Trapped in the hotel elevator for 40 minutes, six college entrance examination students missed the English exam.

Trapped in the hotel elevator for 40 minutes, six college entrance examination students missed the English exam.

On June 12th, the only elevator in the City 118 Hotel in Liangshan County was posted with the notice "Please take the escalator for elevator maintenance".

  An application submitted by Xiao Zhang, a candidate who stayed in the hotel, for "no longer arranging accommodation with the school". Qilu Evening News Qilu point reporter Sun Fenghui photo 

  Seeing that the college entrance examination time is coming, the candidates are trapped in the hotel elevator. This worrying scene happened in a hotel in Liangshan County, Jining City. At 2 o’clock in the afternoon of June 8, six college entrance examination candidates in Liangshan County were trapped for more than 40 minutes while taking the elevator in the City 118 Hotel, so they missed the English exam. How did it happen? How did the incident affect the candidates? What did the education department say? How did the hotel negotiate with the parents of the candidates? How did the hotel respond? Qilu Evening News A reporter from Qilu started an interview.

  Qilu Evening News Qilu Yidian reporter Chu Siyu

  11 minutes beyond the entry time.

  6. Candidates are rejected.

  Candidates told reporters that because their families live far away, on June 6, they checked in at the City 118 Hotel (Phoenix City Store in Liangshan County), which is about 800 meters away from the test center. Unexpectedly, before the last English test, they encountered an elevator failure. "On the afternoon of the 8th, due to the need to enter the venue 15 minutes in advance for the English exam, we took the hotel elevator downstairs at 14: 15, but we didn’t get out of the elevator until 14: 55. Because during this period, the elevator did not open after arriving at the first floor. " Less than that, at that time, in addition to their six candidates, there was also a takeaway from the US Mission.

  Suddenly, the takeaway immediately pressed the emergency call button in the elevator, and the administrator in charge of hotel engineering maintenance still failed to open the elevator door within 10 minutes. Candidate Xiao Zhang said: "We also applied to the staff to dial 119, but the staff said it could be opened within 10 minutes, but it didn’t open within 10 minutes. Later, it was delayed until the exam began, and the elevator door was still not opened. When I got out of the elevator, the college entrance examination time was delayed. "

  "At about 14: 20, Fang Tangping, the class teacher of Class 6, Grade 3, Liangshan Modern High School, saw the video uploaded by the candidate Xiao Zhang in the class QQ group, saying that six candidates were trapped in the elevator. The situation was urgent, so I asked Fang Tangping and two policemen to rush to the hotel involved." Huang Xiangyu, vice president of Liangshan Modern High School, said that there were four candidates staying in the hotel, and the remaining two candidates set out from home to take the English test together at the hotel.

  After waiting anxiously for a long time, at 14: 27, the candidate Xiao Zhang called 110, hoping to open a green channel and escort the candidate to the test center in time.

  At 14: 34, two policemen on duty and Fang Tangping from Liangshan County Public Security Bureau arrived at the hotel. At 14: 37, Huang Xiangyu, who was in the test center of Liangshan No.1 Middle School, called 119 for help. Thirteen minutes later, rescuers from Liangshan County Fire Brigade arrived at the hotel. At 14: 55, six trapped students were rescued from the elevator. One minute later, the examinee arrived at the test center by police car.

  While the candidates were rescued, the staff of Liangshan County Recruitment Committee Office reported to the Municipal Recruitment Committee for the first time. Reply from the Municipal Recruitment Committee: Strictly implement the provisions of the college entrance examination, and six candidates are not allowed to enter the examination room after the prescribed entry time of 14: 45.

  Six candidates were turned away because they exceeded the entrance time of the exam by 11 minutes, and accompanied by the team leader, they returned to the hotel to wait for the results.

  If the candidate agrees to repeat the exam

  The school will reduce some fees.

  The reporter learned that among the six candidates who were trapped in the elevator, five were art candidates who studied broadcasting hosting or choreography, and one was a general culture candidate. Four of the art candidates have passed the professional course exam.

  On June 9, accompanied by parents and teachers, six candidates went to Liangshan County Education and Sports Bureau and were told that they could not make up the exam. Candidates are less than saying, "professional courses have passed the score line, and you can go to the undergraduate course after taking an English test. You have worked hard for so long, so you missed it. What worries us more is whether the college entrance examination reform next year can be admitted to the university or not. " "At that time, my mood was very collapsed. Some students were crying at the entrance of the test center, and my heart was very uncomfortable." Candidate Xiao Zhang said.

  Candidate Xiao Li said: "I feel that this may be a turning point that changes our lives. It turned out to be an upward turning point, and now it feels like being destroyed."

  "My children have been studying for more than ten years, just for this exam. Because of the elevator failure, my child’s life has been delayed, and the hotel must give us an explanation. " Mr. Zhang, the parent of the candidate, said.

  According to the reporter’s understanding, as early as May 29th, four candidates who stayed in the City 118 Hotel submitted an application to Liangshan Modern Senior High School that they would no longer arrange accommodation with the school. With the consent of the class teacher and the school, they stayed in the City 118 Hotel on their own under the arrangement of their parents. Regarding the experience of six candidates, Huang Xiangyu said that if the candidates agree to repeat one year, the school will reduce some fees according to the results of the college entrance examination. If you choose to continue to apply for the exam, the school can arrange experienced teachers to give one-on-one application guidance, and strive to let the children be admitted to the corresponding schools.

  The hotel offered to pay 20 thousand each.

  The two sides failed to reach an agreement.

  On the afternoon of the 12th, the reporter rushed to the hotel and found that the only elevator had been posted with the notice of "Please take the escalator for elevator maintenance".

  "On the afternoon of the 8th, we shut down the elevator and cut off the power supply. At present, the hotel has also stayed in many candidates, and the elevator will not run until the cause of the failure is determined. " Fang Yameng, the legal representative of City 118 Hotel (Phoenix City Store in Liangshan County), said that six candidates had an accident at the hotel, and they will definitely not escape the responsibility. They are currently mediating with the parents of six candidates.

  "According to the cost of the candidates’ re-reading in school and the art test, we proposed a compensation of 20,000 yuan per person, but it was rejected. The appeal made by parents is 200,000 compensation per person, which is really unreasonable for us. " Fang Yameng said that the hotel will do its best to meet the financial compensation reasonably demanded by parents. If the two sides can’t reach a settlement, he prefers to solve the problem through judicial channels.

  Regarding the problem that the elevator broke down and the car door could not be opened, the county market supervision bureau immediately ordered the hotel elevator to stop using, and investigated and collected evidence from the manufacturer, installation unit and maintenance. "After investigation, the elevator manufacturer is Lida Boshi (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., and the elevator installation company is Heze Bojie Elevator Co., Ltd. The elevator installation date is September 12, 2018, and it has passed the inspection of Jining Branch of the Provincial Special Inspection Institute." Sun Yinliang, deputy director of Liangshan County Market Supervision Administration, told the reporter that during the normal maintenance period, the latest maintenance of the elevator was June 1, 2019. In order to find out the cause of elevator failure, elevator manufacturers and professional testing institutions have been coordinated to come to the hotel for testing.

  "This elevator failure was accidental. After the incident, we ran the test again and found no problems. Due to the narrow elevator space, it was initially suspected that the passenger accidentally touched the elevator door lock sensor. After the door lock was disconnected, the elevator brake guarantee started and the elevator stopped. " Jin Feng, manager of Shandong Heze Bojie Elevator Co., Ltd. said that the specific cause of the elevator failure needs further testing by the factory staff. The reporter learned that on the morning of the 13th, elevator manufacturers and professional elevator inspection agencies will arrive at the hotel involved.


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