Helping 800+ smart cities to build, Huawei Cloud AI innovation empowers high-quality development of cities.

Helping 800+ smart cities to build, Huawei Cloud AI innovation empowers high-quality development of cities.

On December 20th, "Huawei Cloud City Summit Xiangyang" was held. The theme of the summit is "Cultivate wisdom deeply and make beauty happen", which brings together representatives from all walks of life, such as Zheng Industry-University-Research, to talk about the new direction of smart city construction, smart industry development and ecological construction. Zhang Pingan, managing director of Huawei and CEO of Huawei Cloud, delivered a speech at the meeting, saying: "At present, AI technology is developing rapidly, and innovative applications of large models are constantly emerging, which is accelerating the reshaping of thousands of industries. We will continue to join hands with Xiangyang to seize the development opportunities of AI and draw a beautiful blueprint for smart Xiangyang. "

Zhang Pingan, Managing Director of Huawei and CEO of Huawei Cloud

Embrace the wave of AI development and consolidate the "cloud base" of the digital economy

With the continuous deepening of the digital economy, the demand for artificial intelligence in many industries is increasing, and the importance attached to artificial intelligence at the national level is also increasing. Various localities have made strategic arrangements around the innovation and development of the AI industry. In this context, AI has accelerated the pace of reshaping thousands of industries. As the development trend of the AI era, the new model of deep integration with the real economy is constantly emerging, setting off a new wave of industrial transformation and urban upgrading.

Since 2019, Huawei has invested in the research and development of AI big models, and is committed to giving more value to various industries and societies. In July this year, Pangu Big Model 3.0 was officially released. Pangu Big Model has a three-layer architecture of "basic big model, industry model and scene model", which can provide basic big model capabilities such as natural language, vision, multimodal, prediction and scientific calculation, laying a solid foundation for promoting artificial intelligence to "go deep into reality" and "application innovation".

It is worth mentioning that in addition to providing Pangu big model, the Ascending AI cloud service launched by Huawei Cloud also provides an efficient, stable and well-supplied computing cloud base for open source and tripartite big models, leading the new trend of artificial intelligence technology and becoming the mainstream cloud service of artificial intelligence innovation. It is understood that the number of domestic large models is still on the rise, and all walks of life in the industry are accelerating the layout of AI large models. With the opportunity of the vigorous development of large models, Huawei Cloud has also ushered in new development opportunities.

As the key infrastructure of digital economy, "cloud" is becoming an important engine to help Chinese modernization, and "cloud service" has also become an inevitable choice for digital upgrading of enterprises. Since its establishment, Huawei Cloud has been committed to becoming the "cloud base" and "enabler" of the intelligent world, and is committed to providing users with one-stop cloud computing infrastructure services.

In the new digital era, accelerating the integration and innovation of digitalization, networking and intelligence is also the key point to promote Chinese modernization. In order to build a solid base of intelligent computing power, Huawei adheres to the strategy of All Intelligence to help industry innovation and accelerate the intelligent transformation process of thousands of industries. In terms of smart city construction, Huawei has empowered the construction of urban agents through large models, opened up the Ascending AI cloud service area, large model development tool chain and solution component ecology, and joined hands with government customers and technical partners to accelerate the application innovation of large models in government services, government offices, urban governance and other scenarios through the "Huawei Pangu Government Model Joint Innovation Action".

Help the construction of "city +AI" and promote the high-quality development of smart cities.

Taking Xiangyang as an example, in July 2013, Xiangyang Municipal Government and Huawei signed the Cooperation Agreement on Cloud Computing Data Center in Xiangyang City, which started the journey of building digital government infrastructure together. In the past ten years, the two sides have made concerted efforts and actively explored, and successfully built the leading cloud-native government cloud infrastructure in China, helping Xiangyang to comprehensively carry out information and innovation in the smart city construction system. In terms of smart government affairs, Xiangyang has deployed more than 95% of municipal government affairs applications to Xiangyang Cloud, involving more than 400 business systems run by more than 90 bureaus. The two sides have also cooperated closely in application innovation and industrial development, actively introducing partners, and creating a cloud industry ecology to help Xiangyang’s digital economy industry flourish.

Not only Xiangyang, but also Huawei Cloud has joined hands with many cities to complete the "ten-year long-distance running", deeply cultivating the construction of smart cities and leading the intelligent upgrading of cities. Up to now, Huawei Cloud has served digital projects in more than 800 cities around the world, and built "One City, One Cloud" with more than 160 cities across the country. At the same time, Huawei Cloud has also maintained rapid growth in the field of government affairs. According to IDC statistics, with its advantages in technical solutions, operational services, practical experience and ecology, Huawei Cloud has maintained the first place in the infrastructure market in government cloud, China for six consecutive years, and its innovative capabilities such as cloud native, big data and AI have been obtained.

Nowadays, the arrival of AI big model era has promoted the ecological prosperity of artificial intelligence industry, and "city +AI" has become an important part of smart city construction. Facing the new opportunity of AI big model and the new trend of "city +AI", Huawei Cloud will actively build digital people, digital cities and digital brains through four innovations of "computing power innovation, data innovation, model innovation and scene innovation" and two upgrades of "promoting security system and operation service system", which will give wings to urban business innovation, accelerate the city to a new stage of intelligence, and take "cloud +AI" as a total. This year, Huawei Cloud upgraded "One Cloud in the City 3.0" to help the city accelerate towards intelligence. Facing the future, Huawei Cloud will adhere to the core concept of "everything is service" and join hands with government customers and technology partners to go to the smart city in the new decade.


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