Song Zude said that she was cheated by a sauna woman and woke up naked.

Song Zude said that she was cheated by a sauna woman and woke up naked.

Song Zude blog

MISS ZHOU lived with Song Zude for five years and had a son.

Song Zude’s "father and son" photo provided by Zhou.

A photo of Song Zude and MISS ZHOU.

    On September 8th, New Express reported that it was accused of "abandoning his wife and children" to set up a scam to get back a property worth one million yuan. Yesterday, Song Zude published the article "I was cheated of a house worth 2.5 million yuan by a sauna girl" on his blog, as a response to the newspaper’s report on "Song Zude sued his cohabiting girlfriend for real estate" the day before yesterday. Song Zude insisted in his blog that the house was sold to MISS ZHOU at a low price, but MISS ZHOU kept on not paying back the money, and the children were MISS ZHOU’s chips to gain his sympathy.

    I was cheated out of a house worth 2.5 million by a sauna girl.

    Sauna room two people naked.

    One day at the end of 2002, Zude was tired for a day, and went to a sauna to relax in the evening. The woman surnamed Zhou gave me a massage in Guanjia Village, Wangcheng County, Hunan Province. As soon as she met me, she sweetly called my boss and asked me what service I needed. I said that a regular acupoint massage would do. ….. Zude was tired for a day, so he was too lazy to answer her and closed his eyes. He fell asleep after pressing it for about ten minutes. When Zude woke up, she was naked, and she was naked. I asked her what was going on, but she didn’t answer my question. She sat beside me and cried silently, wiping her tears with a paper towel and said to Zude, "Boss, I know you look down on our sauna woman.

    Zude, after all, is a poet. How can he bear to make a woman cry in front of Zude? Zude is also a poor child from the countryside. Although he is now a small boss, his grassroots feelings have never changed. Zude didn’t know how to comfort her, so he asked her to write me a mobile phone number. Unexpectedly, she cried again: "Boss, how can I afford a mobile phone? I will send all the money I earned home, or you can buy one for me. You can call me next time."

    Make excuses to borrow money from him many times

    About three months later, she called me and told me that she had changed to another sauna, asking me to clock her clock once anyway. Zude came back from a business trip in other provinces one day. She was so tired that she couldn’t stand Zhou’s constant pestering. Zude went there once. Unexpectedly, this time she cried even harder and her eyes were swollen. This time, she actually told Zude that she was pregnant and insisted that she was pregnant with Zude’s child.

    "I don’t want to do it here. You can lend me some money to open a beauty salon. I have your children, so help me!" MISS ZHOU said to the ground without looking up, Zude felt that she was lying, and she didn’t dare to look me in the eye. Considering that her sister-in-law needed money to study, Zude lent her hundreds of dollars and told her to turn over a new leaf and open a beauty salon. In March 2003, she called Zude again to make an appointment and said that the beauty salon had closed down. After that, she said that her father was seriously ill and urgently needed a sum of money for surgery, and asked me to lend her 200,000 yuan. Zude knew that she was lying, but she remitted 200,000 yuan to MISS ZHOU on March 17, 2003.

    Zhou cheated the property and didn’t give money.

    Half a year passed quickly, and on September 10, 2003, she called me again and said that she was in the hospital. Unexpectedly, this time she actually gave birth to a child, saying that I was the father of the child. On September 26, 2003, she called me again and said that she and her children had no place to live and asked me to sell her a house. I didn’t expect her to cheat me again. On the same day, I signed a sales contract with her in the real estate trading center, stipulating that she must give me the house payment after the household registration. For several years, I have been chasing after her, but she has been cheating.

    -Excerpt from blog (abridged)

    Ask the reporter to investigate the identity of MISS ZHOU

    The reporter interviewed Song Zude by telephone about the article on Song Zude’s blog. He said firmly on the phone: "The content on my blog is completely true!" According to him, MISS ZHOU’s first job was as a massage girl in the sauna of a hotel in Tianhe, not as the head of the foot massage department of Sanyu Hotel. Song Zude also carefully recalled the process of being cheated: at the end of 2002, he did a massage in the hotel sauna to relax and asked for regular acupoint massage. Later, I fell asleep because I was too tired. When I woke up, I found myself and MISS ZHOU both naked. A few months later, Zhou came to see him and said that he was pregnant with his child. Since then, MISS ZHOU often asked him for money on the grounds that his family was seriously ill and his family had an accident. Once she said that her father was seriously ill, she borrowed 200 thousand yuan from him as soon as she opened her mouth. In September 2003, after the baby was born, MISS ZHOU said that she had no place to live, and asked Song Zude to sell a house. She also said that she took a fancy to his house in Zhujiang New Town, saying that as long as Song transferred the house to her, she could buy it with 650,000 yuan. Unexpectedly, the house has been transferred, but the money has been kept.

    Song Zude explained in his blog why he kept in touch with MISS ZHOU. "After all, Zude is a poet, how can he bear to make a woman cry in front of Zude? Zude is also a poor child from the countryside. Although he is now a small boss, his grassroots feelings have never changed. Zude doesn’t know how to comfort her, so he asked her to write me a mobile phone number."

    Song Zude asked reporters to investigate Zhou’s true identity. However, when the reporter asked him to provide clues, Song Zude said that he did not want the media to intervene now, and "let the court judge who is right and wrong". Song Zude also claimed that the name of the hotel where MISS ZHOU used to work had been changed, and the owner of the sauna center might have changed. It is estimated that no one knows Zhou. "But I said in good conscience that she was a massage girl in a sauna, that is, she was engaged in pornography."

    Call Zhou Wei a malicious hype in the entertainment circle

    During the interview, Song Zude always stressed to reporters that MISS ZHOU took the opportunity to speculate, and said that Zhou "has never given up the idea of wanting to enter the entertainment circle in recent years". Song Zude also said that every time he made a movie, MISS ZHOU would call and ask for a role, but he refused. "Her image temperament is so poor, she has never studied acting, and her culture is low. How can she act in a movie?"

    As for the intimate photo of the two people traveling in Lijiang River, Song Zude explained that it was MISS ZHOU throwing herself at him. "You look carefully, she put her hand on my shoulder, I have a ride with her? This is her initiative to cater to me. According to the truth, if what she said is’ first love’, it should be a man who puts his hand on a woman. "

    It’s kind to give alimony every month?

    For the children born in MISS ZHOU, Song Zude firmly denied that they were his own flesh and blood. Regarding MISS ZHOU’s previous statement that paternity testing can be done, Song Zude responded that he didn’t want to be hyped all week, but also said that he would do it when necessary. When asked by a reporter, "Since it’s not your child, why do you pay back 3,000 yuan in alimony every month?" Song Zude indicated that it was his "kindness" because he saw that Zhou had no normal and stable income.

    In Song Zude’s eyes, MISS ZHOU is "a man who is crazy for money". According to Song Zude, Zhou once called one of his girlfriends and said that he wanted to sell the child to her for 800,000 yuan. Song Zude said that the house in Zhujiang New Town has now risen to 22,000 yuan per square meter, and the market price of the house is about 2.8 million yuan. "She tried to sell the house several times and leave, but fortunately the nearby intermediary tipped me off."

    According to Song Zude, what made him most angry was not MISS ZHOU’s behavior, but Zhou Jing often left a message on his Tencent blog, calling it his girlfriend, and asked "German fans" to look at photos on her blog.

    Woman’s response

    "Song Zude’s statement is false."

    The reporter interviewed the party MISS ZHOU about Song Zude’s response. After learning what Song Zude said, she was so angry that she couldn’t speak for a long time. After calming down, MISS ZHOU said that Song Zude’s statement was totally false. She firmly denied that she had ever worked in a hotel as Song Zude said, "My first job in Guangzhou was in Sanyu Hotel". Regarding Song Zude’s statement that the foot massage department only existed in Sanyu Hotel last year, MISS ZHOU also denied it, saying that the foot massage department already existed when she worked in 2002.

    The reporter interviewed the foot massage department of Sanyu Hotel. The front desk staff said that they were not sure when the foot massage department was established, but revealed that the work of the foot massage department had existed since 2004.

    According to MISS ZHOU, she recently applied for legal aid from Tianhe District Bureau of Justice.

    (This article Source: Golden Sheep Network-New Express Author: Gao Li)

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