in front of the co-pilot through the electric mechanism, which is particularly different in the current trend that more and more new cars are equipped with the central control panel and the co-pilot screen at the same time.

31. On July 16th, the information of Xiaomi automobile battery was exposed.

The nameplate of a suspected Xiaomi car shows that its battery pack parameters have a rated voltage of 726.7V, a rated capacity of 139Ah, a battery pack capacity of 101kWh and a weight of 642kg, and the converted energy density is 157Wh/Kg. Based on this, it is inferred that the first model of Xiaomi is likely to support 800V high-voltage fast charging, the cruising range is expected to be more than 700 kilometers, and the price is expected to be around 300,000 yuan.

32. On July 6th, Xiaomi Automobile began to screen delivery centers.

On July 6, some netizens said that according to the feedback from the dealer group, Xiaomi Automobile has started the screening of the delivery center, requiring the candidate venues to provide at least 120 parking spaces with a construction area of not less than 3,000 square meters.

In addition, he also said that Xiaomi Automobile "has a lot of people from the world", and it is expected to adopt the common operation mode in the industry in the future: Xiaomi mobile phone franchise store+delivery center+authorized body painting center.

In addition, the factory construction of Xiaomi Automobile has also made new progress. According to the plan, Xiaomi Automobile Factory will be built in two phases. The first phase covers an area of nearly 720,000 square meters. It will be started in April 2022 and completed in June 2023. The second phase is planned to start in 2024 and be completed in 2025. Among them, the first phase includes four factories with an annual production capacity of 150,000 vehicles. At present, the first phase factory of Xiaomi Automobile was completed and accepted last month according to the established plan.

33. On July 5th, the first model of Xiaomi has been quoted.

Recently, on the E-interactive platform of SSE, FAW Fuwei said in response to a netizen’s question about "cooperation with Xiaomi Automobile" that the company is actively communicating with Xiaomi Automobile, and many molecular companies have entered the purchasing group of Xiaomi Automobile. At present, the first model of Xiaomi has been quoted.

34. On June 2nd, it was reported that a number of senior positions of Xiaomi Automobile were adjusted, and Huang Zhenyu, a former Magna executive, took over the supply chain.

Xiaomi Auto recently announced a number of high-level job adjustments, with former Magna executive Huang Zhenyu taking over the supply chain.

According to the report, Huang Zhenyu, vice president of Xiaomi Automobile Department, is also the general manager of Supply Chain Department of Automobile Department, reporting to Lei Jun, CEO of Automobile Department. Previously, Xiaomi Automobile Supply Chain was under the responsibility of Xiaomi veteran Li Xiaoshuang. Huang Zhenyu was the vice president of Magna China, a global supplier of automobiles.

In addition, it is reported that Li Xiaoshuang’s work focus will shift to the market business, and he will concurrently serve as the general manager of the marketing department of the automobile department, reporting to Lei Jun, CEO of the automobile department; Qin Zhifan is the deputy general manager of the marketing department of the automobile department and reports to Li Xiaoshuang. Both of them are early employees of Xiaomi, and both of them are in the 17-person core team of Xiaomi Automobile.


35. On May 24th, Xiaomi Q1 reported that it invested 1.1 billion yuan in automobile business.

Lei Jun, founder, chairman and CEO of Xiaomi Group, released Xiaomi Q1 financial report on social media and revealed the news related to automobiles. Xiaomi Group’s R&D expenditure in the first quarter was 4.1 billion yuan, up by 17.7%, of which 1.1 billion yuan was invested in innovative businesses such as smart electric vehicles. In addition, Xiaomi Group predicts that the total R&D investment will exceed 20 billion yuan in 2023. Lei Jun said that the new business strategy of "paying equal attention to scale and profit" has achieved results.

On the conference call of Xiaomi Financial Report, Lu Weibing, president of Xiaomi, said, "The car-making business will be carried out according to the original plan, and the time schedule will meet or slightly exceed expectations. This year, Xiaomi Automobile will also conduct winter and summer tests as planned. "

36. On February 3rd, Xiaomi’s digital key patent was announced, which can improve the battery life of the equipment.

Tianyancha App shows that on February 3rd, the patent of "Control Method, System, Device and Digital Key Equipment" applied by Xiaomi Automobile Technology Co., Ltd. was announced.

The patent abstract shows that the digital key device can calculate the distance between itself and the target vehicle according to the locked position of the target vehicle and its real-time position at the current moment, and obtain the inertial navigation data collected by the inertial navigation device when the distance is less than the first threshold, and then identify the behavior of the user carrying the digital key device at the current moment according to the inertial navigation data, and control the Bluetooth module of the digital key device to work in the monitoring mode when the behavior indicates that the user is in a moving state, so as to establish a Bluetooth connection with the target vehicle. The technical scheme can reduce the power consumption of digital key equipment and improve its endurance.


Thirty-seven, January 31, Xiaomi Automobile has a new patent: it can control vehicles through wearable devices.

Enterprise search App shows that Xiaomi Automobile Technology Co., Ltd. has published a number of patents, including "wearable devices and data processing methods for wearable devices" and "control methods, devices, electronic devices and storage media for vehicles".

Specifically, the patent abstract of "wearable device and data processing method of wearable device" shows that the wearable device includes a display screen, a first Bluetooth module and a processor. Wherein, the first Bluetooth module is used for establishing communication connection between the wearable device and the vehicle; The processor is used for acquiring the distance between the wearable device and the vehicle, and automatically switching the interface of the display screen when the distance is less than a set distance threshold to control one or more controls of the vehicle.

38. On January 28th, the design renderings of the suspected Xiaomi car MS11 were exposed.

A few days ago, a group of appearance renderings of MS11, the first model of Xiaomi Automobile, were uploaded on the Internet. The overall outline was basically consistent with the previously exposed local design drawings and road test spy photos. It is understood that the new car is suspected to be a screenshot of the internal review video, which may not be the final version.

Judging from the design, Xiaomi’s first model code MS11 is a car similar to Tesla Model 3.

In terms of appearance, from the perspective of exposure renderings, the appearance of Xiaomi MS11 is highly original. The closed front grille with rounded headlights has the visual effect of high-end sports cars, and the silver chrome trim around the front is full of personality. There is also a laser radar at the top of the windshield.

The side of the car body adopts a smooth slip-back design, and the hidden door handle and petal-shaped wheels create a sense of fashion. The roof is a whole panoramic canopy, and the shape of the tail is very layered. It is expected that the popular through-light group will be adopted.

39. On January 24th, Xiaomi Automobile was exposed to the front and rear design drawings, and the official response was not the final document.

Recently, a group of design pictures of the first model of Xiaomi automobile circulated on the Internet, mainly showing the design details of the front face and tail of the vehicle, including the bumper of Xiaomi automobile, the decorative parts of Xiaomi MS11, and the cooperation details of Xiaomi and BAIC molding.

In response, Wang Hua, general manager of Xiaomi Group’s public relations department, responded that it was indeed the confidential design documents of secondary suppliers that leaked; The supplier is only a supplier of mold proofing, and the leaked document is the design draft of the very early bidding process, not the final document; (Xiaomi) will definitely deal with it seriously according to the confidentiality agreement signed with the supplier.

40. On January 17th, the first model entered the winter test stage, and the next step was mass production planning.

On January 17, two spy photos of suspected Xiaomi car were circulated on the Internet, saying that Lei Jun personally tested Xiaomi car. From the picture, Lei Jun is driving a camouflage test vehicle with a slip-back shape, and the outline of the whole vehicle is almost the same as that of a heavy camouflage vehicle suspected of Xiaomi car in Xiaomi Science and Technology Park.

Forty-one, January 14th, the original

Yu Liguo, President of Extreme Fox Automobile, joined Xiaomi Automobile as Vice President.

Today, Xiaomi announced the appointment of Yu Liguo as the vice president of Xiaomi Automobile and the political commissar of Xiaomi Automobile Beijing Headquarters. He is mainly responsible for coordinating the comprehensive management of Xiaomi Automobile, the promotion of special business, the organization and talent construction of Xiaomi Automobile Beijing Headquarters, and reporting directly to Xiaomi Automobile CEO Lei Jun.


Forty-two, January 6, according to media reports, Xiaomi tentatively decided that the first model was a medium-sized slip-back sedan with internal code name Modena Modena.

According to the late latepost news, Xiaomi’s first car is a medium-sized hatchback (internal code name Modena Modena), which is divided into two versions, one version is priced at 260,000-300,000 yuan, and the other version is more than 350,000 yuan.

The two versions of Xiaomi car are different in three electric systems and intelligent driving.

ONE of them is based on the mainstream 400V platform, equipped with BYD lithium iron phosphate battery. For intelligent driving, 5R1V (five millimeter wave radars and one camera) multi-sensor fusion scheme provided by the supplier mainland is adopted, which is consistent with the technical route of 2021 Li ONE.

The high-priced version is based on 800V high-voltage platform and equipped with Contemporary Amperex Technology Co., Limited’s Kirin battery, which is expected to achieve 80% charging in 15 minutes. Intelligent driving is equipped with NVIDIA Orin X chip and laser radar, and the algorithm is developed by Xiaomi.

Both versions of the car engine system adopt Qualcomm’s next generation intelligent cockpit chip (8295 chip). The chip has not yet been mass-produced, and it is expected to be carried on Jidu ROBO-01 for the first time in the second half of this year.

According to people close to Xiaomi, Xiaomi is still developing the second production car, which is planned to be launched in 2025. This car is on the same platform as Modena, but the electric drive system is three motors, and the electronic control software is developed by Xiaomi.

News in 2022

?43. On September 29th, Lei Jun revealed the progress of Xiaomi Automobile: the first engineering vehicle has officially rolled off the assembly line.

According to The Paper, in a recent internal speech, Xiaomi founder Lei Jun revealed that Xiaomi’s first engineering vehicle has officially rolled off the assembly line.


44. On August 11, Xiaomi’s autumn new product launch conference disclosed the latest progress of autonomous driving technology for the first time.

This Xiaomi conference revealed for the first time the progress made by Xiaomi since it was announced 500 days ago. Lei Jun said that Xiaomi invested 3.3 billion yuan in research and development expenses in the first phase of autonomous driving, and organized a research and development team of more than 500 people. The collaborative team includes Xiaomi Xiaoai, artificial intelligence lab and members of the mobile phone camera department. It is expected that by the end of this year, the team size will exceed 600.

In the field of autonomous driving, Xiaomi adopts the technical layout strategy of self-developed station algorithm. The fields of technicians cover sensors, chips, sensing orbit control algorithms, simulation technology, high-precision maps, tool chains, training capabilities and other fields.

At the press conference, Xiaomi also released a real video of the road test of autonomous driving technology. Starting with the one-button call for vehicles, the automatic navigation function is turned on, which shows the functions of automatically entering the ramp, actively changing lanes to overtake, automatically turning around in unprotected scenes, automatically turning right in unprotected scenes, automatically bypassing the temporarily stopped vehicles, automatically bypassing the accident vehicles, automatically bypassing around the island, allowing pedestrians at zebra crossing, autonomous parking service, automatically descending the continuous ramp, automatically passing through a 90-degree sharp bend, automatically avoiding pedestrians, automatically bypassing piles and barrels, and automatically charging.

Although the display vehicle is a test vehicle modified by other brands, the laser radar on the roof, the cameras on the front wings on both sides, and the cameras in front and behind all reflect the application of Xiaomi’s automatic driving scheme to related sensors. With the further maturity of technology, the sensing scheme of Xiaomi automobile will probably surface further.

In addition, Xiaomi’s autopilot team also announced the launch of an integrated intelligent parking solution, covering many functions such as "parking reservation", "autonomous parking service" and "automatic charging of mechanical arm", and other parking services will be opened in the future.

Lei Jun said that the first phase of Xiaomi’s autonomous driving technology plans 140 test vehicles, which will be tested in the country one after another, with the goal of entering the first camp in the industry in 2024.

45. On August 10th, Xiaomi became a shareholder in Dingsheng Microelectronics, an automobile resistance manufacturer.


46. On May 13th, Xiaomi invested in the commercial law of lithium-ion battery materials Enlet.


47. On March 7th, Xiaomi took a stake in Kangzhi Integration, a smart car chip company, and laid out a video transmission chip.

?On March 7 th, the enterprise search App showed that Xiaomi recently shot again and became a shareholder in Kangzhi Integrated Circuit (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Founded in 2017, the company’s business scope includes R&D and design of integrated circuits and chips, and technical development in the field of electronic technology. According to official website, it focuses on the field of smart cars.


48. On February 10th, Zhilu Technology, a supplier of electrical systems for new energy vehicles, announced the completion of a new round of financing, which was also led by Xiaomi.


Forty-nine, February 25th, intelligent lidar system technology enterprises.

Sagitar Juchuang won over 2.4 billion financing, and Xiaomi led the investment.

News in 2021

50. On November 27th, Xiaomi Automobile Headquarters settled in Beijing.

On November 27th, the official WeChat of Beijing Yizhuang released a message that the signing ceremony between the Management Committee of Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone and Xiaomi Technology was held. With the signing of the Cooperation Agreement, Xiaomi Automobile was officially announced to settle in Beijing Economic Development Zone.

Xiaomi Automobile Project will build Xiaomi Automobile Headquarters Base, Sales Headquarters and R&D Headquarters, and will build a vehicle factory with an annual output of 300,000 vehicles in two phases, of which the first and second phases will have a production capacity of 150,000 vehicles respectively. It is expected that the first vehicle will be rolled off the assembly line in 2024 and mass production will be realized.

51. On October 19th, Lei Jun: Xiaomi Automobile is expected to be mass-produced in the first half of 2024.

At the investor conference held by Xiaomi, Lei Jun said at the meeting that Xiaomi Automobile is expected to be mass-produced in the first half of 2024, and the progress of Xiaomi’s car-making and team work far exceeds expectations.

52. On September 1st, Xiaomi Automobile officially completed industrial and commercial registration, and Xiaomi Automobile Co., Ltd. was established.

On September 1st, Xiaomi Technology Co., Ltd. announced that Xiaomi Automobile has officially completed the industrial and commercial registration. The company name is Xiaomi Automobile Co., Ltd., with a registered capital of 10 billion yuan. Lei Jun, the founder, chairman and CEO of Xiaomi Group, personally served as the legal representative.

The official said that in the five months since the announcement of the car, Xiaomi Automobile team has conducted a lot of user surveys and industrial chain inspections. While intensively promoting the product definition, it has carefully selected from more than 20,000 resumes and has built a team of nearly 300 people. And continue to invite talents interested in the electric smart car industry to join.

53. On August 25th, Xiaomi acquired Shendong Technology, an autonomous driving technology company, for 500 million yuan.

On August 25th, Xiaomi Group announced that it would acquire DeepMotion Tech Limited, an autonomous driving technology company, with a total transaction amount of about US$ 77.37 million (about RMB 503 million). After the transaction is completed, Deep Motion Technology will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Xiaomi.

According to the data, Shendong Technology was founded in July 2017. It is a provider of autonomous driving solutions that mainly provide perception, positioning and decision-making with high-precision maps as the core. At present, the next generation of stereoscopic vision ADAS equipment and the next generation of high-precision visual crowdsourcing maps for autonomous driving are being developed.

Lin Bin, the co-founder and vice chairman of Xiaomi, then took a photo in Weibo, saying, "I am very happy that several old Microsoft colleagues have joined Xiaomi to build a car!"

54. On August 23rd, Wisdom Interchange (Love Parking) announced that it had obtained the strategic investment from Xiaomi Group.


55. On August 18th, Xiaomi officially took a stake in Honeycomb Energy.

Another big move of Xiaomi about automobile energy is to become an important shareholder of Honeycomb Energy, a new energy company, with a capital contribution of 100 million yuan in the B round of financing.

Honeycomb Energy was born out of the power battery department of Great Wall Motor, and officially became independent in February 2018. After relying on the new energy automobile brand Euler Automobile under Great Wall to achieve the installed capacity growth in the early stage, it continued to expand its production capacity, and obtained sales points including Geely Automobile, Dongfeng Motor and Zero Run Automobile. At the same time, it signed a sales contract of 10 billion yuan with Stellantis, the fourth largest automobile group in the world, and entered the European and American markets.

In the first half of 2021, the domestic installed capacity of Honeycomb Energy was 0.84GWh, ranking seventh.


56. On August 2nd, Geometry Partners received nearly 400 million yuan in financing: Xiaomi Changjiang Industrial Fund led the investment.


57. On July 30, Ganfeng Lithium Industry: its subsidiary, Ganfeng Lithium Battery, plans to absorb investors such as Xiaomi Production and Investment to increase capital.

On July 30th, Ganfeng Lithium Industry announced the announcement that Jiangxi Ganfeng Battery Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary, absorbed investors’ capital increase. Among them, the name of Xiaomi Production and Investment is included in the list of investors, and it is the leading party, with an investment amount of 187.5 million yuan and a registered capital of 75 million yuan. After the capital increase is completed, the shareholding ratio of Xiaomi Production and Investment is 3.51%.

According to the data, Ganfeng Lithium Battery was established in 2013. Its parent company, Ganfeng Lithium Industry, is the leader in the domestic lithium industry and the international lithium compound (lithium salt) deep processing industry. At present, its lithium hydroxide production capacity is 85,000 tons, ranking first in the country.


58. On June 8th, Hesai Technology completed a new round of financing, with Xiaomi as one of the leading investors.

The domestic lidar start-up company, Wo Sai Technology, announced that it has completed financing of over 300 million US dollars, and one of the leading investors is Xiaomi Group.

Founded in 2013, Hesai Technology is also a leading enterprise in the field of laser radar in China. Whether it is an early mechanical laser radar or a popular hybrid solid-state laser radar, Hesai’s products have reached cooperation with most domestic autonomous driving and vehicle companies, including Baidu, Wen Yuan Zhixing and LI.


59. On June 3, 2011, Xiaomi took the initiative to complete the D round of $190 million financing.

On June 3, Zongmu Technology, an autonomous driving technology company, announced the completion of the D round of financing of 190 million US dollars, in which the D1 round was led by Denso Japan, the D2 round was led by Tongchuang Weiye and Gaoyuan Capital, and the D3 round was led by Xiaomi Changjiang Industrial Fund.

Founded in 2013, Zongmu Technology is also the first enterprise invested by Xiaomi officially after the vehicle was built. It is positioned as a supplier of technologies and products for automatic driving system ADS and advanced driver assistance system ADAS, and its products cover core sensor products such as ADS/ADAS domain controller, camera, millimeter wave radar and ultrasonic radar.

Attached is an information sorting table:

?60. On April 6, 2011, Lei Jun talked about Xiaomi making cars again: the first car tended to be a car or SUV.

On April 6th, Lei Jun, the chairman of Xiaomi, responded to the car-making plan again in the live broadcast of "Xiaomi 11th Anniversary Special Event". Lei Jun said that Xiaomi’s first model will tend to be a car or SUV, and the pricing is likely to be in the range of 100,000 yuan to 300,000 yuan that rice noodles are most expected.

A few days ago, regarding the model of the first car, Xiaomi’s survey showed that 45% of users wanted Xiaomi’s first car to be a car, 40% wanted an SUV, 7-8% wanted a sports car, and 5-6% wanted an RV.

On March 30, 61, 2001, Lei Jun took the lead and officially entered the automobile industry to fight for Xiaomi Automobile.

On March 30th, at the Xiaomi conference, Lei Jun officially announced that Xiaomi would formally enter the automobile manufacturing industry.

At the same time, Xiaomi announced on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange that "the board of directors of our company officially approved the establishment of the smart electric vehicle business. The company set up a wholly-owned subsidiary to be responsible for the smart electric vehicle business. The initial investment is 10 billion RMB, and it is estimated that the investment will be 10 billion USD in the next 10 years. Mr. Lei Jun, CEO of the Group, will also be the CEO of the smart electric vehicle business, thus officially opening the road for Xiaomi to build a car.

As early as 2013, Lei Jun visited Tesla CEO Musk twice, expressing great curiosity about electric vehicles. In 2014, Lei Jun also participated in the establishment of Weilai Automobile through Shunwei Capital, and in 2016, he participated in a series of actions such as financing in Xpeng Motors. It can be seen that Xiaomi officially entered the automobile industry by no accident.

500,000 vehicles delivered! Behind the new milestone in LI, the strategic strength is consistent.

With the delivery of an ideal L7, LI has reached a new delivery milestone.

On September 27th, LI completed the delivery of the 500,000th product to the users in Beijing Delivery Center, which also marked that LI became the first and fastest new force car company in China.

It is understood that since LI officially delivered its first car in December 2019, it took only 46 months to deliver 500,000 products. Among them, the delivery of 100,000 vehicles took 22 months, 300,000 vehicles took 39 months, 400,000 vehicles took 42 months, and 500,000 vehicles took 46 months, constantly setting new delivery records.

Some people think that the consistent strategic strength is behind LI’s rapid and excellent market performance. "LI still insists on making products, applications, technologies and systems thorough in the field of smart electric vehicles." Li Xiang, chairman and CEO of LI, once said that he hopes to achieve the same level as Apple in ten years, which is the strategic strength and core of LI.

Delivered to a new high, forming a new pattern of luxury SUVs in China

In fact, since this year, LI has maintained a strong trend in the terminal market. Data show that from January to August this year, the cumulative delivery volume in LI has reached 208,165 vehicles, and the monthly delivery volume is increasing. In August, LI delivered nearly 35,000 new cars, a year-on-year increase of 663.8%, a record high.

In addition, from January to August this year, LI’s market share in the domestic new energy vehicle market of more than 300,000 yuan exceeded 30%, becoming the sales champion of luxury new energy vehicles. Among them, judging from the market sales volume with terminal transaction price of over 300,000 in August, LI also surpassed Audi with 33,885 vehicles, second only to Mercedes-Benz and BMW.

Specific to the SUV market segment, starting from the second quarter of this year, LI won the SUV sales champion with a price of more than 300,000 in China market for five consecutive months, creating a new pattern of luxury SUV sales in China.

It is understood that since the delivery, the ideal L7 has been ranked first in the sales of medium and large SUVs in China market for six consecutive months, and won the sales crown from January to August; Ideal L8 has been the champion of six medium and large SUVs, and ranks in the top two market segments with ideal L7. Ideal L9 has won the sales champion of large SUV in China for many times. Since the first car rolled off the assembly line in August 2022, the cumulative delivery has exceeded 100,000 vehicles.

It is worth noting that with the continuous delivery of products, LI’s word-of-mouth has a positive communication effect. According to "Research on Brand Health of New Energy Vehicles in Jielan Road in the First Half of 2023", LI ranks first in the brand net recommendation degree (NPS), with a net recommendation value of 86.5%, leading the brand of new energy vehicles.

In addition, from the sales data, we can also see that the power of the ideal L series products continues to be recognized by home users in China. At present, the weekly sales volume of LI is stable at more than 8,000 vehicles, with sales exceeding 9,000 vehicles in the 38th week (9.11~9.17) and the 39th week (9.18~9.24) this year. While staying at the top of the sales volume of new power brands in China, it also maintains the top three sales volume of new energy brands in China market.

According to the financial report in the second quarter of this year, LI is expected to deliver 100,000 to 103,000 vehicles in the third quarter of this year, with a year-on-year increase of 277.0%~288.3%. As of September 24th, LI has sold 29,200 vehicles this month. While continuing to lead the new forces, it also plans to deliver 40,000 vehicles in November.

maintain strategic focus

From the market perspective, LI focuses on the high-end family car market. Li Xiang revealed: "Our strategy should guarantee two things: winning in this field and ensuring that our resources are concentrated. For example, when we look at the whole market, we can’t get into the market of 100,000 yuan and 200,000 yuan, because when the technology changes, the cost of new technology is slightly higher, and we don’t have the ability to fight price wars with traditional technologies. "

It is understood that LI’s core mission is to change travel with science and technology, and its vision is to become a leader in the field of automobile travel. Since its establishment, LI has been practicing this mission, insisting on full-stack self-research, and keeping 10% of its revenue for technology research and development every quarter, and has achieved many phased results.

At this year’s Shanghai Auto Show, LI released the "dual-energy strategy", which made great efforts in both "intelligence" and "electric energy" and entered a new stage of development. Reflected in the results, LI has built the first NOA scheme of the city based on the large model, which does not rely on high-precision maps; Around 5C Kirin battery, 800V high-voltage platform and 5C super-charged pile, the pure electric solution is optimized globally.

In addition, behind the rapid development of LI, the continuous upgrading of its organization also plays an important role. Li Xiang said: "(Building a car) This is a marathon, but every 4 kilometers of nodes will be eliminated. It is necessary to have long-term strategic strength and the ability to face short-term competitive elimination. The biggest challenge is its own organizational ability. "

In December last year, with the increase of new products, LI officially announced that its organizational structure had been adjusted from a vertical organizational structure to a matrix organizational structure. On the basis of the original two horizontal entity departments "Strategy Department" and "Product Department", five new entity departments were added, including commerce department, supply department, process department, organization department and finance department, which supported the management mode of LI and upgraded from a vertical functional organization to a matrix organization.

In the eyes of insiders, LI’s strategic focus, technical accumulation and organizational structure upgrading and adjustment have helped it stand out in the knockout stage of the automobile industry. "Technology, products, delivery capabilities, etc. are indispensable. Enterprises cannot have shortcomings, and the next elimination and involution will accelerate." Li Xiang said.

At the same time, LI continues to enrich the vehicle matrix. It is reported that MEGA, the flagship ideal of home technology in LI, will be officially released in December this year and will be delivered in February next year. In addition, the ideal L6 will also be listed next year. According to the plan, LI plans to achieve the goal of becoming the top luxury car brand in China market in 2024, and achieve the annual sales of 1.6 million vehicles by 2025.


From 319,800, M7 got 20,000 orders in 4 hours.

[car home Information] Recently, we learned from the official poster released by AITO that its second model, the Wenjie M7, received 20,000 orders four hours after its launch. The new car is positioned as a medium-sized and large-sized SUV, which was launched on July 4, with a total of three configuration models, and the price range is 319,800-379,800 yuan.

Home of the car

Celestial car asked M7 2022 1.5T extended two-wheel drive comfort version.

In terms of appearance, the new car adopts a similar double grille shape, with a narrow strip inverted trapezoid shape above and connected with the light groups on both sides to form a penetrating style. Judging from the official map, the front of the car can be lit through the light group, and the visual effect is good. Below is a large-size trapezoidal air inlet, and chrome trim strips are added inside for embellishment, which has a prominent layering.

Celestial car asked M7 2022 1.5T extended two-wheel drive comfort version.

The overall design of the new car side is relatively heavy, with straight roof lines and 20-inch wheels, which looks very powerful overall. In terms of the tail, the new car adopts the shape of a penetrating taillight group, which echoes the front face. In terms of body size, according to the information declared by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the length, width and height of the new car are 5020/1945/1775mm and the wheelbase is 2820mm respectively.

Celestial Auto M7 2022 1.5T Extended Range Four-wheel Drive Deluxe Edition

In terms of power, Wenjie M7 is equipped with an extended-range hybrid system consisting of a 1.5T four-cylinder range extender and two motors, in which the maximum power of the extended-range engine is 92kW, the maximum power of the front and rear drive motors is 130kW/200kW respectively, the comprehensive maximum power reaches 330kW, and the official 0-100km/h acceleration score is 4.8s. It is also equipped with a battery pack with a capacity of 40.06kWh. When commuting in the city, the pure battery life of CLTC can reach 230km (rear drive) /200km (four-wheel drive), and when driving long distances, the battery life of CLTC can reach up to 1220km and the fuel consumption is as low as 5.8L/100km. (Zhouyi)

What if there are only three readers left in online celebrity Bookstore?

  On July 6th, 2022, Beijing Youth Daily reported that online celebrity Bookstore withdrew from Beijing and left in a daze. Nearly ten months have passed, but the complaints that there is no way to spend stored-value cards after saying a few words and withdrawing from the store have intensified. Up to now, there are 6,986 matching results on the black cat complaint platform with "saying a few words" as the key word.

  On April 12, the reporter of Beiqing Daily found that more than 500,000 rents and property fees owed to Haidian Wukesong Huaxi LIVE Commercial Complex were still in an unresolved state. Regarding the complaints of member customers’ stored-value cards, Yanji’s customer service hotline in Chengdu Headquarters replied to the reporter of Beiqing Daily, saying, "Yanji’s personal mobile phone number is registered and recharged, and the member stored-value cards need customers to apply for card refund and refund to Yanji’s platform. After waiting for the scheduled processing, it is expected that the refund will be completed within 180 working days. The refund is handled by our company’s finance, and the refund will eventually be returned to the customer. Don’t worry about this. "

  Long term arrears

  Ten months after defaulting on more than 500,000 rental property fees, it is still on hold.

  According to public information, in 2006, the predecessor of the word — — Today’s reading bookstore was founded in Chengdu. Since 2008, today’s reading has entered the commercial center and expanded to Beijing, Shanghai, Kunming and other cities. Yanjiyou is positioned as an integrated store of urban innovation and cultural life, which mainly provides comprehensive cultural services for urban youth groups aged 18 to 40, and on this basis, provides new lifestyle products led by brand-new design for a new generation of young people, such as new food, new ornaments, new homes, new hanging ornaments, new animation products, new sex toys, etc., and is committed to creating an urban cultural space covering bookstores, cafes, art galleries, cultural and creative life halls and creative incubators. According to the "Enterprise Check" information, Sichuan Yanjiyou Culture Communication Co., Ltd. was established in October 2014, and has completed four rounds of financing. The investors include JD.COM Science and Technology, Xinghan Capital and other well-known institutions, with a total financing amount of about 240 million yuan.

  In 2014, Yanji opened its first store in Beijing — — The "Reading Today" store opened, located in Chuangye Street, Zhongguancun, Haidian District, and opened its first flagship store in Daxing in 2016. By the end of 2018, Yanji had opened eight more stores in Beijing, achieving full coverage of major urban areas such as Dongcheng, Xicheng, Haidian, Chaoyang, Daxing and Changping. In the first half of 2022, Yanji was in the last few stores in Beijing — — Liangmaqiao Guanshe Store, Wukesong Store and Financial Street Store closed one after another. At this point, Yan Ji withdrew from Beijing across the board.

  As early as June 25th, 2022, the reporter of Beiqing Daily saw that the door of "Yanjiyou Reading Today" bookstore was locked during the on-site visit to Huaxi LIVE· Wukesong Commercial Complex in Haidian District, and the notice letter of termination of lease contract from Beijing Wukesong Cultural and Sports Center Co., Ltd. to Beijing Yanjiyou Cultural Service Co., Ltd. was posted at the door. According to the letter of notification, there have been long-term defaults such as arrears. As of June 14, 2022, the rent and property fees were owed more than 548,000 yuan.

  Now that nearly ten months have passed, when the reporter of Beiqing Daily made a telephone call back to the property owner of Huaxi LIVE in Wukesong, the property owner said, "We have sent several lawyers’ letters here, and the debts are still being recovered. Up to now, it is in a state of shelving and unresolved. Although Yanji has withdrawn from Beijing, its corporate headquarters is still there. As a lessee, our shopping mall property company has received many complaints from customers that the stored value card can’t continue to consume after several words and withdrawal. We have all connected these complaints to the headquarters of Yanjiu, and they will handle the complaints in a unified manner. "

  Expansion result

  Nearly 60 stores in the country have been closed, leaving only 3 companies listed as untrustworthy by the Supreme Law.

  At its peak, Yanji once opened nearly 60 stores in big cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Hangzhou, Xiamen and Xi ‘an. Today, only three stores in Chengdu base camp are still open, including Youfang Shopping Center in High-tech Zone and Joy City in Wuhou District.

  According to "Tianyancha", Beijing Yanjiyou Cultural Service Co., Ltd. has entered the list of dishonesty, which is 100% owned by Shanghai Yanjiyou Brand Management Co., Ltd., which is a untrustworthy company publicized by the Supreme People’s Court and listed by the court as a high-consumption enterprise for many times. In April, the company added three pieces of information about the person being executed, with a total execution target of more than 64 million yuan.

  Duiji went from the online celebrity Bookstore with infinite scenery to the sudden departure, and finally shouldered huge debts, which became the mess of the untrustworthy company. He Qicong, an associate professor at the Institute of Cultural Innovation and Communication of Beijing Normal University, who has long been engaged in the study of the format of physical bookstores, said that Duiji took the mode of opening a store quickly with capital — — It is said that the founder of Yanji once said that he would "quickly open 100 stores in 16 cities across the country". The common way of this rapidly expanding consumer brand is to quickly lay offline consumer terminals in the core cities of the country, so as to quickly expand the total asset plate and seek more financing or even listing. It has been reported that most of them rely on external funds to "supply blood", and when investors can’t get a return, they lose the patience to continue investing. The break of the capital chain is estimated to be the direct cause of the large-scale closure of the store.

  The aftermath of closing the store

  It takes 180 working days for the member’s stored-value card to be refunded if the after-sales phone number of several stores is cancelled.

  A few words and a large-scale closure of stores have also made the complaints of members’ customers who have no way to spend stored-value cards worse and worse. A large number of consumers who have no way to defend their rights have gathered in the message area of the store of the consumer comment website, and the amount of stored-value cards of members to be refunded in their hands is between 100 yuan and 1,500 yuan. On the black cat complaint platform, "Yan Ji You" was used as the key word to search, and a total of 6986 matching results appeared.

  In this regard, the reporter of Beiqing Daily, as a member consumer, called the headquarters of Huaxi LIVE Store in Haidian District to handle two after-sales calls, all of which were unable to answer. After many twists and turns, the reporter of Beiqing Daily got through the phone number left in Beijing Guanshe Store. The operator said that because many stores had been closed for a long time, the phone number left was naturally cancelled.

  Regarding the complaint that the member customers’ stored-value cards can’t be refunded after the store is closed, the operator said, "There are two kinds of cards that are sent to customers after a few words: one is a gift card used as a group purchase, and the money in this card can’t be refunded. Customers who hold this card can search for ‘ in the WeChat applet after we go online. Say a few words again ’ Bind gift cards for consumption. The other kind of card is the stored value card of Yanji Member, which is recharged by registering the customer’s personal mobile phone number. After the customer applies to our platform for card refund, it is expected that the refund will be completed within 180 working days … …”

  The reporter of Beiqing Daily asked, "Why wait 180 working days for such a long time?" After a few words, the customer service operator responded, "Because after a few words, there are only three stores in Chengdu, and there are too many customers who go through the formalities of returning cards and fees, all of which are concentrated in Chengdu headquarters for unified handling, so it is necessary to schedule … Throw away the holidays in a year, so that you can get a refund after almost one year. The refund is handled by our company’s finance according to the normal process, and the refund will eventually be returned to the customer. Don’t worry about this. "

  Text/reporter Zhang Enjie

  Coordinator/Liu Jianghua

Foolish operation Tik Tok rose 160,000 yuan in a single month and realized 200,000 yuan.

Hello, I’m Guo Yaotian, also known as Guo Shao.

After sending the children to class in the morning, I went out to visit a few bosses. One is WeChat official account Entertainment Account, which is currently 100,000+.He said that there are actually only 800,000 fans, and this account can be realized about 10 million a year. I always thought that entertainment fans didn’t make much money, which opened my eyes. We talked a lot, gave me a lot of ideas, and it was really ok to play. Later, I will share some with you publicly.

In addition, I also visited two local bosses in Tik Tok, both of whom are awesome in exploring shops in the same city. Millions of local fans have good income. If you are interested in studying exploring shops in the same city, I can introduce it to you. It’s really ok to play. Let’s start today’s theme, which is how to operate Tik Tok like a fool and how to realize it quickly.

Speaking of short video live broadcast, I started doing it in 18 years. At that time, Tik Tok was not very popular, so I started to make short videos, invested hundreds of thousands, bought equipment, and found someone to do it. I didn’t expect that nothing was done after a few months. After I got it, I was a little disgusted with short video live broadcast. I knew it was the current trend, but I was afraid. However, I was told a few cases by WeChat official account’s eldest brother today, which really stimulated me, and I can make money so quickly. It can be said that as long as I can speak normally, I can make money by stupid operation.

His gameplay is to use the live broadcast to pay for knowledge, sell courses and sell books. I said, can’t fans do it? He said that there is no need for fans at all, and 0 fans can start broadcasting. He said that the current recommendation mechanism in Tik Tok, as long as you insist on live broadcast and pay some fees, will soon be able to set up an account. He showed me an operation case, that is, they prepared a set of live broadcasts and repeated this content every day. At present, the result is a monthly increase of 160,000.

He said that the video of this account is also relatively simple. The video does not need to be shown by real people. Just print out the phonetic symbols and 26 letters, read them out and record them. He said that the current account has just started selling courses for about a week, and the effect is still relatively good. At present, the order has come down to more than 100,000, and it will soon be 200,000.

He said that there wasn’t a set of words that could be copied before, but now it can be copied to others in batches. As long as it takes about two hours to broadcast live every day, you can quickly attract fans. All you need to do is repeat the same words every day, just do it like a fool. He said that I remembered a case that I studied in Guizhou at that time and said Tik Tok dry goods. I went in for a week in a row and repeated the same content.

What he sells is some live documents, live books, and live stands. There are tens of thousands of income every day. I didn’t expect this game to play many places in batches, mainly because there are many people in the live broadcast room every day. If someone wants to drain, he will be rewarded, so the reward money every day is a lot of money in Tik Tok.

It’s a case of a live broadcast of the same speech. I didn’t expect that some people would copy and operate this mode in batches now, so some industries can do this. This big brother suggested that I set up business-related accounts in batches, prepare good words, broadcast live in batches, and drain the traffic to WeChat official account. There is also my current content to be distributed all over the network, and convert the text into video and audio.

Later, it really takes time to do this thing, and there are many dry goods to share later.

This article first appeared on WeChat WeChat official account: Guo Yaotian. The content of the article belongs to the author’s personal opinion and does not represent Hexun.com’s position. Investors should operate accordingly, at their own risk.

(Editor: Wang Zhiqiang HF013)

Geely’s interim results released: the sales of new energy vehicles increased by 398% in the first half of the year, and product structure optimization helped to enhance brand value.

On August 18th, Geely Automobile (HK.00175) released its interim report. In the first half of this year, the operating income was 58.2 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 29%; The average gross profit of bicycles was 16,000 yuan, a year-on-year increase of 9.9%; The sales volume of new energy increased by 398%, the fastest among domestic brands; In addition, free cash flow increased by 1076% to RMB 5.4 billion, and net cash level increased by 5.8% to RMB 22.01 billion.

At the same time, Geely Automobile has achieved many breakthroughs in business this year, with many bright spots. First, in the first half of the year, Geely Automobile sold 613,800 passenger cars, ranking the top three in the sales of its own brands, including 109,000 new energy vehicles, up 398% year-on-year; Second, Geely Automobile’s product structure continues to be optimized, and the new energy label of Lectra will be shaped. The main product will launch the E-Motive hybrid version, and Geometric Automobile will cooperate with Huawei HarmonyOS for the first time to build a "digital cockpit"; Third, we have continued to make breakthroughs in high-end. In the first half of the year, the average amount of large orders delivered exceeded 335,000 yuan, and the first luxury pure electric MPV Extreme 009 will be released soon. Fourth, Geely Automobile’s overseas exports reached a new high, achieving an export sales volume of 88,000 vehicles, up 64% year-on-year.

In 2022, the Fortune Global 500 list was officially released, and Geely Holding Group ranked 229th with revenue of US$ 55.86 billion, up 10 places from last year. This is the 11th consecutive year that Geely Holding Group ranked among the Fortune Global 500.

"all-round innovation"

Enter the first echelon of new energy enterprises

In 2022, Geely Automobile accelerated its transformation to new energy in an all-round way. In the first half of the year, the sales volume of new energy was 109,000 units, up 398% year-on-year, which was the fastest among domestic brands, and its penetration rate of driving new energy increased by 14.4 percentage points (to 17.9%), ranking first in the industry.

Lingke 09

Geely Automobile actively shapes the brand and label of new energy vehicles. As of July this year, the cumulative sales volume of Lectra exceeded 740,000 vehicles, covering the mid-to-high-end market. 72% of the users of Lectra brand are from joint ventures and luxury brands, and the product premium ability has been continuously improved, creating a new height of high-end automobile brand value in China. At the same time, LINKE officially released Lynk E-Motive technology brands, creating a "new energy" label for LINKE. By the end of 2023, the proportion of LINKE electrification will strive to reach more than 60%. After 2024, the Lectra brand will launch at least two new energy vehicles every year. It is estimated that by 2025, Lectra will be fully electrified.


As a high-end new energy brand owned by Geely Automobile, it achieved the fastest delivery speed of high-end intelligent pure electric brands in the first half of this year, with an average large order amount exceeding 335,000 yuan. With the acceleration of delivery and the evolution of product experience, the user ecosystem of Krypton is also booming. As of July 31, 396 self-built charging stations have been built, completing 66% of the annual target of 600.

Geometry e

At the same time, the cumulative sales volume of Geely Automobile’s geometric cars reached 54,500 vehicles in the first half of the year, up 293% year-on-year. The brand positioning was reorganized and defined as a popular "fashion intelligent pure electric series". By creating more fashionable and lighter pure electric products, the geometric brand achieved a rapid growth of 293% in the first half of the year and became the backbone of the group’s new energy rise.

In the future, Geely Automobile said that the company will enter an accelerated development period of "all-round innovation" and further clarify the next development goals. During the year, the monthly proportion of new energy will reach more than 30%; By 2023, by improving the product layout, the proportion of new energy in a single month will reach more than 50%, and it will enter the first echelon of new energy enterprises.

Xingyue l lei Shen zhi Qing Hi·X

The company said that in the future, it will continue to strengthen the brand effect of "Raytheon Hybrid" to ensure that the value of China Star is upward and continues to be new; At the same time, LEEK focuses on building LEEK intelligent hybrid Lynk E-Motive technology brands, and rapidly promotes the full coverage of electrification of main products; In addition, geometry will strengthen the marketing of To C and bring products that are more in line with the needs of popular intelligent pure electricity. It is worth mentioning that the first luxury pure electric MPV Extreme 009 is about to be officially released, and it is expected that the monthly delivery of the brand will exceed 10,000 units in the fourth quarter of this year; Ruilan automobile speeds up the layout of the market segment of power exchange.

Around the big trip

Layout of scientific and technological ecological fields

In recent years, Geely has actively focused on big trips, laying out new energy technologies, car networking, autonomous driving, low-orbit satellites, in-vehicle chips, operating systems and other businesses, strengthening the science and technology ecosystem, creating a moat of science and technology, making new breakthroughs in intelligence and empowering its automobile business.

Intelligent Geely science and technology ecological network

On June 2nd this year, the nine planets, the first track of the "Geely Future Travel Constellation", was successfully launched in xichang satellite launch center with an arrow of nine planets. One of them was named "China Star of the Asian Games", which was the first commercial satellite named for the Asian Games, and will comprehensively enhance users’ intelligent travel experience with space technology. "Geely Future Travel Constellation" has a hard-core technology ecology, which empowers smart travel, unmanned systems, smart cities and other fields, and will comprehensively enhance the smart travel experience of users of Geely Holding’s automobile brands.

At the same time, Geely accelerated the deployment of domestic and self-developed chip routes. In June, the "Longying No.1 Demonstration Car" jointly built by Yikatong Technology and Xinqing Technology was officially unveiled in Wuhan. The "Longying No.1" will be mass-produced in the second half of this year, and the first model is Geely’s main model. The "Longying-1" intelligent cockpit chip is the first car-gauge SOC chip with 7nm process in China, which fully benchmarks the international leading products in terms of process and performance.

Also, Geely accelerates intelligent change and promotes new technology. In terms of three electric power, the pre-research and development of the second-speed pure electric gearbox has been completed in the first half of the year. Compared with the traditional first-speed gearbox, the pure electric acceleration of the whole vehicle can be increased by 10%, and the high-speed power consumption is optimized by about 7%, which not only ensures the power response, but also improves the power consumption, and also relieves the mileage anxiety of users for high-speed travel. It is planned to mass-produce and load cars in the second half of next year.

Around the "Smart Geely Science and Technology Ecological Network", Geely has carried out global layout in automobiles, chips, satellites, aircraft, smart phones, data centers, etc., and the systematic competitive advantage in the field of "intelligence" will continue to emerge.

In the first half of this year, four models of Geely Automobile were upgraded from GEEA1.0, an electronic architecture with distributed control, to GEEA2.0, an electronic architecture with centralized functional domains. At the same time, matching the latest Qualcomm 8155 car chip, the OTA upgrade of the intelligent cockpit was realized, and it is planned to complete about 10 OTA upgrades this year. At the same time, at the end of the year, Geely Automobile will mass-produce a new generation of cockpit operating system One OS independently developed, supporting a version of software to cover the needs of multiple models, so that the user’s car-machine interaction experience is different from that of mobile phone 0.

In the field of intelligent driving, Geely Automobile will focus on L2+ and L3 intelligent driving technologies. In October this year, 6V5R intelligent driving system will be applied on the latest products of Geely, Lectra and Geometry to realize NOA navigation assistance function and OTA. In the second half of 2023, a 10V5R1L system with four side cameras and one laser radar will be added to improve the ride comfort and safety of the vehicle’s parking function and realize the cross-layer parking service function.

Create a high-end brand

Continuous optimization of product structure

The data shows that in the first half of this year, Geely Automobile sold 613,800 passenger cars, ranking the top three in the sales of its own brands. The company actively optimizes the product structure and shapes the "new energy" label of Lectra. The main products will launch the E-Motive hybrid version and accelerate the delivery of Raytheon hybrid models. In addition, a new generation of geometric models G6 and M6 will be launched in Geometry this year, and the "Digital Intelligence Cockpit" will be built with Huawei HarmonyOS for the first time.

High-value products, represented by "China Star", will drive Geely to achieve the goal of brand promotion and value promotion. In the first half of the year, Geely Automobile Group’s bicycle sales revenue increased by 21.1% year-on-year. Among them, "China Star" achieved an overall sales volume of 106,000 vehicles, accounting for 23.9% of the total sales volume of Geely brand, up by 10.3% year-on-year. By the end of June, the cumulative sales volume exceeded 390,000 vehicles, and the average price of bicycles has successfully entered the joint venture competition circle.

As the first large SUV on its SPA platform, Linke 09 entered the price band of 300,000 yuan for the first time. As of July, 2022, the cumulative sales volume of Lectra exceeded 740,000 vehicles, and its products mainly competed with first-line foreign brands, covering the mid-to high-end market. 72% of the users of the Link brand come from joint ventures and luxury brands. Brand influence has become the first driving force for users to buy. The product premium capacity has been continuously improved, creating a new height of high-end automobile brand value in China. From January to June, 2022, the average weighted price of Lectra products reached 152,000.

In addition, the company delivered 19,013 vehicles in the first half of this year, with an average large order amount of over 335,000 yuan. The first luxury pure electric MPV company, Extreme Krypton 009, will be officially released soon, and it is expected that the monthly delivery of the brand will exceed 10,000 vehicles in the fourth quarter of this year. Krypton has evolved in three major areas: intelligent drive, intelligent cockpit and intelligent driving through simultaneous upgrade of software and hardware. Among them, the intelligent drive system systematically applied intelligent technology to all fields of pure electric drive control for the first time, and brought new functions such as the first black technology "lightning switching" and intelligent acceleration slip regulation in the world mass production; New and old car owners can have a new generation of krypton intelligent cockpit based on the 8155 computing platform and an intelligent assisted driving system with the function of "antelope avoiding danger".

In terms of intelligent cockpit, a new generation of cockpit operating system One OS will be mass-produced at the end of December this year, which can realize a version of software covering a variety of models, allowing users to "get started and use" from mobile phones to cars, providing the best interactive experience in the cockpit. At the same time, we are developing a "cloud car machine" system to realize the application software service computing on the cloud; Reduce the cost of hardware computing power, improve the efficiency of OTA iteration, redefine the development mode of automotive software, and bring new ecological services and experiences to users.

Overseas exports hit a new high

Strengthen end-to-end overseas localization ability

In the new era, in which the domestic big cycle is the main body and the domestic and international double cycles promote each other, Geely Automobile will change its overseas business model dominated by trade, strengthen its end-to-end overseas localization ability through the international layout of brands, products, supply chains and factories, and continue to participate in the global market competition.

It is understood that Geely Automobile’s overseas exports reached a new high in the first half of this year, achieving an export sales volume of 88,000 vehicles, up 64% year-on-year, ranking fourth in the industry (one place higher than last year).

Among them, in the first half of the year, Geometry C, a pure electric vehicle, ranked first in Israel’s pure electric market with a market share of 21.7%; Coolray has long occupied the top three in market segments in the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and other places, with a cumulative global sales volume of over 500,000 units. In May, 2022, 3,253 new Geely cars were sent to the Middle East market by charter, creating the largest single shipment record of Geely Automobile in the past 10 years.

Baoteng automobile

Proton Automobile, which is owned by Geely, achieved sales of 60,100 vehicles from January to June this year, up by 3.9% year-on-year. Among them, Geely imported X50 and X70 to achieve sales of 25,100 vehicles, up by 15% year-on-year, and won the sales champion of B-class and C-class SUV market segments in Malaysia respectively. At the same time, Proton Automobile began to exert its strength in overseas markets, achieving an export of 2,722 vehicles, an increase of 81% year-on-year, ranking first in Malaysia’s exports. Export will become the most potential sales growth point of Proton Automobile.

In terms of overseas layout, Geely Holding Group and Renault Group also announced cooperation in January this year. The two sides will launch efficient and energy-saving fuel and smart hybrid vehicles in the Korean market, and plan to put the above products into overseas markets. On May 10th, Geely Automobile announced its shareholding in Renault Korea Automobile, with a shareholding ratio of 34.02%. This capital increase and shareholding reflects Geely Holding Group and Renault Group’s strong confidence in the huge potential of the Korean market. At the same time, in the Korean market, the two companies will work together to help Renault Korea enrich its product portfolio, realize the double growth of brand penetration and sales in the Korean market and export market, and accelerate the landing of Renault Group’s Renaulution Plan.

Regarding the future, Geely said that in the second half of the year, the Geely brand will focus on major markets such as the Middle East, Asia-Pacific and Latin America; Proton brand radiates the Southeast Asian market and accelerates the study of emerging markets such as Thailand and Vietnam; Accelerate the "European strategy" and "Asia-Pacific strategy" of the brand; Build a global digital system, ensure product safety and compliance, empower internationalization with digitalization, and comprehensively promote Geely’s globalization process. In the future, Geely will strengthen its end-to-end overseas localization ability through the international layout of brands, products, supply chains and factories. (CIS)

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