Princess fish fashion cycle season opens! Create ESG Sustainable Development Theme Exhibition with Xingye taikoo hui.

Princess fish fashion cycle season opens! Create ESG Sustainable Development Theme Exhibition with Xingye taikoo hui.

Pick up the old and welcome the new, turn waste into treasure, give the old infinite life, and idle also have infinite energy. From January 29th to March 31st, Shanghai Xingye taikoo hui Green Tour started. As one of the participants, Princess Fish worked with the organizers to create a flash event, aiming to spread the concept of sustainable development through vivid and diverse display methods, and advocate public attention and participation in the practice of green living and sustainable consumption.

Taikoo hui joined hands with many cross-border partners to "play around" sustainable fashion, and gathered wonderful contents such as exhibitions, pop-up shop, new product previews, community activities, etc., and invited Shanghai residents to come together to light up the latest fashion map and personally experience the diversified interpretation of the concept of sustainable development.

In the theme exhibition of ESG sustainable development, Princess Fish designed an interactive link of punching cards that is educational and entertaining, and set up a fashion resource circulation exhibition area. Through graphic display boards and multimedia interactive devices, all participants who completed the green cycle punching cards can get a free luxury maintenance coupon or a customized gift from Princess Fish, so that visitors can gain a deeper understanding of circular fashion and a real green cycle experience.

As the leading comprehensive retail brand of idle high-value consumer goods in China, Fayu has long advocated consumers to flow their idle high-value consumer goods. At present, more than one-third of princess fish consumers will make a second consignment, realizing a two-way cycle of buying and selling.

Since 2023, Princess Fish has organized and participated in a number of carbon reduction publicity activities, such as the "Recycling Symbiosis" desert post office activity jointly organized with China Post, the live broadcast of the national energy conservation publicity week "Sustainable Fashion" cultural special event jointly sponsored by more than 30 live broadcast rooms, and the moving of the circular classroom into the green carbon reduction market of Shanghai Citizens’ Greening Festival in the park, all of which are positive communication of Princess Fish brand on sustainable consumption and zero-waste life.

In the future, Princess Fish will cooperate with more brands and media to undertake the responsibility of environmental protection and carbon reduction, advocate green consumption and build a more responsible lifestyle.


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