In winter, let’s gradually mature.

In winter, let’s gradually mature.

Original title: Winter, let us slowly mature.

In winter, let’s gradually mature.

Author: Qingxi

When I said goodbye to autumn, I held a cup of warm tea in my hand, counting the little rays of sunlight leaking from the leaves … When I was leaving in winter, I gave my thoughts to the snow, hoping that the swirling snowflakes would cover the whole autumn world … In this way, autumn became a story and winter became a landscape.

"Cold" is a key word that cannot be avoided in winter. Perhaps, the meaning of cold is to remind us of some warm things! ——

When I was a child, in winter, I could see roasted sweet potatoes everywhere in the streets. An iron barrel with charcoal burning inside, and hot sweet potatoes roasting on the top of the iron barrel, the street is full of sweet smell … At that time, I always liked to buy a sweet potato that was neither too big nor too small to hold in my hand. Hands, warm; When eaten in the mouth, it is fragrant and sweet; Heart, warm …

When I was a child, popcorn was not like popping a bunch of popcorn at once in front of kindergartens and cinemas. Instead, I needed to find the popcorn with corn kernels and saccharin myself-put the corn and saccharin in a magical container, and then turn around and turn around. When the pressure arrives, the popcorn man will shout, "Open the pot!" " Then, boom, a big pot of popcorn comes out. Although I get a fright every time, I also enjoy it …

Ice window grilles have carried my childhood longings and dreams-there is enlightenment, which often inspires the truth of life and the light of loving nature; There is inspiration, short-lived dreamlike reverie and short-lived dream realization, which edifies my sentiment of fearing nature; ….. The life of ice window grilles is only so short from dawn to sunrise, but it leaves a beautiful picture on earth. It dedicates a colorful and perfect painting world with monotonous colors; It’s a world painted with a crystal thin posture, which is worth my time-consuming standing stupidly …

Although there will be cold wind, freezing rain and snow in winter, as long as there is love in my heart, my heart will not be cold. Life is not easy, you should know how to please yourself and look for some fun with your heart; Heaven and earth are dead, as long as you calm down, there are many touches in ordinary winter-

Look at the tassels of reeds. The white catkins are glittering and translucent by the sunshine of one meter, and they are lingering. The heads of the reeds that have been completely yellow are covered with clusters of silver-gray reeds. Time has brought the life of every reed to the final limit, showing a soft shape ―― fluffy, fluffy, as light as cicada’s wings, fluttering with the wind … After this winter, the reed will be reborn! The recurring laws of nature make us feel the time and life in loneliness and bleakness.

In the bleak, clusters of honeysuckle fruits hanging on the branches are very eye-catching. Honeysuckle, what a strong and poetic name. In winter, it has lost its pink and tender flowers and changed into a more red and colder posture, telling the beauty of life. Winter is irresistible, but if you can "endure", you will have glory and hope.

The sky is quiet and distant, the ground is cold and empty, and there will be pieces of residual leaves falling with the wind on the bare trees. Among the branches of the tree, there are bird’s nests quietly facing the wind. They are held high by the tree, just like a overlooking eye. Their eyes are full of loneliness and coldness, as well as the hope for spring …

Winter is a black-and-white sketch. The lines are simple, but they contain profound meaning of life. Winter is like an elegant classical music, quietly telling; Winter is like a little sunshine on the lake, and it is like a note hanging on the branches. In the quiet flow, the silence and purity of the bottom of my heart are precipitated …

Yes, the feeling that winter gives people always has different connotations because of different moods and different things. When the cold and bleak winter is always beautiful, and our soft hearts are finely covered with warm colors, we will also open all our moods outside our dreams …

The power of winter is everywhere, especially winter, which fills the shortcomings of the three seasons of life and keeps the four seasons charming forever! Silent in winter, like a philosopher. In winter, let’s gradually mature.

Brief introduction of the author

Tian Xiangru, pen name,clear stream, member of Tianjin Writers Association.

In my spare time, I write some words and leave every bit of my daily life in the memory space. I don’t want to ask for anything, I just want to fly my mood in the free sky … I like dancing with my fingertips, recording the joys and sorrows in my life, feeling my life with my heart, talking with my soul, and letting the space convey my true feelings and thoughts …

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