Flexible fusion of "electricity" and "gas"

Flexible fusion of "electricity" and "gas"

Peng chaocaiI highly agree with the management concept of Fo-burning technology and attach importance to product quality. I am highly consistent with Sunshine Hydrogen Energy in terms of professionalism and enthusiasm for hydrogen energy. I am very pleased to grow with Fo-burning in the future development. There are two difficulties in the development of new energy. One is that it is not easy for everyone to start a business, and the other is that the cooperation between the two sides is not easy. Looking around the world, most enterprises engaged in hydrogen energy are fuel-related enterprises, which not only have high professional matching, but also are easier to achieve development. In the future, Sunshine Hydrogen Energy will join hands with Fo-burning Technology to jointly develop products in many fields and go overseas together, pushing everyone’s hydrogen energy cause to a new height and exploring more."flexibility"Maybe.

Sunshine Power Supply Company LimitedFounded in 1997, it is a national key high-tech enterprise focusing on the research and development, production, sales and service of new energy power supply equipment such as solar energy, wind energy, energy storage, hydrogen energy and electric vehicles. The main products are photovoltaic inverter, wind power converter, energy storage system, surface photovoltaic system, new energy vehicle drive system, charging equipment, renewable energy hydrogen production system, smart energy operation and maintenance services, etc., and are committed to providing world-class clean energy life cycle solutions. Since its establishment, it has always focused on the field of new energy power generation, adhered to market demand-oriented and technological innovation as the power source of enterprise development, and cultivated a professional R&D team with rich R&D experience and strong independent innovation ability; It has undertaken more than 20 major national science and technology projects, presided over the drafting of a number of national standards, and is one of the few enterprises in the industry to master a number of independent core technologies.

As of June 2023,Sunshine Power Supply Co., Ltd.The installed capacity of inverter equipment in the global market has exceeded 405GW, covering 170 countries and regions.Sunshine Power Supply Company LimitedcompanyThe core product photovoltaic inverter has passed the certification and testing of many international authoritative certification bodies such as TV, CSA and SGS, and has been sold in batches to 170 countries and regions around the world. As of June 2023, the installed capacity of inverter equipment has exceeded 405GW in the global market.

Sunshine Power Supply Company LimitedcompanyIt has successively won the honors of China Industry Award, National Single Champion Demonstration Enterprise of Manufacturing Industry, Top 50 Innovative Enterprises of Forbes China, National Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise, Top 500 Global New Energy Enterprises and Best Enterprise Employer in Asia. It has a national Post-Doctoral Research Center, a national high-tech industrialization demonstration base, a national enterprise technology center, a national industrial design center and a national green factory, and its comprehensive strength ranks first in the global new energy power generation industry. In the future, Sunshine Power will adhere to the mission of "making everyone enjoy clean power", based on the new energy equipment business, accelerate the development of clean energy system integration and investment and construction business, innovate and expand new business in the field of clean power conversion technology, keep close to customer needs, actively participate in global competition, and strive toSunshine Power Supply Company LimitedcompanyBuild a world-class enterprise that can be trusted.

Sunshine Hydrogen Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary company of Sunshine Power Supply, focusing on the research of renewable energy flexible hydrogen production technology. Its main products include alkaline water electrolyzer, PEM electrolyzer, PWM hydrogen production power supply, gas-liquid separation and purification equipment and intelligent hydrogen energy management system, and it is committed to providing "efficient, intelligent and safe" renewable energy flexible hydrogen production system solutions.

Sunlight Hydrogen adheres to the market demand orientation and technological innovation as the power source of enterprise development, and has cultivated a professional R&D team with rich R&D experience and strong independent innovation ability, applied for more than 350 patents and copyright certificates, presided over and participated in drafting a number of standards, and mastered core technologies such as flexible hydrogen production system and offshore wind power hydrogen production.Sunshine hydrogen energy technology co., ltdThe company has built a leading domestic demonstration base of 20MW electrolyzed water for hydrogen production, a product research center, a research center for key materials, a German hydrogen energy research institute, and a world-leading hydrogen production equipment manufacturing factory, with an annual production capacity of 3GW in 2024.

The core products of sunshine hydrogen energy have passed the tests and certifications of international authoritative certification bodies such as Bureau Veritas and TV, and have been widely used in many large-scale hydrogen production projects at home and abroad, helping to accelerate the decarbonization process in many fields such as power, industry and transportation.

Sunshine hydrogen energy will adhere to the mission of "making the conversion of electric hydrogen more efficient", lead the flexible hydrogen production and electric hydrogen coupling technology, promote the high-quality development of hydrogen energy industry, and help achieve the goal of "carbon neutrality".

Foran Energy Group Co., Ltd.Founded in 1993, it is a powerful city gas enterprise in Guangdong Province and even South China, and was listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange on November 22, 2017. Fo-burning Energy won the 2017 Guangdong Provincial Government Quality Award, the 2020 Guangdong Provincial Advanced Collective Award, the 18th China Civil Engineering Zhan Tianyou Award, and the top 500 service enterprises in China. It is the executive director unit of China City Gas Association, the member of British Gas Professional Society, the executive vice president unit of Guangdong Gas Association and the chairman unit of China City Gas Hydrogen Energy Development and Innovation Alliance.

Foran Energy Group Co., Ltd.Committed to becoming an excellent energy service provider in China, with the development direction of "energy+technology+supply chain", under the background that the current national energy structure is changing to diversification, we will actively promote the development of energy business, technological innovation and other extended businesses, and provide diversified energy use options for our users. While deepening the natural gas supply business, we will actively expand energy services such as petrochemical products, hydrogen energy, heat energy, photovoltaic and energy storage, and continue to carry out scientific and technological research on SOFC solid oxide fuel cells, hydrogen energy equipment manufacturing research and development, pipeline inspection, kiln thermal equipment manufacturing and energy conservation and emission reduction. At the same time, we also explore other business layouts, actively explore gas services, gas storage and peak regulation projects, extension projects and other businesses, and strive to promote the high-quality development of green and low-carbon energy.

Foran Energy Group Co., Ltd.Attach great importance to scientific and technological research and development, constantly optimize scientific and technological innovation and service system, enrich and improve the scientific research talent team, and continuously increase investment in science and technology and R&D; By the first half of 2023, 424 authorized intellectual property rights had been obtained, including 37 invention patents and 70 software copyrights. Participated in the compilation of 19 standards, including 3 national standards. At the same time,Foran Energy Group Co., Ltd.It owns 11 high-tech enterprises and has been awarded 47 honorary qualifications such as Guangdong Engineering Technology Research Center, Guangdong Doctor Workstation and Guangdong Science and Technology Expert Workstation.

Guangdong Fo-burning Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in August 2020 with a registered capital of 300 million yuan. It is a technology industrial company dedicated to Fo-burning Energy and a wholly-owned enterprise of Fo-burning Energy.Guangdong foran technology co., ltdGuided by "science and technology, energy conservation and environmental protection", the company focuses on developing green new energy and promoting energy conservation and emission reduction to carry out cutting-edge technology research and promote the transformation of research results. Mainly engaged in the following businesses: SOFC (solid oxide fuel cell power generation system development), equipment manufacturing (technical research and development and manufacturing of diaphragm compressors and liquid-driven compressors), hydrogen energy industry (hydrogen production, hydrogen transportation and hydrogenation), industrial combustion and energy conservation and emission reduction (research and development and manufacturing of intelligent energy-saving equipment in industrial field, research on efficient combustion technology), inspection and storage and transportation services (inspection, evaluation and treatment of inside and outside pipelines, research and manufacturing of related equipment and pipeline integrity) It has successfully applied for and passed one key core technology research project of the National Development and Reform Commission on energy green and low-carbon transformation and development, and one National Energy High-temperature Fuel Cell R&D Center (listed in the shortlist of the first batch of "horse racing first" innovative platform fuel cell track of the National Energy Administration in the 14th Five-Year Plan), won one first prize and one second prize of Foshan High-tech Progress in 2023, and won the honor of being one of the top 100 strategic emerging industrial clusters in Greater Bay Area High-value Patent Cultivation and Layout Competition in Guangdong Harbour.

Guangdong foran technology co., ltdGuided by the concept of "scientific and technological innovation and green empowerment", we will deeply serve the national "double carbon" strategy, actively carry out research and development of hydrogen energy technology, strengthen technological innovation of energy conservation and emission reduction, and strive to become a leading energy science and technology enterprise in China.


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