Car complaints in November: Toyota accounted for more than half, BYD is still an old problem.

Car complaints in November: Toyota accounted for more than half, BYD is still an old problem.

In November, the car complaint list was released, and several brands showed some "outstanding" performances. Toyota has six models on the list, including Camry, Lei Ling, Corolla, Reiz, Crown and RAV4 Rongfang; BYD Song PLUS New Energy was once again complained about the old problem of forced start of the engine in pure electric mode; In addition, Tucki P7 suffered a large-scale complaint because its assisted driving function was inconsistent with the manufacturer’s propaganda, and it also became the first new power vehicle in the top ten complaints list.

Toyota is also a frequent visitor on the complaint list in recent months. In November, there were still six Toyota models on the list, and the main problems reflected were similar to those before. It seems that the manufacturers have not properly solved them. The main problems include the aging and cracking of the instrument panels of Reiz and Crown, and the lack of spare parts. The complaints of other cars mainly focus on the stuck, closed and unusable Carplay.

In addition, GAC Toyota Lei Ling encountered a large-scale complaint in November, and the problem was that the engine particulate trap was blocked. According to the feedback from the owner of the complaint, the fuel consumption of the vehicle increased sharply after the particulate trap of Toyota Leiling twin-engine was blocked, even more than that of ordinary fuel vehicles, but the manufacturer has not provided a solution so far.

BYD Song PLUS new energy is still an old problem of "stealing oil", and the engine starts itself in EV mode. This makes the owner feel hurt. A car owner’s complaint is very representative: 1. Engine maintenance mileage will increase uncontrollably! Oil consumption and maintenance costs have also increased. 2. BYD’s fuel tank exhaust is not environmentally friendly, but the equipment defects make consumers pay for burning gasoline. Whose cost is it? 3. In pure electric mode, starting the engine without the owner’s consent is likely to cause engine failure in complex situations, such as wading in the pure electric state, which will increase the risk of water ingress. 4. Seriously deceive consumers. Before buying a car, its propaganda can be driven by pure electricity, and it does not depend on the engine at all, which is inconsistent with reality. 5. Serious infringement, not telling the owner, secretly OTA, secretly starting the engine, ignoring the regulations. 6. If the consumer sleeps in the car in the pure electric (EV) mode, the engine automatically starts to produce carbon monoxide, causing casualties, which has great safety hazards.

Tucki P7 caused the owner’s complaint because the official publicized that Tucki P7E version model XPILOT3.0 supported upgrading to XPILOT4.0 service. However, later, all Tucki models G6, G9, P7i and other basic PRO models included related software services, and their functions were better than the old P7 models. Car owners believe that Xpeng Motors is suspected of false propaganda and should compensate the old users for their losses.


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