ChatGPT is simpler than core-making? Zhou Hongyi: China can catch up with the United States in two or three years.

ChatGPT is simpler than core-making? Zhou Hongyi: China can catch up with the United States in two or three years.

Because China’s science and technology started late, it is at a backward level in many scientific and technological fields, such as chips. However, western countries have already set up many technical barriers in the field of chips, so it is quite difficult to build a "Chinese core".

Of course, in addition to the chip field, the United States has also taken the lead in cutting-edge scientific and technological fields such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence and quantum computing, such as ChatGPT. With the global explosion of ChatGPT, technology companies all over the world are restless, and Google and Apple are scrambling to do it, and Chinese companies are no exception. So, in terms of ChatGPT, does China have a chance to catch up with the United States?

In response to this question, 360 Zhou Hongyi gave an unexpected answer. He believed that ChatGPT was easier than core-building. With the support of the state’s encouraging policies, China could catch up with the level of the United States in two or three years.

The reason why Zhou Hongyi can be so sure is because he knows enough about ChatGPT. As early as 202, when the first generation of ChatGPT came out, Zhou Hongyi had paid attention to it and conducted in-depth research. In his view, the success of ChatGPT has mainly done five things right, namely, open source, win-win cooperation, long-term persistence, ecology and user traffic.

First of all, when developing ChatGPT, OpenAI used a large number of open source algorithms and papers, and chose to cooperate with a large industrialized company like Microsoft, which saved itself a lot of trouble and solved the problems of computing power, data, business model, engineering and so on.

Secondly, from the very beginning, OpenAI was ready to fight a "protracted war", and like Apple, it worked hard to build an ecology and cultivated vertical applications based on ChatGPT. Thus attracting more users to use, and using user traffic can strengthen the learning and training of ChatGPT.

This is where China can learn. At present, if China wants to build its own ChatGPT, it can do it in terms of technology, strategy and language materials. Coupled with the advantages of open source technology and strong engineering and technology landing ability of China enterprises, it can already make ChatGPT-like products, so to some extent, making ChatGPT is easier than making cores.

However, after making a sample of ChatGPT, we need to spend more time on technological innovation, ecological construction and cooperation with Industry-University-Research, plus the support of the state’s encouraging policies. As Zhou Hongyi said, it will take two or three years for Chinese enterprises to catch up.

On the whole, ChatGPT is of great significance to the development of artificial intelligence in the future. Bill Gates describes ChatGPT as "as important as the Internet", Musk describes ChatGPT as "good and terrible", and Zhou Hongyi thinks that ChatGPT will bring a new round of information industry revolution. Technology bosses have high hopes for ChatGPT, and China version of ChatGPT can’t be left behind! Zhou Hongyi’s suggestion is worth pondering. What do you think? Welcome to comment!


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